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Steele was at the academy visiting his old friend Caterina per her request.  “What’s up, Love?”  Steele said as he sat down in the chair across from her desk.


“About the same as ever, Harry.  Sorry, Steele now isn’t it?”  Caterina said, because old habits die hard.


“Just another name for my collection, Caterina.”  Steele’s blue eyes twinkled at her when he smiled.


“I don’t think so, after observing you with that lady of yours.  This most likely will be the last in the long line of names,” Caterina questioned her friend.


“Could be, Love, could be,” he replied.  Steele hoped it would be because his feelings for Laura ran deep for such a short relationship.


“You are very fond of Laura, if not a little in love with her.  I was able to see that when you got off the plane two days ago.”  Caterina watched him for any reaction to the fact that he had been watched since his arrival in Honolulu.


Steele knew he had been watched but had not been sure who was watching when he got off the plane.  He should have known it was Caterina.


“I gather you haven’t told her about our little past relationship yet?”  Caterina inquired to know just what Laura knew about them.


“No,” Steele said while he stood up to look around the office to examine the changes that had taken place since his last visit ten months ago.  “Plus, I would prefer to keep it that way a little longer, if you don’t mind,” he responded as he looked at Catie to see if she would argue to point.


“I have no need to reveal your past to your BOSS Lady, Laura Holt.”  She saw him flinch at the indication that he was not the boss.  “I’ve no reason to tell tales out of school, any more than I need you revealing the same about me.  Let’s leave it where it is, in the past.  Which for me would be best with my developing relationship with Dannya.”


“Eh yes, if I recall correctly, you told me that you and he are now sharing the beach house together,” Steele asked teasingly of his friend.  “Does McGarrett know yet?”  There was a slyness to that smile that was on his lips.


“Could be,” Caterina counter with equal slyness.  “Actually, I’m not sure just what my Cousin knows about it.”  Caterina took a sip of her diet soda before continuing, “He still keeps his nose buried in his work and doesn’t always see what is going on around him in his private life.”


“I can see, your Cousin Stephen must be paying some attention to you.  Now you have an office that looks about three times the size of the last one you had,” Steele said with a smile of approval.


“Yeah, right.  It took some arm-twisting by the Governor to get this office area.  Which was about couple of weeks after you left town.  Then the ground was finally broken a month later for the extension and changes around the administrative area of the Academy.  Now that the renovations are done, it brings me to the reason of why you are in Honolulu," she said with a coy smile that spoke volumes to Steele.


“Okay, Catie, what is the catch this time?”  Steele said when he saw that smile and thought, * now I will learn the price for my being here. *


“It’s simple.  I need the security system in the Academy expanded and verified that it is as secure as it was when you finished the last time,” Caterina said as she got up to hand the set of blue prints to Steele.  She wanted him to review them and to see what changes need to be made to the Academy.


“I gather Daniel doesn’t know I’m here to work on the security system?”  Steele questioned as he took the blue prints.


“Not really.  He believes you are here solely for the coin collection because of the insurance company that is involved.  For the past month, I have been arguing with him about your coming to work on the security system, to make the necessary changes but I was ordered not to call you directly for this job.  So, you are here indirectly,” Caterina told him.


“What happens when Daniel finds out that I’m the one to do the security system once again?  He kicks me out of the State for good this time,” Steele stated as fact rather then a question.


“I’m afraid so, Steele,” Caterina laughed.  “Knowing my boss, he will find out before you are done and I will have my head handed to me.”  Caterina hesitated just for a moment, “Of course, there is another issue we need to discuss, which involves your Miss Holt.  She can’t be told about your helping out in this matter, which results in her not being able to help you out,” Caterina said.


“That, Love, could be a small problem,” he hesitated as he tried to find the right words to explain the relationship to Caterina.  “We work together well, but she knows little about my past, other than I was a con-artist and liberator of some fine art objects before we met.”


“I know Harry, she doesn’t trust you any further than she can pick you up and throw you.”  They both laughed at Caterina’s explanation of his relationship.


