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Steele and Holt were in the Throne Room of the Palace to check it over for places to install some of the security sensors and cameras.  They had strict orders to be careful with what they did.  The room was not to be damaged in any way that would change the overall appearance of the Throne Room.


There would be a total of twenty display cases for the coins being loaned to them for the occasion.  Each case has a built in alarm system.  In order to run electrical power to the cases they would need to secure power some how.  The cases would need to be placed in such a manner that people couldn’t trip over any exposed wires.


Since the room had a round couch in the center, Steele believed that they should place the cases around the walls so the power cords could be hidden behind the red curtains.  This would also allow the ability to hide battery powered auxiliary power units that would continue to provide power to the security system.


Authorization had been given to Steele and Holt for the  installation of the security cameras in the Throne Room.  These would be permanently affixed to the ceiling.  Once the exhibit was over, they would remain as part of the new surveillance system being installed within the Palace.  Steele Investigations would supervise the placement of the camera mounts and the installation of all the cameras on the first floor of the Palace.  When that was done, they would need to make sure the cameras worked properly.


In addition, the cases would have a hidden laser beam installed six inches or less from the floor, which would prevent access to anyone who might try to go under them.  Additional beams would be placed at random heights all around the Throne Room in a maze pattern and only two or three people would actually be aware of.  Steele also toyed with the idea of alternating the beams in vertical patterns at an unpredictable rate and pattern.


It had taken Steele and Holt two hours to review the room and make a number of floor plans.  Finally, they moved to the room that would house the Security Control Center monitors where the cameras and alarms would be connected to in the next few days.  Most of this room had been remodel and fitted with the proper equipment to install all the necessary security systems throughout the entire Palace.


Steele and Holt sat down with Chief Engineer Juan Marcus who would oversee the installation of all the equipment.


“Your ideas, Steele, sound a lot like the security system that I tired to figure out at the Academy,” Juan stated as he looked over the plans.


“That could be, Juan, I worked with the man who installed it just about a year ago,” Steele told him.  * That was not the full truth but it wasn’t a lie either. * Steele thought to himself, * but he couldn’t tell his old friend in front of Laura about the job, at least not yet. *


There was a measure of surprise in Laura’s face at the fact that Steele revealed something of his past.  * A small clue to his past, I wonder if he worked with that man or tired to break into this academy?  I’ll have to ask him about it later. *  Laura made a mental note to herself.


Steele realized that he would have to explain that remark later to Laura * But what I’ll say is a good question, *  he thought,  * Now it was time to finish the security system for the Throne Room. *


As the first camera was being installed in the hallway, which covered the entrance of the main doors, Steele noticed that Williams was on the bottom step just as he about to turned towards the Security Control Room.


“Afternoon Danny,” Terri said to greet him at the Security Control Room door.


“Afternoon, I gather Steele is in there?”  Dan asked as he pointed towards the door.


“Yes, Sir,” Terri said as she opened the door.  * What does he see in Caterina?  No one else would put up with her the way he does?  He deserves better then the Queen Witch of the Academy, * Terri thought as she closed the door behind him.


“What’s the latest update on the security camera installation?” Dan inquired of no one in particular as he entered the room.


“We have the main entrance way camera fully programmed and working,” Laura told him  “We're working on the secondary hallway camera now.  The two camera’s in the Throne Room are being mounted now, and once that is done, they will be programmed as well.”


“Good, you are going to install the additional cameras in the other room today or tomorrow since it’s almost three now?”  Dan asked when he looked at his watch to see the time plus he wanted to know the timing to getting the job completed.


“We should have all the cameras in place this evening at this rate.  That’s if we don’t have labor union problems by working pass quitting hour,” Steele half asked.


“That’s not a problem for my people.  Lady Caterina agreed we could work late to get the job done but could not charge extra for the labor, even if I went into overtime.  I was looking to confirm that fact with you, Mr. Williams.  We’ll have to put in the extra hours this evening to get the job done in one trip to the Palace.”  Juan was the Engineer in charge of this installation and it needed to be done immediately.  He had arranged for his crew to work double shifts for several days so that the job could get done faster, which would allow his crew equal time off to spend with their families during the day.  The late hour for his crew was not abnormal.


