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By Patricia Engel



"Five-O.  May I help you?" Lani spoke into the phone.


"Yes.  I'd like to speak to Dan Williams, please?" a woman's demanding voice asked.


"I'm sorry, but he's no longer with Five-O.  Would you care to speak with someone else in the office?" Lani explained.


"Could you give me his new phone number?" the woman persisted.


"Again I'm sorry but I don't have that information.  He left before I came to work here." Lani answered.


"May I speak to Mr. McGarrett, then?" the woman asked impatiently.


"He's out of the office right now.  May I take a message?" Lani replied as she tried to assist her caller.


"Damn! No thank you!" the caller replied before she slammed the phone down on her listener's ear.


Duke returned to the office a few minutes later.  "Duke, a woman just called asking for Danny," Lani told him.


"Did she give a name?" Duke asked her.  His interest in the call was peaked at the reference of his friend's name.


"No.  She was very insistent about wanting to get in touch with him." She answered.


"Tell me about the call." Duke requested.


"She asked for Danny and I told her that he didn't work here anymore.  She then asked for his phone number and I told her that I didn't have it that he left before I came to work here.  Then she asked to speak to Mr. McGarrett.  I told her that he was out of the office and she said 'Damn' and then slammed the phone down." Lani repeated.


Duke was very disturbed by the report but he shrugged it off and went into his office to work on his paperwork.  A short time later, his phone rang.  "Lukela."


"Yes.  I'm trying to locate Dan Williams.  Can you help me? It's very important that I reach him," a woman's voice asked.


"I'm sorry but we're not allowed to give out personal information," he explained patiently.


"Then may I speak to Mr. McGarrett?" she persisted the annoyance clearly heard in her tone of voice.


"He's out of the office.  May I have your name please?" Duke replied as he tried to get more information from his caller.


"No!" She answered angrily and slammed the phone down.


He sat there for several seconds.  The woman's voice sounded very familiar, very disturbingly familiar.  He returned to his paperwork when suddenly the name came to him with a chill of dread.  'Marla Kahauna.' She had drugged, tortured, and brainwashed Danny Williams.  Then she had tried to force him to kill his best friend, Steve McGarrett.  At the trial she had told Danny that she'd make him pay for this.


Duke walked out of his office and approached Lani's desk.  "Lani, have we had any calls from the Oahu prison this morning?"


Lani looked at him curiously.  She was surprised at how pale his face looked.  "No, they haven't called."


"Would you call out there and get the warden on the phone for me?" he requested.


Lani looked at him for a few seconds before picking up the phone to make the call.  Duke turned and went back to his cubby.


The phone rang and Duke grabbed it.  "The warden is on line 3, Duke."


"Warden, have there been any escapes out there in the past 24 hours?" Duke listened for a minute.  "Why weren't we notified immediately?" He listened again and then interrupted the warden, "Yes, I realize that, but you've got standing orders to notify Five-O when that happens.  Duke listened again and then slammed the receiver down in anger.


Duke turned as he heard the door to the office open, he had his gun in his hand before he realized that it was McGarrett.  He replaced it and followed Steve into his office


"I need to talk to you, Steve," Duke said as he stood in front of Steve's desk.


Steve felt a chill at the urgency in Duke's voice.  "Go ahead Duke." Steve urged.


"When I came into the office this morning, Lani told me about a call she had received from a woman asking for Danny.  Lani gave out no information and the woman hung up.  A short time later, the woman called asking for me, asking for the same info about Danny and I told her that I couldn't give out that information.  She asked for you and I told her that you were out of the office.  She hung up the phone in anger."


"Any idea who it was?" Steve asked as Duke stopped, as if unable to finish.


"Marla Kahauna.  I knew that the voice sounded familiar.  Then I called the prison and the warden confirmed that she had escaped yesterday evening,” Duke informed his boss.


Steve's face had went first red with anger and then white for fear and dread for his friend, Danno, as he listened to Duke's explanation.  When he heard the name Marla Kahauna, his face turned ashen.  It brought back the memories of the nightmare at the airport, and what his friend had gone through at the hands of the dragon lady.


