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By Deana Lisi




The darkness suddenly turned to light almost blinding in comparison. Danny landed on the floor with a thud, the breath knocked out of him. He looked up, saw he was in a lavishly furnished room, looked exactly the way Steve and Kono had told him. He climbed unsteadily to his feet, stopped dead when the door opened, and a huge Hawaiian walked in.


The Hawaiian looked surprised when he saw Danny. He abruptly turned and walked out.


Danny wasn’t sure if he should wait or follow the man. Before he made up his mind, the door opened again, and the same Hawaiian came back in with two beautiful women.


One of the two stepped forward. “You are another from the future?”


Danny blinked. He’d wondered if this was all a dream, if what Steve and Kono had told them was actually some bizarre effect of having eaten too much Chinese food.


“Yes, I am. Danny Williams.”


The Queen smiled at him. He noticed the other girl did too.


He smiled back. “I don’t really know much about what’s going on…”


“I am Queen Lili’uokalani, this is my sister Lianie. Come. We’ll talk.”



Wow, Danny thought to himself, as he followed the Queen. He was astonished at the way the Palace looked. He was also amazed at the appearance of the Queen and her sister. Dressed in beautiful gowns, very regal. The Queen seated herself on a thick plush chair, motioning for Danny to do the same. Her sister stood near her, as did the big Hawaiian, who Danny noticed kept scowling.


“I see from your expression that your Palace has changed?” said Queen Lili'uokalani.


Danny nodded. “Yes, a lot,” he looked around. “It’s beautiful.” He smiled at her, thinking to himself, so are you.


“Our people worked hard in making it this way,” said the big Hawaiian, with a scowl. Danny noticed the stress on the word, ‘our’.


“Sorry, I didn’t catch your name,” Danny said, irked at his attitude.


The Queen made a stern face at the Hawaiian, before saying to Danny, “This is Moli, our healer. His tongue is sometimes faster then his brain.”


At that comment Moli snorted, and quickly left the room.


Lianie laughed softly.


The Queen smiled and looked at Danny. “You must excuse Moli, he has a dislike for haoles.”


“I noticed,” Danny answered, smiling back.


The Queen sighed. “Many of our people are afraid that the haoles will take our Islands from us. I feel that our Kingdom’s reign will soon end.”


Danny nodded. You’re right. He saw that the Queen was watching him, and wondered how she was interpreting his nod, should I tell her?


“You need not worry, Mr. Williams, we understand that whatever happens in the future is meant to, we will not ask questions about future events.”


Danny smiled at her. “Please, call me Danny.”


The Queen smiled back. “Danny.”



Moli growled as he watched them through the slightly open door. The haole likes her, he thought, and she likes him. He closed the door, and went in search of someone he knew could help him.



“Kono told me that a man named Wo Fat may be here, have you seen him yourself?”


The Queen shook her head. “No.”


“Apparently only Moli has,” said Princess Lianie.


“Who is this Wo Fat?” asked the Queen.


Danny sighed. “Wo Fat is…not nice,” he said, with a laugh. “Very bad criminal. Gives Steve and I a run for our money often. Too often.”


Lianie frowned. “A…run for your money?”


Danny smiled, “Oh, that’s a phrase we use…uh…in other words he causes us a lot of trouble.”


“Ah,” Lianie said, smiling.


“It would be good if I could find him, somehow.”


The Queen almost shrugged. “I do not know how to find him.”


“I think I do,” Danny said.




“Let him find out I’m here.”


“How will you do that?” Lianie asked.


“If someone in the Palace is in cahoots with him, then they’ll tell him I’m here.”


“Cahoots?” the Queen asked.


“Working with him.”


Queen Lili’uokalani laughed. “You have a way with words, Mr. Williams.”




Queen Lili’uokalani smiled. “Danny.”



Danny walked around the Palace a couple hours later, taking in its beauty. Strange enough, it was night, even though he knew it was only mid-day in ‘his’ time. He felt like he had jet lag, no way could he sleep. He wondered about the case. Was Wo Fat the one who killed the painter? He has to be.


His thoughts turned to Queen Lili’uokalani. So beautiful. It was sad to realize that in his real time, she was no longer alive.


Suddenly he heard a scream. The Queen? He stared running towards the sound, found no one guarding her bedchamber. He threw open the door, to see the Queen with Lianie standing in front of her, as if to protect her.


“No!” Queen Lili’uokalani yelled, “It’s a trap, Danny!”


That was the last thing he heard.





Danny opened his eyes; saw Steve looking at him worriedly. He became aware that he was in a hospital.


“Huh?” he said. Maybe he really did dream the whole thing!


“Danno, you’re back,” Steve said, as if reading his mind.


“What happened?” Danny asked.


“You were attacked in the Queen’s bedchamber.” He made a face as if to say, ‘I won’t ask you what you were doing there.’


“She screamed…I went in.” Danny frowned. “I don’t know what happened after that.”


“A Chinese man was there, according to a note we found in your pocket from the Queen. He wasn’t after her, but you.”




Steve nodded. “One of Wo Fat’s men. He stabbed you, but the Queen’s guards were able to subdue him. When they saw you were hurt, they sent you back, afraid that they couldn’t save you.”


“Stabbed me...?” Danny moved a little, and was rewarded with a pain that laced through his right shoulder. “Oh, great.”


Steve nodded. “No work for you for a while.”


“Just once, can’t it be my left shoulder, or arm?” Danny complained. “It’s always the right!”  He sighed. “I go there to find answers, and come back with more questions.”


Steve frowned. “Like what?”


Danny sighed. “Moli, the healer. Something about him makes me wonder if he’s involved, for one thing.”


“Well, whoever goes next is going to have to try to find out.”



Ok, everyone. Did Moli have Wo Fat’s men try to kill Danny out of his jealousy towards his love for the Queen, or because he’s involved in the murder of the artist? Who from Five-O goes next and finds out?






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Originally Posted April 8, 2001