“The faster the better with the exhibition opening in less then a week now.  How late are we talking at this rate?” Dan inquired because he wanted to know how late he would be working.  *  He would have to have a chat with Catie about these late hours.  Or better yet, get her over here to keep an on them with him, *  Dan considered to himself.


“I would say no later than nine or ten, Steele?  Juan stated and questioned at the same time.


“Ten should the latest, I would think at this point in time,” Steele said from behind the desk that he was working on.


“All right, I’ll let Steve know the status and I’ll be in my office until you finish for the evening.  I would like to see the system in action before you leave this evening,” Dan told them before he left the room.


“No problem, Mr. Williams, but only the camera’s will be installed this evening.  The testing will not be done until tomorrow afternoon.  On Wednesday, my crew and I will start to work on the cases once they are arranged in the Throne Room.  I believe that the last tour until the exhibition is over will be on Wednesday, around noontime.  So, my full crew will be here no later than one to begin installing the security on them,” Juan informed him.


“Why not do it tomorrow?”  Dan questioned before he left the room.


“Because Mr. Williams, Mr. Steele and I need to acquire a few more items to make the system work the way Mr. Steele has designed it to work,” Laura answered.


“That’s why we want to finish up tonight, then my crew can have tomorrow off.  But I will be here with one crew member, and hopefully Steele, to workout any bugs that may be in the system,” Juan told him.


“That’s good,” Dan stated and then considered he would like to see the testing done for himself.  “I’ll clear my desk as much as possible tomorrow to be here while you test the system.  Just let me know what time you plan to start tomorrow,” he said as left the room.



The next morning Steele was up before the crack of dawn Honolulu time, which was about the normal time he got up in Los Angles.  After he showered and dressed, he headed off to the Academy before Laura could catch him.  He needed a full day to finish the security system there.  * Possible this morning and tomorrow morning and I will have Caterina off my back, *  Steele thought.


Steele considered the few things Caterina wanted done in her office area and he knew he needed to get started and get the job done before Daniel saw him there at the Academy and he didn’t want him to catch him with Caterina again.


When Steele arrived at the Academy, he kept out of sight when he saw Daniel drop Caterina off.  He watched as they kissed each other good-bye before Caterina got out of the car to head into the building.  After Daniel drove off towards the Palace, which is where Steele assumed he would go.  When Daniel was out of sight, Steele ran to catch up with Caterina before the door closed behind her.


“Morning Juan,” Caterina greeted him.


“Morning Lady C, how are you this morning?  Morning Steele, you’re up early after our late night,” Juan greeted them.


“Morning, Love, Juan,” Steele responded with a warm smile.


“Morning Steele, sneaking in as usual I see,” Caterina teased.


“Well Love, have to keep you on your toes, plus I didn’t want Daniel to see me here this early in the morning,” Steele told her.


“I’m fine Juan.  Dan said you got a lot done last night and then some,” Caterina commented as she opened the door to her office.


“Yeah, what a day.  I’ll tell you this, Lady C, Steele here knows his business.  In fact, he showed me a trick or two in setting up a good security system,” Juan said in praise of Steele as actions of the day before.


“That's Steele for you,” Caterina said as she put her things down around her desk area.


“I stopped by this morning to ask if I could get a look at that security system here in the Academy to see if I can fix it for you now that I have a hint of what the original person who put it in did,” Juan asked.


“Really, just spending one day with your old comrade in crime taught you what you need to know?” Caterina asked in a very firm voice as she looked from one man to the next to see the look of surprise on their faces.


“She knows about you Mick?” Juan shook his head in surprise that anyone knew the Steele secret other then people he worked with in the past.  “Than Mick here,” Juan pointed to Steele with his thumb, “was the one to install the security around here?”


“Yes, he was the one,” Caterina confirmed.


“Love, I could use Juan to help me with the last of the connections here and there and show him how to maintain the system for you on a basic level,” Steele said to Caterina.


Caterina was thrilled at the idea to have some local person capable to make the necessary adjustment.  “All right, the faster you get done around here the better it is for all concerned.  Dan wants this job done as quickly as possible and you off the Academy grounds even faster.”  Caterina noticed a touch of surprise in Steele’s eyes.