With the blue prints in Steele’s hand, he went over to the conference table and spread them so he could begin his work.  “Love, would you have a white pencil, plus a pen and pad, so I can make some notes.”


Caterina got the needed supplies that were tucked away for her own use and handed them over to Steele.  She then told him, “Those plans are for you to mark up as you see fit, I have the master plans safely put away.”  Then she went back to her own work while Steele started to lay his plans for the expansion of the security system.





Laura was furious to find that Steele wasn’t in his hotel room.  She had gone to check on several items in regards to the security job that they were presently assigned to take of care and when she returned to the hotel, she had found that Steele had left without a word several hours before she had gone out.  “How dare he leave without so much as a note as to what he is up to?”  She said heatedly to herself.


Being in an unknown territory Laura didn’t have the foggiest idea where to even begin to look for That Man again.  So Laura decided to call the office to check with Bernice on how things were going at the office.


“Remington Steele Investigations, how can we help you,” was Bernice’s reply.


“Hello Bernice, its Laura.  I need Murphy to do a little digging for me.”


“Okay Laura, hold on a second Murphy is picking up the phone now,” Bernice replied.


“Hello Laura, what’s up?” Murphy greeted Laura.


Hi Murphy, here is what I need.  Get me information on a Professor Gary Shipp from North Caroline and . . .”




Billy Swan reconsidered last night’s attempt when he had tried to kidnap Betty.  He knew Betty was a good friend of Caterina’s and that friendship could lead to nice little trap to get Caterina.  But that angle had been blown away by the stupidity of the kids he had hired and the bad timing of the return of that Shipp person.  He now had to reconsider a new plan on how to get Caterina.  ‘There has to be some way I can lure her out of that Academy,’ he thought.  As he went back to his desk, he pulled out the information he had on Caterina and of the various relationships that she had in the past.



Sly Devil Brenn and Light Fingers Tina planned to take the Palace tour to get an idea of the building’s layout so they can plan their job accordingly.  The tour would give them a basic layout of the first floor and the Throne Room because they knew the exhibit would be in that room .  While they were on the tour, the maintenance staff was rearranging some of the furniture in the room to accommodate for the display cases being delivered.


At first glance, the glass cases looked very simple, but there was something unusual about them.  Brenn and Tina couldn’t get close enough to examine them.  When they tried to get a closer look, Brenn noticed the female Sergeant was close by, so Brenn backed off a little.  She didn’t want to press her luck on being spotted to close to the cases and then identified by this female Sergeant that she recognized the second she saw her.


“Brenn,” Tina said as she poked her in the side.


“What Tina?” Brenn said sharply to her friend.  She wanted to get a good look at the cases and didn’t want to be distracted.


“Look who just came in!”  Tina said as she pointed towards a tall Hawaiian male Sergeant who had just walked into the room.  Kalima stood by the doorway for a moment before he walked over to stand next to Sergeant Whitman.


“Great!!!  If they are the team on this, we’ve had it before we even get started,” remarked Brenn under her breath, now she was pissed off at this latest development.  The two women then moved on with the rest of the tour group.



Sly Devil Brenn and Sergeant Terri Whitman had been childhood friends, but each had gone their own separate ways after high school.  They had not seen each other in an unknown amount of years, but they had corresponded with each other from time to time.



Light Fingers Tina and Sergeant Kalima had dated when they were in high school for a few months but she had to move back to the mainland when the Marine’s transferred her father there.  She had lost contact with Kalima after that, and this was the first time she had seen him, but recognized his physical presence and familiar face the second she saw him.



Brenn and Tina decided to take a walk outside the Palace, after the tour to see if they might discover access some other way.  When they spotted Sergeant Whitman in the doorway, they moved on to another area of the Palace grounds.  They were at one of the windows outside the Throne Room, when Tina noticed that Sergeant Kalima was looking their way and that a pair of blue suits had started to walk towards them.


“Afternoon ladies,” Sergeant Seattlekid said as he addressed them.  “We’ve just been informed there was a pair of ladies who seemed to be lost.  Could that be the two of you?” he said, for he knew they were the two women Central had described to him.


“We were just enjoying the structure of the building,” Brenn replied with a smile.