Suddenly Steve remembered Duke sitting there.  Duke recommended to Steve that he call Los Angeles and warn Danny about Marla.  Duke's voice mirrored the fear that Steve was experiencing.  Although Danny Williams was no longer with Five-O, he was still very much a part of them.


Danny resigned from Five-O two years ago after Steve had gone on one of his undercover assignments without telling any of them.  Furious, he informed his friend that if he ever did that again he would leave.  He would not stay if he had to fight him to protect his life­.  After he left, he had taken a position with the Los Angeles Police Department and was in charge of a new investigative squad.


A month after Danny left, Steve had gone to Los Angeles to talk with him.  Peace was declared between them, and their friendship was renewed.  They had kept in close touch since then, so Steve knew exactly how to contact him.


"Please stay, Duke." Steve requested as he dialed the number and waited for Danno to answer.


"Danno? How are you?” Steve asked after his friend had answered the phone.


"Steve! I'm doing just fine.  And you?" Danny answered with a glad tone upon hearing his friend's voice.


"I've been better," he answered tensely.


Danny picked up on the tension in Steve's voice.  "What's wrong Steve?"


"Marla Kahauna escaped from prison yesterday evening and she's looking for you.  She's called here twice now asking for you," Steve told him.


"Oh my God!" Danny was silent for a few seconds, as the memories threatened to overwhelm him of those nightmarish hours when she brainwashed him and then tried to force him to kill his best friend.




The voice brought him back.  "I'm here Steve.  I'll take the next plane and return to Honolulu."


"No! That's just what she wants, Danno.  You're safer in LA where she can't get to you."


Danny sighed and silently agreed with him.  "Alright Steve." He was thinking about what Steve had just told him.  She had already called the office twice trying to locate him.  Danny was suddenly afraid that she might go after Steve in an effort to force his return.  Steve could very well be in danger.


"Danno, I want you to have protection.  If for some reason she should find out where you are, then you would be safer.  I'll contact my friend, Chief Roberts, Chief of Police there and get his assistance," Steve told him.


Danny knew that it was no good to argue the point with Steve.  He was right, though, about not wanting to expose him to this danger.  But there was a knot in his stomach which would not go away.  He was thinking of what awaited in Honolulu, and the fact that his friend was in very possible danger.  He knew how stubborn McGarrett was when it came to protecting himself.


"Steve, I'll agree to protection for myself on one condition," Danno hesitantly asked.


"What's that Danno?" Steve asked.


"Protection for yourself," explained Danny.


"No Danno.  I can't work that way," Steve insisted stubbornly.


"If I knew that you were protected, then my waiting here would be easier for me.  Otherwise I'll worry about you, Steve, wondering if Marla had decided that she could get to me through you.  Steve, please? I'll rest easier?"  Danno pleaded.


"What did you have in mind, Danno?"


"Wear a bulletproof vest and an HPD officer with you at all times, Danny requested."


Steve opened his mouth to say no and then closed it.  "Alright, Danno.  I'll do it.  I'll keep in touch."


"Okay, Steve.  Mahalo." Danny hesitated and then, "Steve, be careful.  Please be very careful."


"I will Danno.  I promise."


After he hung up the phone, he just sat there for a couple of minutes, lost in memory.  "Worst Fears Realized." Steve muttered to himself.


"Steve?" Duke asked in a puzzled tone.


"What?" Steve asked absently.


"You said something."


"Oh, that.  I said Worst Fears Realized.  I thought it fit this," Steve explained.


"Yea," then he asked Steve.  "What about Danny?"


Duke's voice called him back to the present.  "Danno took it hard.  He also made me promise to protect myself against the dragon lady."


Duke looked very relieved at the news.  "I'll contact HPD and get you a vest, Steve."


Steve nodded at Duke.  "Mahalo, my friend." Duke smiled and left the room.


Steve called the Los Angeles Police Department and asked to speak to his friend, the Chief of Police.  "Jim?" Steve listened to the other voice for a few seconds then interrupted, "Jim, I need a favor from you."


Then Steve explained the problem and danger to his friend.  "I want you to supply around the clock protection for Dan Williams.  At least until this mess is cleared up."


