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A just little explanation of this fun section of my story.  This section of my story is in reply to a challenge in a general fanfiction group that I belong to on onelist or egroup.  The challenge was to Vamp Out Your Favorite Show Character.


To say the least from the title below, I picked on Dan Williams, then again who else would I pick on.  Let’s see, I know Remington Steele {hehehehe}, if I picked on him, you would not be reading that story here.


I could have picked on Steve McGarrett but what fun would that be?  None, at least for me.  I know that Terri, Annette, Anne and Daisy would disagree with me and say I should have done a Steve story but I can’t see him as a Vampire.  Then again those four ladies could and would most likely be his first very willing victims.  And I have it on good authority that Daisy would fight the hardest to be first in line (hehehehe).


I hope you enjoy this session of my story.  Dan Williams is a happily married man with a pair of four-year-old twins and Caterina is planning on having some fun with him.


Everyone, I would like you to meet a very cute blonde hair and blue-eyed vampire name Dracula Williams.  {I know I would be a very willing victim for Dracula Williams just ahead of Peg, Deana and Cindy.}







{Be warned:  this section has sexual content included}


Dan Williams was looking forward to the Halloween party at the Police Academy this year partly because his family was looking forward to Halloween.  His wife had been planning and looking forward to this year’s party for the past two months, as a result, this year she was going all out with costumes, DJ and everything that goes with a good Halloween party.  Dan believe part of his wife passion for the party has to do with the fact that the twins keep talking about Halloween and the fact they are getting to go trick or treating on the block this year.


The Halloween party was another week away and he still had no idea what Caterina had up her sleeve as far as a costume for him.  She had hidden it somewhere but he had been unsuccessful in finding it thus far.  All she would tell him was “I was something that could drive the ladies crazy.  Or at least drive his wife crazy.”  He smiled to himself and thought about something that would drive his wife crazy, the costume most likely could fulfill one of my wife’s sexual fantasies.  The thought was a little arousing to think about, but it would have to be something he could wear in public without being too embarrassing.  Dan had to find his costume to find out what she had in mind for him so he could prepare himself for the party.


Being the loving husband, Dan was for the past couple of weeks, when he had few free minutes he actually helped with doing some of the running around for the party, such as picking up the favors and decorations.  He finally had a day off after three weeks of nonstop working on the High School bombing threats all over the Oahu.  He promised Catie to do some more running around for some odds and ends for the party today, but he was going to search the house for his costume first.  “I know she hid it around here somewhere.”  Danny looked around the living room, “Now where would that crazy wife of mine hide that thing?”  He started thinking like the expert detective he was and started wondering where his wife would hide something.  He started a methodological search of the house making sure everything went back where it belonged rather than where he found it.  In a clean up search of the living room, he discovered several misplaced toys that belonged to his four-year-old twins, DJ and Guinevere, along with their storybooks and other miscellaneous items that belonged to the twins.  In a large round wicker basket that Caterina always kept in the hall closet for just this kind of clean up, Dan put the various items and took them into the twins’ bedroom.


Once he was in the twin’s bedroom, he started to put the various items where they belong and he found a lead to his costume.  “This is a weird item to be in DJ’s closet.  It was too large for a four-year-old boy and seemed large enough for an adult.”  It was shiny black cape with a stand up collar, with red satin lining, just his size.  Dan looked at the cape and admired it and decided to try it on.  After fastening the collar, Dan followed through with him putting is right arm up and around his face just under eyes the way Bala Lagose did as Dracula.  He played a little scene from Dracula saying that famous line while looking into the mirror on the wall, “I want to drink your blood.”  Then it hit Dan as he saw himself in the mirror, “That’s it!” he exclaimed, “She is going to have me dress up as Dracula.”  Dan laughed at the idea and thought it would be fun to play Dracula and bite his wife’s neck in the spirit of the character.