“Yes, the Palace is a beautiful building, but I’m sorry to say that you are in an area of the Palace grounds that doesn't permitted loitering,” Seattlekid informed them with his official smile


“We didn’t realize that,” Brenn said as she tried to be sickening sweet to the man.  She knew the witch inside the building had sent him there.


“You will have to move on,” Officer Jantzen advised them.


With that, both Brenn and Tina moved on to the walled area next to King Street to watch the activities from there.




HPD Sergeant Terri Whitman and Sergeant Keali’I Kalima, were on duty in the Throne Room.  They had been given orders to keep an eye on Steele and Holt per Dan ‘Second-in-Command’ Williams’ orders.  Williams had been very specific that Steele was not to be fully trusted.  He hadn’t given any explanation as to why but they weren’t about to question his orders.


Sergeant Whitman had started her surveillance on the first floor of the Palace.  She wanted to make sure everything was as it should be when she noticed two women checking out the case in the Throne Room.  There was something familiar about one in particular and it bugged her.  She wasn’t sure why, but there was something very familiar about her.  In fact, she felt as if she should just go over to her and beat her up.  She didn’t know why she felt the way she did, she just did.


Soon the women moved on with the tour group.  When Witman did her rounds she noticed the same two women before they moved out of sight, so Sergeant Whitman decide to check on several of the other rooms on the first floor before she returned to the Throne Room.  There she went over to the windows and looked out.  She wanted to see if the women were still there, but they weren’t.


“What’s wrong?”  Sergeant Kalima asked as he walked up to her.


“Earlier, I saw a pair of women in the Throne Room and then again outside near the Throne Room windows.  It looked like they were looking over the area.  There was also something familiar about one of them but I’m not sure what.”  Sergeant Whitman answered as she looked around.  “What’s going on in here?” she asked as she nodded towards the Steele and Holt.


“Same thing as before.  They’re still examining the room trying to figure out where to run the electrical wiring and the best way to display the cases.” Sergeant Kalima told her as he looked out the window.  What he saw was two women as they tried to look inside the Throne Room.  “I think your ladies are back, Terri,” he said as he pointed to them.


“Yep. That’s them,” Whitman confirmed as she looked out the window.  “Doesn’t the taller one look familiar to you?” she asked her partner as she tried to remember the faces of the two women.


“I’m not sure.” Sergeant Kalima said as he pulled out his walkie-talkie to report the spying women to Five-O.


A few minutes later when Sergeant Kalima looked out the window, he saw the two women being questioned by a Seattlekid and his new trainee chatting with the women.  This went on for several minutes and then they all left together.


Sergeants Whitman and Kalima watched the encounter outside the window when suddenly they both realized who the women where.  It was Tina and Brenn former friends of theirs.  Terri’s last letter to Brenn was over two years ago shortly before she had seen a wanted poster on her.  About the same, Keali’I had seen the same type of poster with Tina’s name on it.  The posters had them listed as being in the retrieval business.  They were also listed as con-artists and bounty hunters and were wanted in several states for thievery.  Their stolen items often ended up with other people who frequently paid large sums for those items.


Kalima pulled out his radio to call this in, “Kalima to Five-O!”


“This is Five-O, go ahead Sergeant.  What’s up?”  Caterina replied to his call.


Whitman rolled her eyes and exhaled sharply when she realized they had to deal with the queen bitch from the Academy and not one of the guys on the team.


Sergeant Kalima smiled at his friend and understood why she felt about Caterina.  He then proceeded to make his report.  “A little while ago, I informed Detective Kelly about two women we found just outside one of the Throne Room windows.  Sergeant Whitman and I have now recognized them and we’d like them picked up by Seattlekid and Jantzen for questioning?”


“Who are they?” was Dan reply.  He had been in the same room with Caterina when Sergeant Kalima called in with this new development.


Taken back for a split second by the change in the voice, Sergeant Kalima looked over at his partner before he continued. “Sly Devil Brenn and Light Fingers Tina.  They are wanted for questioning regarding the possible theft of some art items on the mainland,” he informed the Five-0’s second-in-command.


