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By Patricia Engel



Kono entered Steve's office and looked around at his friends seeing their stunned expressions.


"What have I missed?"


Steve glanced around at the others.  "Please leave us alone gentlemen."  Chin, Ben, Duke and Danny looked at each other and then left the room.  Steve gestured Kono to sit, noting that he'd been looking at the picture of his Queen.  Kono looked puzzled.


"Last night, Kono, I went to try and find a place to hang the painting but when I touched the painting my hand went right through it.  I touched it  again and I found myself drawn into it, and I went back through time and  found myself with the Queen and attendants.  The Queen told me some things  about the painting and the painter, before I returned to our time."


Kono's eyes went repeatedly to the picture of his Queen during the explanation.  Steve told Kono that he'd probably come closer to understanding then the rest of them except for Duke.  Steve concluded his narrative by telling him that they were all going to have to go through the painting to try and gather as much information as possible from the Queen.


Kono nodded, "I'll be the first one, Steve."


"Okay.  But be careful, Kono."


They got up and approached the Queen's painting.  Kono gazed at her  reverently.


"What do I do?"


"Touch the painting."


Before Kono would touch the painting he took off his jacket and removed his gun and holster and handed them to Steve.  "I will not go into the  presence of my Queen wearing the gun, Steve.""


Kono touched the painting and his hand went through it.  Kono pulled

back  his hand and looked at Steve in shock, but Steve wasn't looking at him he was  looking at the Queen.  "Look at her Kono.  She's smiling."


Kono looked at his Queen.  She was indeed smiling down on them.

"Steve  when I entered the room I noticed that she was frowning, but now ..."


"She looks like she's approving of what you're about to do, Kono."


"Yeah.  Now what?"


"Touch the painting again."


Kono did and as before his hand went right through the painting, but this time he was drawn in through the painting back in time.  When he opened his eyes he was in a room with two women, one of whom he recognized as being his Queen.


Kono rose to his feet and then knelt before the Queen, bowing to show his respect for her.


"Please rise."


After Kono got to his feet, she gestured for him to sit down.  Princess Lianie spoke, "This is my sister, Queen Liliuokalani, and I am her sister,  Princess Lianie."


The Queen then asked his name and when he replied, "Kono Kalakaua, my Queen," her eyes widened.  Kono went on to explain that he was a descendent of King David Kalakaua.


"Are you also from the future as Mr. McGarrett was?"


"I am, your Majesty.  There will also be others coming to."




"For the same reason I came, my Queen.  To gather as much information as we can to help us solve the mystery of the picture."  Kono gestured towards the painting.


"How may we help you?"


"Mr. McGarrett told me that the artist was German.  It sounds like maybe his death was an act of vengeance."  Then another thought came to Kono and he looked over at his Queen.  "Has anyone else come through the painting besides myself and Mr. McGarrett?"


"No one that I'm aware of, she looked over at her sister who shook her head negatively.  "Maybe Moli knows."  They sent for him, explaining to Kono that he was the Queen's healer.


Moli returned with the Princess Lianie.  "Moli, this is Mr. Kalakaua,

a descendent of my brother, and like Mr. McGarrett he also came back in time to  talk with us.  They are trying to solve a mystery that surrounds my painting."


"Mr. Kalakaua, here she gestured towards Kono before continuing, "has  asked if anyone else has come through the painting in the past several days?"


Moli considered her question.  "I think someone may have.  I saw a  stranger here in the palace a few days ago.  He was with the artist."


Kono asked Moli, "Can you describe this stranger?"


"He was about the same height as you are, stocky, and he had no hair on his head.  He was a foreigner, at least he spoke differently then we do."


Kono's face paled.  The description had sent chills up and down Kono's spine.


He spoke without realizing he'd done so, "Wo ------"


Then the world shifted and he found himself back in Steve's office.  Danny was in the room with Steve.  Danny helped his friend to his feet and noticed Kono's pale face.


Kono turned towards Steve.  "What's wrong Kono?"


"Big pilikia Steve.  Wo Fat is involved in all of this.  He was seen at the Palace with the artist before he was killed."


"But how?"


"And why?"


"Yea, Danno."


Kono shrugged.  "I guess that's for the next person to find out."


Steve nodded.







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Originally Posted April 8, 2001