Danny took the cape off and carefully put it back into the closet where he had found  it.  Dan thought, if I am going to be Dracula then there has to be more evidence of it around the house somewhere to support this idea.  Dan finished putting the books and toys away on the lower shelves, then when he reached up to the top shelf of the bookshelves to put a couple of the more breakable items, he found vampire teeth and make-up for the rest of the proper look of Dracula.  The top-shelf would be to hard for the twins to reach easily, so whoever put those items up there had to be an adult.  Dan got the stepladder from the kitchen so he could see the top shelve since it was seven feet high to put the items back on the top shelf, then he found a note written by Caterina.


Hello Dannya,


If you are reading this, you think you know what your wearing to the costume party at the Academy but you’re wrong.  The Dracula look is for Steve, after all Dracula was tall with black hair.  Nice try though.





“Damn.”  Dan was getting frustrated at not being able to find out what costume his loving wife was planning for him.  He carefully put the note and all the items back on the shelf along with a few other items that needed to be kept out of the twins’ reach.


Daddy Williams finished cleaning the twin’s room by putting the clean sheets on their beds that Caterina planned on doing when she got home from work.  “As nice as it is to be in the house by myself, I wish Catie had left the twins here instead of taking them to day care this morning.”  Daddy missed his little ones under foot as he finished putting the blankets and proper dolls/toys on the each bed and headed for the study.  Then he was back in the twin’s room a minute later with the vacuum cleaner going.  “Might as well finish up the job.”  Dan always liked to have his home neat and clean but with a pair of four-year-olds running all the time, it was not always easy to keep a house clean and neat.


After he returned to the study he started the search again, only to find a couple of new bills that Caterina had received in the past couple of days for purchasing clothing for the twins and some odd and ends for the house.  A half hour later, he was vacuuming the study carpet after he finished searching it without success of finding any more evidence of his costume.


As Dan left the study, “Let’s see, I have checked the living room, the twins’ room, and the study.  Now where???”  Danny realized he was getting hungry when his stomach reminded him it was about noontime, so he headed for the kitchen.


Once in the kitchen, he headed for the refrigerator, “Let’s see what is in here to eat.”  He spotted some left over lasagna from the night before so he took a second look at see if there was enough for a lunch or an entire dinner again.  Then he realized that it was less than what was left last night when he put it into the refrigerator.  He realized Catie must have taken some for lunch, if she can have some for lunch, so can I.  He took out the lasagna and put it into the microwave to heat it up.  While he was getting himself some iced tea and a fork to eat with, he thought about being Dracula at the party. “What’s wrong with my being Dracula, just because Frank Langella was tall, Bela Lugosi was about my height.  The only thing wrong with me is my blue eyes and blonde hair.”  He looked at his reflection in the glass of the microwave, “I could get a black wig or some of that temporary hair color for the evening.”  The microwave beeped at him, so he reached for the potholders and took out his lunch then went an sat down at the kitchen table to eat.


Dan went to get the newspaper from the living room to read while eating he thought I haven’t been able to just sit and read like this in I don’t remember how long.  He smiled to himself thinking about the reasons why there is never peace and quiet to read his paper or even a book, except late at night.  One just had to look around the kitchen and dining room area to see that his house was a home with kids in it.  Yes, he thought this is a home, MY Home.  There were pictures drawn or colored by the twins on the refrigerator and toys lying under the dining room table where DJ and Guinevere were playing for the past couple nights.


Dan ate his lunch, reading the newspaper in peace, and hated it, really hated the quiet around the house.  He missed his two little noisemakers, their mother complaining about their doing something wrong or praising them for what they did right.  Even though the lasagna was as good as it was last night, it was not as enjoyable as it was when he had eaten it with his family the night before.  Dan though about how he had truly become a family man and loved it.  Sure, he complained at times about this or that but he loved being a family man and a cop.  He finished his lunch, put the dish in the dishwasher, and finished cleaning up the kitchen.  While he cleaned, he started his search once again not finding anything that did not belong there.  Upon finishing in the kitchen, he turned on the dishwasher and headed for the dining room.


