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Crossover Challenge Reminder Time

Part Two


Betty Kouba 


Several hours later, Steve, Arms, Granddad Williams and Duke were all waiting for news of Caterina.  She had gone into early labor and now it was time to wait for the news if she is giving birth to sons or daughters or both.  The Williams had chosen not to find out the sex of the twins before the actual birth.


Steve paced the floor snapping his fingers wondering “why was it taking so long?”  He knew the answer but it just seemed liked it was taking forever.  “Is this what Jonathan went through twenty-eight years old the day Kitten was born?”  He was actually nervous about this birth.  Very concerned for the three people in that delivery room.  Would everyone be all right?  Oh how Steve wanted to storm into that room and see what as going on and it took all of his reserves to remain where he was and stay cool, calm and collective.  Steve was glad of one thing, and that was, he was not missing this birth the way he missed Kitten’s.  He smiled with the pride of a grandfather in the making any second now.



Steve’s finger snapping was on Duke last nerve.  He wanted to get up and order him to stop it, but knew better then that.  He had gone through this experience several times himself with his own children, plus his nieces and nephews.



Daniel Williams sat there so patiently and watched those around him.  It had been a long time since he waited for the new born to come into the world but pacing didn’t help.  He continued to seat and read his book.


“How can you be so calm at a time like this?”  Steve questioned Daniel.


“Because Stephen, I’ve been through this before.  Several times before.”  Daniel loved to get Steve’s goat whenever he could.  They started this conflict fifteen years plus ago, but when it came to Caterina, neither one of them would give into the others wishes easily but in the end, they always did what was best for Caterina.



Arms laughed as Granddad Williams and Steve confronted each other one more time.  For years now he had watched these two bullheaded men go at it.  Then Arms thought about the * fact that he due to go through this himself in about six months.  The waiting period for his first child to be born and he would be butting heads with his father-in-law. *


“Danny, is everything okay?”  Arms was the first to spot the exhausted Dan come into the waiting room.


“Yeah Arms, Catie is fine, and everything is fine for the moment.”  Dan replied while he wiped the sweat off his forehead.  “They final got the labor to stop and now my lovely Caterina is in the delivery room with Amanak.”  Dan sat down dazed from his nerves.


“Good Danno, then there is no problem with the twins?  Or Kitten?”  Steve questioned with everyone waited there to find out.


“Yes the twins are fine.  They decided not to listen to the doctor when it was time to come into the world.”  Dan smiled and everyone agreed that babies are the ones that have the final say when they make their appearance.


So they waited another half hour or so before Amanak and Dr. Tankes made an appearance in the doorway.


Dan jumped at hearing Amanak’s footsteps and Arms was right there at his side for the same reason.


“Congratulations Daddy Williams, you are the proud Daddy of a beautiful baby boy and baby girl.”  Amanak said before the Doctor could.


“One of each.”  Dan turned to Steve, “I had ONE OF EACH.”  He was flying on cloud nine.


Everyone congratulated him by shaking his hand and patting him on the back.


“How is Catie?”  Dan final asked.


“Your Wife if fine.  Weak but fine.”  Tankes replied.  “Mrs. Williams is going to need the rest we discussed earlier.  She will be staying in the hospital at least a week to recover.  As for your twins, they are perfectly healthy, coming into the world around six pounds each.”


“Thanks Doc,” the proud Daddy said, then shook the doctor’s hand.  “When can I see my wife?”


“In a little while, after she is taken to her room.” Tankes shook Dan’s hand one more time “Congratulations Mr. Williams,” then he left the room.


Amanak went over to Danny and gave him a big hug.  “Congratulations Danny, they are both beautiful,” Amanak smiled big.


“Are they?  I can’t wait to see my family.”  Danny was a little nervous and wanted to go and see his family.


“In a few minutes.  They are moving Catie into her room now.”


Arms saw something in his wife’s body language that she was not telling them.  “Amanak what’s wrong with Catie?”


Everyone turned to look at Arms at the loaded question.


“Catie’s weaker then expected.  One of the twins started down the birth channel and it took a lot out of her.  She should never have gone to the airport this morning.  It was more then she could handle.  Or she was in labor longer then she let on, allowing her condition to get weaker than it should have.”  Amanak was not sure which was the truth but she might find out later.


One of the other nurses started down the hallway and signaled to Amanak that Mrs. Williams was now in her room.


“You can go in and see her now, Danny, just you for the moment.  And the rest of you can follow me to the nursery to see the twins.”  Amanak headed down the hallway ahead of the small parade.



Arms had noticed a group of strangers hanging around the maternity waiting room area.  He thought they were there for another patient until they started to follow the Williams’ party to the nursery.


“And where do you all think you are going?”  He stopped them dead in their tracks.


“To see the Williams’ twins.”  Brad answered.


“I don’t think so at this time.”  Arms was in his full Sargent stanza blocking the hallway.  “I don’t know you and this a private family time.”