They discussed a few fine-tuning ideas for the security system, then Steele and Juan finished the last of the security connections and tested the system before ten o’clock.  Next was the installation of the surveillance cameras in Caterina’s office itself and to set up the trip connections for the hidden cameras.  It took another two hours to finish up the installation and programming.


“Catie, I’ll be back tomorrow morning with the last of the trip lasers and motion sensors for you.  The one’s we were testing with are needed at the Palace today,” Steele told her when she returned to her office from the class she just taught.


“That’s great!  That means you are finished ahead of schedule,” Caterina was thrilled to have her office back to normal again.


“See you later Lady C, now to go and deal with your Boss Man for the balance of the day,” Juan teased her as he finished packing up their equipment.


“Hope you have fun!!!!” Caterina returned the tease.


“Right!  Can I borrow your phone to let Williams know I’m on the way over?”  Juan asked for permission as he reached for the phone.


“Sure, no problem,” Caterina reach over and hit the interoffice connection for Juan.


“Hello, Mr. Williams, this is Juan, I wanted to let you know I’ll be over shortly.  I should be there within a half hour or so. . . Okay, an hour then, bye,” Juan hung up the phone.   “Let’s go Steele.  There a few items we need to pick up and still have a few minutes for some lunch.”


“Bye Love, I’ll be back in the morning,” Steele reached over and kissed her hand.


“All right, you two, enjoy your afternoon.”  Caterina said good-bye while she sat down at her desk and looked around at the mess she had to clean up.


After that Steele and Juan left and head downtown for various items and lunch at the local Greek Restaurant.


Once they started to relax while they waited for their food, Juan questioned his old friend, “Mick, does Lady Caterina or your partner, Laura Holt, know the full truth about you?”


“Laura knows some things about me but not much.  We met over my trying to retrieve the Royal Lavulite for South Africa government and Laura was in charge of guarding the stones.  That’s when I took on the mantle of Remington Steele and have been there since, which was about six months ago and it has been an interesting challenge,” Steele said.  “Laura knows there is more to my past and she is always trying to find out more and more, but she only gets it in little bits and pieces,” Steele stopped talking when the food arrived.  “It was over ten months ago that I met Caterina.”


“Just how did you get involved in installing the security system in the Academy?”  Juan then continued before Steele could answer his question.  “When I looked the system over a couple of months ago, it had your signature all over it.  But I didn’t know how to get in touch with you for some advice on how to figure it out.”


“Well, Mate, now you do,” Steele handed him his business card.  “As for installing the security, Caterina caught me and offered me a chance at my freedom for a price.  A price I couldn’t refuse.  The price was to put in her security system for free and then leave Hawaii never to return unless I had her permission.”  Steele remembered that faithful night with fond memories.


“That explains your relationship with Lady C, but what’s with you and Williams?” Juan had tried to figure that one out all night but came up with no reason that made sense to him.


“That my old friend, is a subject that I’m not sure about myself.  Let me, just say, he saw what he wanted to see and not what really happened.”  Steele thought to himself, * the old adage is true love is blind. *


“Whatever Williams saw had to have something to do with Caterina.  That’s the only reason that I can come up with why he gives you such a cold, cold shoulder,” Juan laughed.


“You could say that, at least for Daniel.  He's a man that doesn’t want his lady seeing anyone else other than him.” Steele always thought that Daniel was just a little over protective of Caterina.


They continued to chat over all times until they finished their meal and headed for the Palace for the next go around on the security system.



Once at the Palace, an angry Laura who had been there since noon confronted Steele because it now after one.


Before Laura could say a thing, Steve McGarrett and Dan Williams arrived at the door to join them.  “Sorry to keep you waiting but work does get in the way at times,” Dan said.


“No problem, Daniel, Juan and I just arrived ourselves.  We now have the last equipment to finish up the job and for testing the system,” Steele told them.


“Let’s see what you have so far,” Steve requested.


“Okay, Mr. McGarrett, this way to the security closet,” Juan lead the way down the hall.