By the dining room table he stooped down, looked under the table to see what was there, moved around part of the blanket, and some other items, and discovered half eaten cookies, candy and other food items.  He moved the chairs out of the way, then moved the table over about three feet, and picked everything up and went for the vacuum he left by the study doorway.  Sometime later, he was putting the table back where it was and rebuilt the small tent with a clean blanket and clean pillowcases on the pillows.  The kids would not realize their little tent was changed until they went looking for the missing cookies and candy.  Dan put the unopened candy and cookies into the dining room closet when he noticed that the candy Caterina had hidden there was half missing.  “This is just wonderful, Caterina or the children have been raiding the Halloween candy.”  Dan moved the candy to another closet in the study so not even Caterina would know where it was until Halloween.


Dan finished searching the dining room to no avail in finding his own costume but he did find where Caterina hid the children’s costumes.  DJ was going to be Darth Vader and Guinevere would be a little princess in blue.  Dan pictured in his mind’s eye his twins in their outfits his wife had purchased for them.


In the hall closet he discovered a new dress for his wife, a beautiful silver white evening gown with crystal beads all over the front of the bodice of the dress with crystal beads going around to the back of the dress at the waistline and the neckline as well.  He looked at the gown and noticed the front of the dress looked like a halter style dress but there was a back on this dress because he knew his wife would no longer wear a halter style anything after her encounter with the distraught teen with the knife in her first year of being on the Five-O team.  The knife had left a scar on her back that only he got to see or anyone who may be on the beach with them.  Caterina usually tried to buy bathing suites that would hide part of the scar if not all of it.  As Dan put the gown carefully back to where he found it he considered that Caterina will look beautiful in this gown, and he I will enjoy dancing with her looking so fantastic.


Dan was halfway through searching the house, when he remembered the basket of dirty cloths by the kid’s room, so he got the basket and headed for the laundry room.  He sorted through the cloths to put the first load in.  Upon opening the washing machine, he discovered it full of the twins’ sheets, so then he went to put them in the dryer finding it full of his and Caterina’s under garments.  So he shifted the wash.


While the washer was filling up with water, he headed for the detergent only to discover a combination lock on the cabinets.  He didn’t remember that being there the last time he helped with the wash, then it dawned on him something Caterina told him about DJ.  “That SON OF YOURS has learned to pick a lock with YOUR lock pick equipment.”  Caterina had forced the pick into his hand so hard he almost dropped it.  “Our friend, Uncle Remington showed him the last time he was here on how to pick a lock not realizing that DJ can do anything after being shown once, that is if it were of interest to DJ.”


Dan remember watching Caterina pacing around the room the way her Cousin Steve does when there is something on her mind, then she asked "What am I supposed to do with someone like Remington?"  He remembered telling Catie, "Lots of things – but they're all illegal,” then he laughed as she left the study.


Dan could hear the anger in her voice in the master bedroom from being so mad about what DJ could do.  He knew this was not a small issue with Caterina because she said His Son and not their son.  The children were always in major trouble when she referred to them as HIS Son or HIS Daughter.  In addition, he could still hear the echoes of the one-sided conversation in which Caterina read the riot act to Steele that evening when they found out about DJ’s ability with the lock pick.  Dan knew he would have his own private words with Steele the next time he came to visit.


Dan still wanted to get his hand around Steele’s throat and do a few other things to him to show him just how much he disapproved of what Steele taught HIS son.  But right now there was nothing he could do about it, at least for the moment.  Dan still wondered why Steele would have show anyone how to pick-a-lock, no less HIS children.  It bothered Dan that DJ knew how to do something like that and hoped he would forget this lesson that he had learned in time.  Dan had a few of the thoughts he had that night he found out what Steele did, “lets see, I wanted to drop him in the local volcano, but alas, I can’t do that, the environmental people would get on my case for polluting the volcano.”  Dan laughed at the image of Remington Steele falling into the volcano.  “I also remember what was one of the best things to do to him, that I could get away with.  I could take him to the gym for a little boxing, then beat the crap out of him, which means, I could beat the jerk up legally and get away with it.”  Dan was smiling from ear to ear at the image of Steele looking less then perfect in five hundred dollar suit.