Behind Arms was Duke in his full authoritative mood as well, backing up Arms.


“Let’s go Brad, we can come back later when Mrs. Williams is more up to visitors and the family has had their time with the twins.”  Bruce said and seconded by Diana.


Diana Prince, Bruce Wayne, Britt Reid and Kato left the hospital.



Peter Parker was on the phone to Daily Bugle to report the birth of the great grandchildren of multi-billionaire Daniel Jonathan Williams.  He was able to give the basic details of the birth but did not have all the details yet.



All the superheroes got into their private cars in their secret identifies headed for the beach residence to spend the next two weeks vacationing.


The four cars seemed to play hide and seek on the roads until they got to the beach house and they all arrived at the residence within a few minutes of each other.  As they unloaded their luggage, it was discovered that the Realtor in Honolulu screwed up and booked them all into the same large beach residence in the Waikiki area.


The beach house was huge and could easily handle all the superheroes because it had eight bedrooms, a large living room, dinning room, kitchen, two dens and a playroom.  Plus a large patio with green grass at the edge of the brick area, followed by a large and beautiful ocean.


Upon entering the house, Diana, Bruce, Britt and Kato were greeted by Barry Allen and Tina McGee.


“What’s going on here?”  Was McGee’s question.


“Good question!!  I rented this place for the next two weeks and no one was suppose to be here.”  Britt told everyone.


“Same here,” was stated by Diana and Bruce.


Brad headed for the phone to call the realtor to get the straight facts of why five different sets of reservations were booked for the same house.


“Hello Honolulu Bay Reality.  Can I help you?”


“Yes, I would like to speak with Miss Typer.”  Brad told the woman on the end of the phone.


“Hello, this is Miss Typer.”


“Hello, Miss Typer.  This Brad Ritt and I just arrived at the beach house, that I had you booked for me.  Upon arriving here, I discovered several other individuals were also given reservations for the house at this time.”  Brad was cool on the phone.  He was use to dealing with business people with his job.


“Mr. Ritt, I have no idea why the house was over booked, but if you give me a minute, I will check into it.”  She put the phone on hold to check on the problem.  “Mr. Ritt, I must apologize to you and the others.  Several the realtors here booked the house for the same time without marking in the book until today.  Which caused us to over book the house.  Unfortunately, by the time we discovered this error all the parties in question were already in transit.”


After a short discussion, they all decided to stay and share the cost of the house and that they would be getting a refund on their money from the over booking.


Now the two millionaires didn’t need to be concerned with the money issue, it was just that their better natures allowed them to share the residences with the less fortunate then themselves.


Just as everyone decided on which room they wanted and finished settling in, the front door opened.  In walked Clark Kent and Lois Lane, to everyone’s surprise.  They were informed of the problem but after looking out the opened glass wall to the backyard, both Clark and Lois went to settle into a couple of the left over rooms.


For the next couple of days, everyone enjoyed themselves playing beach games and surfing.  They managed to play a few games of tennis and did a lot of site seeing together.



Meanwhile at the hospital Caterina was getting stronger and the babies were starting to grow.  Almost everyone at the Police Academy, Five-O, plus a good number of friends on the force had stopped by to see the new Williams’ family.  Gifts and flowers where sent to the hospital and then taken home nightly by either Steve or Dan so they would not have to worry about it all on the last day.


At the end of a week’s stay, Caterina was finally ready to go home.  {Check out “Welcome Home Williams Family” in the “Be Nice To Danno” Challenge to see what happened the day Caterina went home from the hospital. }



A couple of days later, Caterina was on the beach and took in the pleasure of the warm sun and the cool water on her feet when volleyball rolled over to her.  She looked up to see a tall handsome stranger come over to get it.


“Sorry Miss,” Clark point over to his friends, “we kind of got a little carried way with our volleyball game.”  He said to Caterina.


“That’s quite all right . . .” Catie replied.


“I’m Clark Kent from the Daily Planet.”  He offered his hand for a handshake.


“Hello Clark, it’s nice to meet you.”  Caterina took the offered hand but used it to help herself up off the beach.  “Thanks for the hand up.  My name is Caterina.”  Then she shook his hand.  She noticed it took every little effort for this muscle man to help her to her feet.  In fact, she felt like a child being lifted up by her father.


“You’re welcome.  If I’m not being to nosy but why are you out here if you have a hard time getting up?”  Clark asked puzzled.


“Because Clark, I have in that been house,” she point to the house, “for four months without being allowed to come out on the beach no less seat on it with my feet in the water.”  Caterina saw a still puzzled look on his face.  “Don’t get me wrong, a couple of weeks ago it would have taken a crane or someone the strength of Superman to get me off the ground.”  She smiled at him.


“Accuse me??????”  Clark wondered why she said it would have taken him to help her up a couple of weeks ago.