“Caterina is notifying Seattlekid now to pick them up,” Dan told him as he watched Caterina finishing up to call to Seattlekid.  “Can you recall if there are any warrants for these women?”



“Seattlekid to Five-O,” Seattlekid called while Dan was involved with Kalima.


“Five-O,” Caterina stated on the second communication system in the Five-O suite.


“We have cleared the area around the Throne Room windows.  We are …” Seattlekid started to report when he was interrupted by Caterina.


“Seattlekid, are the women still in sight?”  Caterina asked.  Her voice sounded urgent.


“Yes, they are,” Seattlekid replied.


“Pick them up for questioning,” Caterina ordered.


“10-4.”  Seattlekid replied on the run.  He and his partner, Rookie Audrey Jantzen, began to move towards the woman, but when the women saw them, they took off down King Street running.


“Seattlekid to Control.  We are in foot pursuit of pair of suspects down King Street,” he said between breaths as he and his partner chased after the two women.  “Same description as Central gave me a few minutes ago.”



Brenn and Tina noticed the officers started to walk towards them.  Neither of them had paid any real attention to the officers until they noticed that they were under surveillance and were in communications with someone on the radio.  When the blue suits started to move quickly towards them they took off at a dead run straight down King Street, unaware that Steve McGarret’s car was in their direct path.



Steve McGarrett and Chin Ho Kelly had just reached the car from their latest investigation when they heard the alert about a pair of suspects and the two officers in pursuit.  The two of them looked in the direction stated in the alert and noticed that the people on the street were being knocked out of the way.  Both Steve and Chin decided to wait by the car to cut the suspects off.


Their timing was perfect, for Brenn ran around the car and straight into Chin’s waiting arms.


Tina, who had turned her head to locate the two officers in pursuit and not watching where she was going.  The next thing she knew, Steve had her bent over the trunk of his car with her arm behind her back.


Seattlekid and Jantzen came right up behind the women and assisted in putting the cuffs on the suspects.  Because McGarrett’s car was there, the officers put the two women in the backseat.


“What’s going on Seattlekid?”  Steve questioned as he looked at the two officers trying to catch their breath.


“Nothing much,” he replied as the door shut hard.  “These ladies,” Seattlekid said in a questionable manner.  He than inhaled another deep breath, “McGarrett, had been hanging around the Palace and were report as being suspicious characters by Sergeant Kalima.  When I reported back to Catie, she ordered me to pick them up.  When Jantzen and I went to get them for questioning back at the Palace, they took off.”


Steve wondered why, but knew Kitten would have a good reason for ordering their being picked up.


“Since they’re already in your backseat, Jantzen and I will meet you back at your office.”  Seattlekid informed him.


“That’s all right, Mark, I’ll walk back to the Palace with this pretty partner of yours.”  Chin offered as he walked over to Audrey, “Shall we start heading back, Audrey?”


“By all means, Detective Kelly,” Audrey replied as she smiled at Chin.  She was pleased that one of the Five-O officers knew who she was as they headed off before Steve or Seattlekid could say a word.


“Make that Chin…” he replied as his voice faded with their walking away.


“That leaves the backseat to you Seattlekid,” Steve said as he got in the front.  Seattlekid then got into the backseat as the car headed back to the Steve’s office.



Meanwhile, back in the Five-O suite, Caterina was in Steve’s office having her head handed to her on a golden platter, by her boss, Second-in-Command Dan Williams.  “I thought I told you not to have Steele over at the Academy working on the security system.”


“Maybe you did and maybe you didn’t.  The point is you told me to get the security system double checked and working the way it was by the end of the month.  I checked around the Island at the various security companies and none of them could even beginning to figure out the basis of the system Steele put into the Academy almost a year ago.  The only way I could get the job done was to have the same person, who installed it the first make the necessary adjustments for the expansion of the system,” Caterina informed him.  She thought to herself, * Dannya’s spy network at the Academy was working overtime once again. *


Dan was mad but Caterina was right, he had seen her reports, one after another, no one could make a copy of the system or the expand it without the original blueprint that could only be found in Steele’s head.  He had to admit, Caterina didn’t offer the job to him until after the coin collection exhibit came up and Steele Investigation was to be the security guard agency to assist Five-O.  Somehow Dan had a feeling Caterina used her influence to get him back over here without disobeying his direct order ‘not to contact him directly’.”