Dan continued to smile to himself as he had to consider the question, does he leave the wash in the washer and continue his search that he would do anyway, or call Caterina at work and ask for the combination to the lock.  Just when he decided to reach for the phone in the laundry room it began to ring.  “Hello.”  He half expected it to be Steve needing something and ruin what was left of his day off.


“Hello Dannya,” it was a very soft but tired voice on the other end.


“Hello Sweetheart, I was thinking about calling you."


Caterina sounded a little surprised at what her husband said, “Was there something you need Dannya?”


“Just the combination to the lock in the laundry room so I can get the detergent out of the closet.”


“Oh yeah, you do need that to get into that closet, 25R, 14L, 3R.”


Dan was turning the combination as Caterina was giving it to him over the phone.  “It’s open, thanks.”


Caterina inquired, “Why are you doing the laundry anyway?”


“I’ve been doing some cleaning up before heading out to do that running for those errands you need done.  There was a basket full of clothes for the twins so I decided to throw it into the wash.”  Dan was good at telling half truths to his wife, being her boss he had had to learn to do it.  He never believed that she could not tell the difference in his voice that he was only telling part of the truth to her but she never questioned him because of confidential level he had on the job compared to the one she had.


“Oh Dannya, my Love, thanks for your help.”  Dan heard a small hesitation in her voice and knew there was a problem, a family problem not a job related problem from the tone of her voice.  “Dannya, I called because Guinevere is cold has gotten worst and needs to go home because they don’t want her spreading it around the other children.  So I was hoping you could come and get her to bring her home.”


Dan was not happy with that piece of news.  “All right Catie, I’ll be over to the day care in about fifteen – twenty minutes.”


“Thanks Dannya but Guinevere is laying down on the couch in my office.  I’ll see you in a little while.”


She is that bad that she had to be taken out of day care and sent to Mommy’s office, he thought.  “All right, Catie I’ll be right there.”  Dan hung up the phone and finished putting the detergent in washing machine and headed out to the car.



Ninety minutes later, Dan was reading Cinderella to Guinevere as she fell asleep in her bed.  Dan pulled the sheets up to cover his daughter and kissed her on the forehead, then he turned the intercom on in the twins’ room as he went into the master bedroom to continue his search while listening to the intercom in case his little girl needed him.


Several hours later, Dan finished searching the entire house for his costume but did not fine anything that would jump out and say, “I’m it.”  The house was now cleaned up as result of his search with the exception that the last couple of rooms weren’t vacuumed due to his sick sleeping angel.


Dan went to check on Guinevere in her room when he heard her voice coming over the intercom.  When he came to the doorway, he watched her talking to her doll while changing the dolls clothes.  She was a happy little girl most of the time, but this afternoon she was sounding a little sadder because of her cold.  So, Daddy went to the kitchen to get Guinevere a glass of ginger ale and some toast with butter.  Dan thought to himself, it would be a treat for her, since she is not allowed to eat in her bedroom.


While Daddy headed back towards the kid’s bedroom with the goodies on a tray, he thought that I’ll have to search Caterina’s office next for the costume because it is the only other place she could get away with hiding it.  Just how do I get into her office without her knowing?  The surveillance equipment in her office could tell her that he was searching it for something.  Dan Williams does not give up easily when he is on the hunt for something but he does run into brick walls and detours.



It was finally the night of the Halloween party and Dan had finished with his shower and shave.  He left the bath room with just a towel wrapped around his waist and entered the master bedroom to find his wife combing her hair in that beautiful silver white dress with the zipper waiting to be closed.  Dan walked over to his wife, putting his arms around his wife’s waist through the unzipped dress, and kissed her on the neck.  “Hello beautiful.”