“Sorry,” Caterina started up the beach with the assistance of Clark.  “I’m a little tired and restless from lack of activity.”  Caterina’s tone of voice sweetened as she chatted with Clark, “I’m the proud mother of the most beautiful pair of twins.  My physical condition kept me confined to the house during the end of my pregnancy and I’m still a little weak from the lack of activity.”  Just then, almost on clue DJ started to cry for his mother because it was feeding time.


“Sounds like a health. baby??????”


“Yes, they both were born very healthy.  This one is DJ, my son.”  Caterina picked him up as she sat down on the chair.  “An the one still sleeping is Guinevere.”  Just then she started to awaken.


“May I?”  Clark put the ball down in hopes of picking up the baby.


“You can try, but these two seem very picky about who gets to handle them.”


Clark picked up Guinevere as she open up her eyes and allowed herself to be handled by this stranger.


“That is unusual.”  Caterine smiled, “She likes you.”


“I’m glad, I like her too.”  Clark smiled.  “You are very pretty Guinevere.  I hope you grow up to be as pretty as your mommy is now.”


“I’ll second that opinion.”  Dan said as he came out onto the patio and gave Caterina a kiss on the cheek.


“Clark Kent of the Daily Planet this my husband Deputy Chief Dan Williams of Hawaii Five-O.”  Caterina introduced them.


“Nice to meet you Deputy Chief.”  Clark was going to shake his hand but reconsidered the thought with the baby in his arms.


“Clark?  Clark where are you?”  Were the calls from the beach.


“I’m up here.”  Clark said after walking over to the edge of the patio.


Tina, Lois and Diana came up into the yard.


“Hello again Deputy Chief and Mrs. Williams.”  Diana said.


“Hello again yourself.”  Dan greeted her.  “Who are your friends?”


“Lois Lane of Daily Planet,” was one reply with and extended hand to Dan.  “And this is Tina McGee.  We are staying at the house two residences over.”


“Oh, you are the group that rent the house on the other side of Uncle Mayor.”  Caterina stated.


“Yes we are.”  Tina replied, “What beautiful babies.  What are their names?”


They chatted for awhile before Caterina fell asleep in her husband’s arms on the lawn chair.



Upon returning to the house, it was reported that the superheroes were only two doors over from Williams’ residence, which they only would be spending the next week.


Several of the superheroes started to get bored with their little vacation and wanted to get back into action somehow but they were new in Hawaii but never fought crime here with the exception of Superman.


Lois went hunting around the island looking for some kind of newsworthy story but failed.  That is until the last three days before they were all due to leave.


Kent was the first one to break his vacation when unexpected storm hit the area and turned over a sailboat with a family on it.  In a matter of few moments, the little girl, her parents and their Scottie named Lady Skye were all safely on the beach.


The Flash was the next to break vacation, with his super speed.  He helped to save a few people on the beach from the high waves that crashed onto the beach.


By the time the storm was over, all the superheroes made an appearance to help out the coastline area of Honolulu from several near disaster areas.


The Daily Planet, Daily Bugle and the Daily Sentinel were the first of the mainland newspapers to carry the news story that Spiderman, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, the Flash and the Green Hornet gave aid and support to the local authorities in the near Tsunami conditions that brought such superheroes to the rescue of the local Hawaiians and visitors to Oahu.



From the distance a man watched the superheroes at work.  He made notes and decided it was time to call in.  The phone rang several times in Washington D.C.


“Hello,” came the voice over the shoe phone.


“Chief, this is Maxwell Smart, agent 86.  I’m here in Honolulu as instructed and have found out what you wanted.  Would you believe there are dozens of superheroes out here helping the Local’s.”


“No Max.”  The Chief shook his head with the knowledge of how Smart overstated the situations.


“Would you believe that I have seen the Flash, Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman, Spiderman and the Hornet out here helping the people who were in danger of losing their lives in the near Tsunami.”  Max told the Chief.


“That would explain the raise in crime rates in the various areas of the country that those heroes help to protect.”  The Chief had his answer and now he could report to his boss what was found out.


“The old near Tsunami trick is what brought them all out into the open.”  Max watched for a few more minutes.  “Wow, what a woman, wonder if she is busy to night?"


“What was that 86?”  Agent 99 asked over the speakerphone.


“Sorry about that 99.”  Max was a little embarrassed at 99 hearing his comment.  He liked that agent just a little too much and didn’t want to hurt her feelings.  “Agent 86 signing off.  I should be back in Washington sometime tomorrow Chief.”  Then the connection was cut by Smart.


The End



This is a WOW – a few more crossovers into Five-O World.  WOW!!!!!!!


In writing this crossover story, I noticed one thing about our superheroes, if they work for a newspaper the word “DAILY” in the name of the paper. The Daily Planet {Superman}, The Daily Bugle {Spiderman} and The Daily Sentinel {The Green Hornet}.  Interesting piece of information.


I will admit it.  I’m guilty of it.  When TVLand had the “Get Smart Marathon on” I watched a good portion of it, which influenced me into writing the conclusion I did.  Any time you want to send Danno over to book me for this, please do.  J



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