"Thanks Jim."


Duke returned then with Steve's vest and stood by watching him put it on.



After Steve hung up the phone, he immediately went to see the Governor, accompanied by his bodyguard, Officer Kimo.  Steve wanted to brief the Governor on these developments.  The Governor was shaken when he learned Marla Kahauna had escaped from the Oahu Prison.  He agreed with Steve about his having police protection around the clock until the fugitive was caught.


Then the Governor asked Steve about Danny.  Steve told him that Danny was, for the moment, in Los Angeles.  He told him that he'd arranged for Danny to have around the clock protection also.  When Steve and his bodyguard left the Governor's office about a half hour later, a woman quickly approached them.  Before either man could react, she fatally shot Officer Kimo and then shot Steve in the shoulder, just above where the vest ended.  So quick was her move neither man had time to react.


Steve was furious that he had allowed his guard down.  He blamed himself for this error since it allowed this woman to take him prisoner and wound, possibly killed, an officer assigned to protect him.


At gunpoint she forced him into his car.  "If you don't get into the car, McGarrett, I'll kill you right here and now." Using McGarrett's car radio, she made him call his office and ask for Duke Lukela.


"Central, patch me through to my office.  I need to speak to Duke." Steve said into the mic.  "Duke? I'm with Marla.  She shot Officer Kimo.  I think he's dead."


"Steve? Are you all right?" Duke asked with a concerned tone in his voice.


"Yea.  So Far." Steve told him but Duke knew that he was not all right.  He'd heard the strain in his voice that had been tinged with pain.


Marla grabbed the microphone from Steve, "Lukela? You have 12 hours to get Williams there at the Five-O office or I'll kill McGarrett."


"All right.  But if you kill McGarrett we'll hunt you down.  You'll never get off this rock.  I promise you that." Duke could hear her laughter as he hung up the phone.


Duke picked up the phone and dialed a number from memory.  "Central.  This is Officer Lukela.  We have a report of a officer down outside the Capital Building.  Have it checked out and report back to me.  And I also want an APB put out on Steve McGarrett's car."


Duke sat there for a minute dreading the call he knew he had to make.  Ignoring the look of horror on Lani's face, he dialed Danny's number in Los Angeles.  "Danny, Marla's got Steve.  She shot and possibly killed the officer who was with him."


Danny was silent for a few seconds, digesting this news.  "Is Steve alright?"


"He said he's alright.  But I could hear the pain in his voice."


"Damn! What are her terms, Duke?"


"You.  Here within 12 hours or she'll kill Steve." Duke explained.


Danny was silent as he thought of what his friend was being put through.  "I'll be on the first flight I can get out of here," he told his friend with a tone of urgency to his voice.


Several minutes later Duke's phone rang and he received the report that Officer Kimo was dead.  He had been shot once in the head.  They also found additional spots of blood at the curbside.


After he received the disturbing information, Duke immediately called Central Dispatch with a demand, "Central.  I want Che Fong sent for and samples of the blood taken to the Police Lab for analysis.  Have him call me as soon as possible."


The phone rang again and Lani gave the phone to Duke.  "Lukela.  Che, I need to know if the blood sample is Steve's."


"What do you mean, Steve's?" Che was surprised by Duke's request.


"Che, Steve has been kidnapped.  That's why the officer was killed." Duke explained to Che.


"Oh my God! I'll let you know as soon as get back to the Lab and check it," Che replied.


"Thanks Che."


Instead of calling Duke with the news, Che brought the report to the office.  Duke looked up when he heard the door open.  Che came in looking very grim.  "Che."


Che sighed and handed the report to Duke.  "The blood is Steve's."


Duke just shook his head.  "I was afraid of that Che.  From the sound of Steve's voice he sounded like he was in pain." Duke went on to explain to Che about who had kidnapped Steve and why.  Che shook his head in disbelief then turned and left the office.



Danny arrived a few hours later, and Duke had asked Suzy Kelly to meet Danny's plane.  When Suzy saw Danny step off the plane she went to him and they hugged.  "Danny." They had a tearful reunion.