“Hello yourself.”  Caterina replied in the same sexy tone.  She could feel his damp bare chest hair against her bare back and tried to turn around but found it hard because of the way her husband put his arms around her.


“So beautiful, do I finally found out what my costume is that I’m wearing tonight?”  He smiled at his wife through the mirror.


“Of course you do.  I thought you could wear what you have now.”  Caterina replied with a sexy smile and started to laugh.


Dan looked at her see that she was in a playful mood and wanted to joke with him.  Then kissed her on the neck again.  “Do you really want me to go to party dress like this?  It may get a little embarrassing if I lose the towel.”  He joked back with his wife.


“The only place you could get away wear only that towel is a private party for two, a very private party.”  Caterina had wrapped her arms behind him and placed her hands on the towel started to pull on it with a very playful smile on her face.


Dan smiled at her, “If you take my towel from does that mean you want me to go streaking at the party?”


“NO.”  There was a look of horror that crossed her face for only a split second that Dan would have missed if he had not been watching for the reaction.  Then she stopped playing with the towel.  “Your costume is laying on the bed waiting for you to put it on.”


Dan turned his head to see a brand new suit and the black cape on the bed which had not been on the bed when he got into his shower twenty minutes ago.  He slowly pulled his arms out of Caterina’s dress playfully, which tickled her just a little and then he pulled the zipper up.


Caterina noticed that Dannya was not totally surprised at the costume lying on the bed.  Noting his lack of surprise, Catie pouted slightly.  "I tried to hide all the pieces that I had in the house to keep you from figuring it out, and today I picked up your anniversary present,” she looked at him with a uncertain smile “I know it’s early but you needed the new suit tonight”  Caterina saw the look on his face and knew she failed, “From the look on your face you put it together, didn’t you?”


“You left all the clues for me to find, but the note about Steve left a doubt about my playing Dracula.”  Dan put on one of those sexy crooked smiles as he took his wife into his arm and turned her around for another kiss.  He was in a mood to push everything on the bed onto the floor and take his wife to bed when he heard the twins call them from the living room.


“Mommy … Daddy … hurry up … we waiting … come on.’’  The children called out.


Thinking to himself, the one downside to having kids.  They can kill a good sexual feeling in a second.  Dan started to laugh at a thought he had as he walked over to his dresser to various items out, “You know sweetheart, our children must have a very strong streak of McGarrett in them.”


Caterina looked at him with a look of well yeah I’m a McGarrett, “Of course they do Dannya.  After all, on maternal side their grandfather is a McGarrett.”


Dan saw her look and knew he better explain fast, “It's just that they seem to have the same kind of timing as your Cousin Steve.”  Dan looked into his wife’s blue eyes and continued, “They seem to know just when I want to get intimate with you and manage to call for one of us to help them with something or other.”  They both started to laugh.


“Yes they do seem to have picked up on their big Cousin’s rotten timing.”  Caterina kissed him on the nose then returned to her dresser to finish putting on her make-up and finish fixing her hair up.


He looked at the new suit and wondered if it would fit right, he didn’t recall going with Caterina to pick this suit out.  They had recently gone suit shopping but he had stayed away from the black suits.  Dan started to get dressed as he watched Caterina putting on the finishing touches of her costume because he enjoyed the way she moved when she got dressed.  And tonight was no exception.  The music was playing softly in the background as Caterina moved in time to the beat of the song, he was half tempted to get up from the chair and start dancing with her.


As he was finished buttoning up and tucking his shirt in, Caterina reached around his neck pulling the bow tie on him then fastened it.  She left her hands around his neck resulting in her being pulled closer to him for an embrace of a very passionate kiss.  In what seemed to be only a split second to him, they broke their embrace and Caterina reached around him, picked up the new suit jacket and help him on with it.  “Happy Early Anniversary Sweetheart.”  She kissed him, “I hope you like your new suit.”


