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Crossover Challenge Reminder Time

Part One


Betty Kouba 


The superhero’s were in need of a vacation and got together to decide where to have their annual vacation away from the hardships of fighting crime all year long.  They all decide to go to Honolulu.


One by one, they packed their bags and head out to Honolulu for a two-week vacation in the sun and surf.  Due to their more publicly known customs they traveled under their secret identities.


Diana Prince packed her things into her three suitcases and packed them on to her invisible plane and headed to LA for a stop over and refueling.  While Diana was waiting for her plane to be refueled she ran into Bruce Wayne, who was also on a lay over waiting for his private jet to be refueled.


Bruce had met Diana Prince on a social occasion in Gotham City several years earlier when a large diamond was being displayed at the Gotham Museum.  After chatting for a while, Bruce offered Diana a ride in his private jet to Honolulu.  Being able to conserve fuel and cost, Diana accepted the offer.


Upon touching down at Honolulu International Airport, Bruce and Diana picture was taken by Peter Parker for the Daily Bugle.  Peter was in Honolulu for a newspaper training seminar per Mr. Jameson’s orders.  Peter was thrilled to get this exclusive photo of Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince, *could Bruce have himself a new ladyfriend,* Peter though to himself.


Then Peter was on a mad dash for another gate where a plane was landing from San Francisco.  There was a rumor that Britt Reid was on a search for a rare gem that was suppose to be in Pearl City in the next few days.  Peter got there just in time to get a picture of Barry Alan and Dr. Tina McGee, a pair of scientist from Century City.  Then the last two people off the plane were Kato and Reid.  That is when Peter got Britt’s pic.


What was surprising to Peter was, when he went to leave he saw Bruce coming over to meet Britt in a friendly greetings.  “Hello Britt it’s good to see you again.”  Peter overheard.  * Then again why not, these two men are wealthy and they would know each other. *  Then he remembered that Reid had paid a visit to Gotham City several years earlier.  * That was also the only time that Batman and the Green Hornet had ever met to his knowledge. *



On the other side of the airport, was Dan and Caterina waiting for the plane from Florida to land.  It had been over two years since Caterina’s Grandfather had been to Honolulu and now he was coming just in time to the big event in her life.


Dannya could feel the nervousness of his wife sitting next to him.  He went to get closer and to hold her in his arms when he got kicked in the side from one of the twins that were going to be delivered in three days.  Because of the position of the twins, it was discovered that Caterina could not go through normal childbirth but had to have a c-section instead.


“Flight 320 from Los Angeles has now debarking at gate ……”


“He is finally here.  I don’t know why Dannya but I’m so nervous about Grandda come this time.”  Caterina just held onto his hand and squeezed tighter as another cramp was felt.  “If I didn’t know better sweetie, I would swear, I’m going into larbor.”


Dannya was alarmed by this statement, but was not surprised.  Catie had complained about indigestion earlier and he was mentally timing between each hand squeezing.  The squeezing was getting more painful and more frequent.  He hated to leave Caterina alone for a few moments but he need Arms to call the Steve to tell him that they would be heading to the hospital instead of the house after picking up his grandfather-in-law.


When he returned to be with Caterina, they were hugging each other.  “Hello Grandda.  How was the trip?”


“Fine, fine.”  Daniel Williams replied.  Then he noticed that his grandson was moving into a position to start pushing Caterina in a wheelchair.  He started to ask why, when he noticed Danny’s look at him saying not now.


Just as they were getting to the curb where Arms was waiting for them with the limo, Britt, Bruce, and Diana were coming out of the airport as well.  Britt was the first to notice Daniel Williams and headed over to greet him.


“Hello Daniel, it is good to see you again.”


“Well, hello Britt.  What brings you to Honolulu?”  Grandda Williams asked.


“The same thing as you.  Beautiful Hawaiian atmosphere.”  Britt said with a big smile.


“Hello Bruce, it’s nice to see you as well.  And I doubt either of you are here for the reason I am.”  Grandda Williams puts his hand on Caterina shoulder, “I’m here for the birth of great-grandchildren.  This is my granddaughter Caterina and her husband Deputy Chief Dan Williams of Hawaii Five-O.”


“Hello Williams.  You’re right, we aren’t here for the same reason.”  Bruce shakes Williams hand with a big smile.  “It is a pleasure to meet both of you Deputy Chief and Mrs. Williams.”  He shook Danny’s hand, and just waves to Caterina because Arms was helping her into the car.


“Welcome to Hawaii, if there is anything I can do for you gentleman and Miss,” Dan hesitated at not being introduced to the tall brunette standing behind these gentlemen, “just let me know.”  Then Dan handed them both his business card.  This was not normal for Dan but something told him these two men were not your average persons.


“I’m Diana Prince,” she replied extending her hand to shake his.


“Where are my manners?”  Britt said.  “I’m sorry.”  Then he turns and introduces Diana all around.


“Dannya can we get going?  I need to go NOW!!!!!!!!”  The voice was loud and full of pain.


Dan knew the twins were coming early, too early and they need to get to the hospital.  “Excuse me, I need to get my wife to the hospital now.”  Dan jumped into the backseat, while Grandda got in the front with Arms.


All of a sudden there were two police cars with sirens going.  Both got in front of the limo just before it pulled away from the curb to start its race for the hospital.


To be continued…….



This is a WOW – a five, count them five-shows that are crossing over into Five-O.  WOW!!!!!!!


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