When they got to the door, Dan opened it to let everyone in because he had the only key.


“Juan, the first thing we need to do is install that combination lock for the door, so we can come and go without borrowing the key or bothering Williams,” Steele suggested.


“I agree, I have the lock in the truck and after we show Mr. McGarrett what he needs to see we can install it.  Just need someone to tell me what combination to use for this exhibition,” Juan stated.


Steve and Dan listened and watched as Steele and Juan examined the door.  “I can give you’re the first combination.  Just how hard is it to reset the combination?”  Steve asked since he had not seen the combination lock to be used.


“Not that hard, Mr. McGarrett.  According to my contract with Lady Caterina, I will be in on the average of once a month to change it and I’m not to show up every month on the same day.  I’m suppose to pick a random day, that way no pattern is set for anyone to follow,” Juan told them all.


“I’ll tell you Steve, Catie does like to cover all the bases when she puts a contract together.  Just how long is the contract that Catie set up?” Dan questioned.


“It has been set up for eighteen resets from the first change in the combination.  So it can take up to twenty months to fulfill,” Juan told him.


“Why twenty months, when you said once a month?” Laura asked.


“Because Laura, the changes are to take place no less then three and half weeks to six weeks between changes.  As a result, it could take up to twenty months, which is what Lady Caterina is hoping for,” Juan said because he know Caterina wanted the most for the money she had to spend.


“Good reason, that would never give anyone a pattern to follow,” Laura commented.


“I’ll most likely change this combination when I change the combinations at the Academy,” Juan said more to inform Williams and McGarrett then the rest of their little group.


“The Academy?  That is the second time you mentioned it,” Laura wanted to know about this Academy.  “What academy?”


“The Honolulu State Police Academy that Assistant Deputy Chief Caterina is in charge of the Five-O side of it,” Steve said with pride about his cousin.


“Oh, that’s the Academy you two were discussing yesterday?” Laura asked.


“Yes Laura, it was.  Now can we get back to the business at hand,” Steele said because he did not want to get into a full discussion on that subject here and now.  “Juan, why don’t you bring up the system and Laura and I will go to the various camera’s to give you the high sign to see if they are working correctly this afternoon.”


“All right, here’s a hand radio for you to use.  It is hooked up to the Police security system to record the activity of our checking the equipment,” Juan handed them the radio as they left.


As Holt and Steele left the security closet, Sergeants Whitman and Kalima greeted them.  “Afternoon, which room are we starting with first?” Kalima asked.


“Let’s start with the Blue Room first and go from there,” Steele and Holt headed off followed by Sargent Kalima following, with Whitman left as guard at the security closet door.


For the next half-hour or so, under the watchful eye of Steve McGarrett, every camera and hidden microphone was checked and rechecked.  When Steve was satisfied with that part of the operation was being handled correctly, he headed off to his office, which left Danno to over see the rest of the installation.


Dan watched from the Security Closet as the four security experts installed the laser equipment and then tested it and retested it until it worked perfectly.


“Anyone in here interested in a tall cool drink of soda, juice, water or maybe a little something else?” Caterina teased.


Dan was alone in the security closet when he heard the sweet voice of his lady come in.  “I could use a nice cold beer right now, but will settle for a soda and a nice loving kiss,” Dan teased as he took hold of Caterina’s hand that was now on his shoulder.


“Really, you should behave yourself, Mr. Williams.  You are on duty and that kind of comment could be considered sexual harassment,” Caterina teased him as her hand moved to caress his chest under his unbuttoned section of shirt.


When Steele came into the room, he could see Caterina as she leaned over Daniel shoulder to kiss him.  “Now, I know how you got that promotion to Deputy Chief, Daniel, or is that Assistant Deputy Chief Caterina?”


Dan grimaced at that comment but joined Caterina and Steele in a good laugh at the bad joke.


After the security cameras and entrance systems were set up and tested, the display cases security was set up in the Throne Room as well.  The red carpeting was as well protected as possible from the various sizes and shaped cases.  After long hours of hard labor in putting the system in, everyone was tired and ready to crash.  So one by one, or couple by couple, they all went their own beds to get a good night’s rest for the next day.









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