Dan smiled at his wife and took her lips with his for another more passionate kiss that caused him to want to forget about the party resulting in him become aroused to the point of starting to unzip his wife dress and start removing it from her shoulders.  When he stopped to take a breath, he started to kiss her cheek to her neck when the mood was broken once again with the twins calling out their impatience for their parents to come out and show them their costumes.


Dan laughed as he adjusted his wife dress and she turned around for him to zip her up once again.  After zipping Catie up Dan put his arms around her waist and kissed her behind the ear and told her “I will finish what we just started later this evening.  I promise.”


In a very loving voice Caterina replied, “That is a promise I will hold you to my Love.”  Then Caterina turned around and could feel his hardness next to her hip and kissed him lightly on the lips, then said, “I promise to let you finish that act Count Williams.”


Dan was smiling when he was getting ready to put his fake vampire teeth in, Caterina remarked, “Don’t put them in right now Dannya, they may scare the kids.”  Dan agreed and put them in his pocket so he could put them on after they left the house, then he pulled on the cape with a flare.


Caterina was smiling at him and his playfulness as she left the bedroom.


Dan thought to himself, man, I would rather stay here with her alone then go out now, but Dan heard her calling the kids, “DJ, Guinevere, Daddy is almost finished dressing so you can see him in his costume in another minute.”


There were cheers of “Where are you Daddy?”  “Daddy, Daddy are you coming out?”


Dan checked himself in the full-length mirror and liked what he saw.  The suit was a perfect fit and looked good on him despite the fact it was black.  Dan didn’t like black suits as a rule and tried to get away without buying one, but this one looked good.  There was something about the way it was cut that impressed him then again his wife always had good taste in the suits that she helped him pick out.  The tux shirt and black bow tie helped him look just right Dan turned the bedroom lights out and headed for the living room where the camera flashes went off several times.


When the flashing stopped he located his wife behind one of the cameras with a tiara made of what looked like pearls and shells on her head.  There was a matching necklace around her neck and a pair of earrings that were not on her when she left the bedroom.  He thought to himself, he was about to have a date with his own beautiful Princess and he only hoped that he was her Prince Charming.


“All right you two, get together for a picture.”  Mayor stated as he brought Dan out of his private thoughts.  Jonathan Mayor seemed to around for the important moments in Caterina’s life since he one of her two legal guardians growing up, in addition to being their next door neighbor.  He ready to take a couple of pictures of the two of them in their costumes.


Danny went over to his wife, took her by the hand, and walked her over to the fireplace in the living room.  Then Mayor took several pictures of the two them together before the twin’s joined them for a few pictures.  Before Dan knew it, they had to leave for the Academy and the Halloween party.


“DJ, Guinevere, you both have to behave for Uncle Mayor while Mommy and I go to the party at the Academy.”


“Can’t we go with you?”  DJ asked.


Followed by Guinevere inquiring, “Yeah, Daddy can’t we come with you?”


“No you can’t.  Mommy and I have explained to you that it is an adult only party and no children are allowed.  You know the Halloween party for the kids at the Academy is in two days on Halloween Day, remember?


With sad voices and looking downwards with their bottom lips out, both children replied, “yeah I remember.”


Dan and Caterina gave their children hugs and goodnight kisses before heading for the front door.  At the door, Caterina handed him his badge and gun.  He took them, not really wanting to but knew he had no choice in the matter.  Just once he would hope that Caterina would forget about them, but he knew better.  She would not forget to make sure he was properly protected at all times and equipped to do his job in case he got called to duty during the party.


Then Count and Countess Dracula left for the party and to make the perfect effect for the way the Williams’ looked was the chauffeur and stretch limo that belonged to their friend and neighbor Jonathan Mayor.  Dan was surprised to see the limo and the chauffeur waiting for them at the curb.  Dan helped his wife into the backseat of the limo and got in himself.