“Just how much is this going to cost to have the now FAMOUS,” this word burned in this throat, “Remington Steele do the job?” Dan demanded, he wanted to know how much of the budget will be blown on this person, who a year ago could not be found anywhere in the world, now he is all over the papers.  The first time he saw that face attached to that name he knew something was wrong but it was California’s problem and not Hawaii’s.  Dan thought * now he is Hawaii’s problem because of the work he is doing here. *


“The cost will be the same as last time.  No more, no less,” Caterina saw a reaction in Dan’s face that she could not imagine would be there.  He was still a little jealous at that statement.  He still believes something happened between her and Harry.  “Dannya, I told you once and I’ll tell you again, ‘nothing happened between us.  We are just friends.’  I wish you believe that.”


Caterina was going to conclude, just then Steve reported in that they had the suspects in custody.  That is when Caterina left the office to await the conclusion of this discussion.


Dan picked up the paperwork he was doing to clear out of Steve’s office before he returned with Seattlekid.



Seattlekid and Steve escorted the two women into the Five-O suite.  Steve found Caterina was on the phone at Dan’s desk, Kono was at his desk filling out a latest of his required paperwork, and Dan just stepped out of Steve’s office with a file in his hand.  The three of them looked up as Steve and his three companions came in.


“Five-O to Kalima,” Caterina said into the radio by Dan’s desk.


“Kalima here,” came the reply.


“Please come up to the office and properly identify these suspects that McGarrett just brought into his office,” Caterina requested.


“What about Steele and Holt?” Kalima questioned.


“Seattlekid will be down in a moment to replace you.  Then Sergeant Whitman can come up as well,” Caterina continued to instruct him.


“10-4,” Kalima replied.


“Seattlekid, when Kalima gets here, I want you go down and keep an eye on Throne Room so Whitman can come up?”  Caterina asked.


“Sure thing Catie and when Jantzen gets here, I’ll have her assistance as well.  Just let me call it in first,” Seattlekid told her.


“No problem.  Thanks Mark,” Caterina replied back and smiled at her former training partner.



A few minutes later, Kalima and Whitman were face to face with Brenn and Tina.  There was a very loud silence in the room when the four of them met each other again.


Steve noticed the looks between this foursome and wonder ‘what is going on here?’


They were staring daggers at each other, “Hello Brenn, its been a long time.” Terri said with distaste.


“Not long enough Whitman, not long enough,” There was real distaste talking to her again, “Didn’t know you were a female pig until today.”


Steve had enough of this silence and crosswords being exchanged.  “All right Kalima would you like to explain why you had these two ladies picked up?”


Just then Dan came in with a copy of wanted posters for Brenn and Tina.  “Steve here is the information Kalima requested a copy from HPD.”  Dan said as he handed the posters to Steve.


Steve reviewed the wanted posters and the additional information that Danno brought in with him.


“Since these two are not consider dangerous, why don’t you take their handcuff off, so they can sit down.  But first Whitman these two need to be searched for possible weapons,” Steve ordered.


Terri had a wicked inner smile at the idea of just how rough she would like to pat these two bitches down.  Just as she started to pat down and search Brenn, Terri was head butted in the stomach by her prisoner.  This caused her to fall backwards into Steve, who was standing behind her, which caused him to lose balance and fall hard on his butt.


In reflex to Brenn’s head butting, Terri pushed her backwards causing Brenn to fall towards Tina who also lost her balance and fell into Kalima’s strong arms.


Dan had positioned himself in his customary place by the small table and window.  He had trouble trying not to laugh at the scene that unfolds in front of him.


Brenn’s little act didn’t stop Terri from following orders to pat her down after they all collected themselves.  What it did result in was that the handcuffs were to remain on both of these wanted thieves.


After the integration the two were both booked and held for transport back to Texas for their theft of a rare stamp worth over $3K.








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