It was an enjoyable ride to the Academy with the most beautiful woman at his side then he reached over to close the privacy window between the front and backseats.  He pulled his wife and lover into a loving embrace which he never wanted to end.  He started to kiss her once again, hoping no one would interrupt this time, Dan wanted to enjoy more then a few seconds of pleasure in his wife’s arms.  With most of their embraces this evening he was once again interrupted only this time it was the limo coming to a stop at the doorway of the Academy.


The chauffeur opened the back door for the Williams’ then Dannya helped his Countess out of the backseat of the car.  He walked proudly into the large cafeteria for the Halloween party that had been decorated that day and the hall looked spectacular with its Halloween decorations.  They were not the first to arrive, the Armageddons {Arms’ dressed like a football player and his wife Amanak was his private cheerleader}, the Lukelas {Duke was wearing his grandfathers missionary suit and his wife Mary was dressed as a missionary’s wife}, the Kelleys {Chin Ho was portraying the well known Chinese detective Charlie Chan and his wife was Chan’s wife}, and a few others were dressed in Star Trek and Star War costumes, along with a variety of traditional monster costumes.  Anyone who was already there was enjoying the music from the DJ dressed like Frankenstein.


Dan watched his wife go off and become the hostess she was to be for the evening.  Caterina greeted the people who had arrived before them and started checking to make sure everything was prepared for the party.  By eight-thirty that evening, everyone was there but Steve.


There was laughter and music playing with a number of couples dancing.  Dan looked around the hall to find his wife, his arms longed to have her in them for that dance he had been thinking about for the past week.  Dan excused himself from the couple he was speaking with when he felt an arm go around his waist to see his beautiful Countess standing beside him.  “If you will excuse us, I think I will dance with my Countess.”  They all laughed as Count and Countess Dracula Williams headed for the dance floor.  The music was slow and beautiful.  The next song that the DJ played was one of Caterina’s favorites to slow dance to, ‘Lady’ sung by Kenny Rogers.  The couples that were on the floor cleared the floor for this couple and everyone watched as the Williams’ danced a very slow dance.  Dan had his arms around Caterina’s waist and she had both her arms around his neck with her head on his shoulder.  Dan was resting his head against Caterina’s and whispered into her ear, “You look so beautiful this evening, my love.”


Caterina smiled to herself and could feel the love he had for her come from the embrace they were in.  This dance showed everyone in the room just how much she loved her husband and his love for her.  “My Count Dannya,” Caterina pull her head away from his shoulder and looked him in his beautiful blue eyes to say, “I love you.  Mahalo for bringing me.”  She finished by pulling his lips to meet her awaiting lips for a very public but passionate kiss.


The music ended but the Williams kept dancing along with continuing their kiss when the entire room of people broke out in hoots and hollers for the loving performance of the Williams’.  They both stopped at the noise when they realized there was no music and everyone was watching them.


Dan played his part of Dracula breaking his embrace with his wife.  Caterina fell to the floor the way a vampire’s victim would and was caught by Kono.


Then Count Dracula Williams said, “Now who is my next victim.”  He walked over to Amanak with his arm in front of his face.  He took Amanak into his arms the way Dracula would, saying, “I want to drink your blood,” then raised his head backwards, then downwards to bite her neck.


Arms got into the act by playing his part of the offended husband of a Dracula victim and tried to fight off Dracula Williams only to lose.  Just as Dracula Williams started to go after Amanak again, Missionary Duke got into the act pulling out his cross to get Dracula to back off from harming the cheerleader any further.  The room was in an uproar at the playing going on between good friends.


Different fun Halloween tricks and treats were pulled on everyone.  They played games, some very childish ones, such as, bobbing for apples, playing pin the tail on the donkey.  The party was a great success and would be talked about for days to come.


The party continued until after midnight when the only people left was the cleanup crew, which included the Arms and Amanak Armageddon, Caterina and Dan Williams, plus Duke and Mary Lukela.


After everything was cleaned up, the three couples sat down at one of the tables for a final cup of coffee/tea and piece of cake.  They talked about the success of the party for a while before putting the last of the garbage away and heading for their cars.


The limo was waiting by the door when the six of them got there with the chauffeur waiting with the door open.  The Williams’ got into the backseat once again for their ride home.  Caterina noticed their friends heading for their cars that had been pulled up along side the limo.  “Dannya?”


“Yes Catie.”  Dan looked at his wife, then past her to see what she had just seen.


“Who moved their cars next to the limo?”  Caterina inquired.


“I did Mrs. Williams,” was the chauffeur’s reply.  “A short time ago, when you were cleaning up, I went in and got the keys to their cars to move them closer to the doorway.”


“Thanks Elioka,” Dan said, “I’m sure they were happy not having to walk to where their cars were parked.”


“Now I know way Uncle Mayor keeps you around.”  Caterina smiled a large thank you smile.


Elioka pulled the car away from the curb after he heard the other two cars start up.  “You’re both welcome.”  He replied as he closed the privacy window for them.


Caterina leaned into Dan’s embrace in the car and started to fall asleep.  Dan just leaned back in the seat and enjoyed the quiet of the car as they were driven home.  Dan thought to himself, a beautiful woman in my arms and she loves me with all my faults.  How much luckier can I get?  Dan kissed her on the top of her head and before he knew it, the limo had stopped in front of his home and the chauffeur got out of the limo to open the back door of the car.


Dan walked with a sleepy Caterina into the house to find Mayor sitting in the living room with his briefcase open and reading some official report.  “Evening Mayor.”


“Is the party over already?”  Mayor looked at his watch to see that it was one-thirty in the morning.  “My goodness, look at the time.”  Mayor put the reports back in the briefcase and got up.  “Can I assume my chauffeur is waiting outside for me?”


“Yes he is,” was the sleepy reply of Caterina.


Uncle Mayor asked, “Well Princess, did you have a good time this evening?”  Mayor walked over to where they were standing and good look at Caterina’s face and could see the pleasure of the evening in it.  All Caterina did was smile at her husband for Mayor to know the answer to the question.  “That’s what I thought.”  Mayor then leaned over to kiss her on the cheek, “Good night Princess and Danny.”


“Night Uncle Mayor and mahalo for babysitting.”


At the door Mayor called back, “It’s my pleasure as always, that is when my schedule allows it.  Good night Princess.”  And the door closed behind him.


Dan walked with his wife in his embrace to their bedroom and unzipped her dress.  He watched her remove the dress as she headed into their bathroom.  While Caterina prepared for bed, he went to check on the twins to make sure all was well with his children.  After kissing them goodnight, he checked to make sure all the doors were locked, and then headed to his bedroom.


He was removing his suit jacket upon entering his room, when he noticed his wife in his bed waiting for him.  He hung his jacket up on the door after closing it and finished getting ready for bed himself in the bathroom.  He came back into the bedroom just in his Dracula cape and laid next to his wife putting his arms around her soft naked body telling her, “I want to drink your blood.”


“Oh really,” Caterina turned around in his arms, “is that what you really want to do Count Dracula?”  She smiled at him very longingly, “and here I thought you were going to fulfill the promise you made to me earlier.”  Caterina hands and arms encircled his naked body next to hers.


Dracula Williams only reply was biting her on the neck……..


Dracula wants more then her blood.




Pau for now.




Now that you are ready to leave the building, watch out for those bodies laying around.  Count McGarrett has had his dinner and left his dining companions behind in search of some new to have dinner with.



Carefully tip top over the bodies of Daisy, Terri, Annette and Anne.




You will note that Dracula Williams victims are no where to be found, he prefers to take better care of friends because he knows he will need them again.


In fact, Dracula Williams has given each of his guest there own private rooms around his.  So Betty, Peg, Cindy and Deana are just with in his reach when comes to dinner time.






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