"Any word on Steve, Suzy," Danny asked


"No Danny.  None.  I'm sorry," Suzy replied.


At Five-O Duke was very glad to see Danny.  Duke and Danny greeted each other with hugs.  It had been a couple of years since he'd been gone.  "Danny! I'm glad that you're here, bruddah." Before Danny could ask, Duke went on to tell him that he had no more information on Steve.


"I've tried to contact them by radio, but there's been no answer.  I've also put an APB out on Steve's car but nothing so far," Danny told him.


"How much time do we have?" Danny asked him.


Duke checked his watch and said, "Four hours until the deadline she set is up.  Danny, the Governor and Manicote both want to talk to you." Danny headed towards Steve's office.


Duke nodded and then sighed and very reluctantly, he handed Danny a sealed envelope bearing his name.  Danny looked at it, and his face paled.


Danny entered Steve's office, picked up the phone and make his calls.  "Governor," said the other voice on the other end of the line.


"Governor," Danny said.


"Danny! It's good to hear your voice.  You're here in Honolulu?"  the Governor inquired.


"Yes, sir.  I'm here for the duration," replied Danny.


"Danny.  I want you to take over Five-O.  Temporarily until Steve returns.  All right? I know it's what's Steve has always wanted," asked the Governor.


"Yea.” Danny was silent, lost in thought when he realized the Governor was waiting for his answer.  "All right Governor.  I'll take over Five-O.  For now."


"Thanks Danny," the Governor said relieved.


"Aloha, Governor.  I'll keep in touch." Danny then called Manicote, who sounded very angry about what had happened to Steve.  Danny repeated the same thing that he had told the Governor.  Danny promised to keep him posted.


After he had made the needed calls, he sat there then for several minutes as he stared at the envelope in his hands.  With a feeling of dread, he finally forced himself to break the seal, then removed the paper and unfolded it.  Tears stung his eyes at the familiar handwriting.  Danny wiped the tears from his eyes, and then started to read what his best friend had written to him.




The fact That you are reading this, means that Marla got to me, and that Duke called you home to face her.  If I can prevent it, you will not be forced to do so.  I will not let her get to you, my friend.  Especially after what she did to you before.


Your life is more important to me then anything else, Danno.  Take over Five-O for me.  I know Duke will agree with me.


Be careful, Danno! I LOVE YOU, my aikane!





The words broke his heart when he read them.  He put his head in his hands trying to control the tears that threatened to fall.  It took Danny several minutes to bring himself back under control.  He folded the paper and put it back into the envelope before he stuck it in his pocket.  He then went back out into the main office.  One look at Danny's face, brought deep concern to Duke's.


"Are you alright?"  Duke asked.


"No, I'm not." Then Danny shrugged his shoulders.  "Duke, the Governor asked me to take temporary charge of Five-O." He saw the relief in Duke's eyes.  "Anything on the APB?"


"Nothing," Duke replied.


Danny was becoming increasingly frustrated as he tried hard to deal with fear that threatened to overwhelm him.  He looked at his watch and saw that time was quickly running out on them.  They had only three hours left before she would be calling Five-O.  Danny had never found it easy to wait, especially in a case like this, when one of them was in danger.  But this time the wait was intolerable, as it was Steve McGarrett's life that was on the line this time.


Danny didn't want to think that he might already be dead.  But the thought kept coming back to torture him, time and again.  He jumped when the phone did finally ring.


Duke answered the phone himself, it was Marla.  "Lukela." Then he listened for a few seconds.  "Yes, he's here."


Duke put the call on the speaker phone before he handed the phone to Danny.  "Williams.  Let me speak to McGarrett." Danny demanded.


"Speak to me first," Marla ordered.


"Let me speak to McGarrett, or I'll hang up right now." It must have worked because a few seconds later Steve spoke.


"Danno?" came Steve's pained and tortured voice.


"Steve, are you alright?" Danny asked.


"For now.  Don't do what she wants Danno, she plans to kill me anyway," Steve pleaded.


They heard an angry snarl, and then it sounded like someone had fallen, or been pushed.  Then they heard a couple of loud, thumping noises, and Steve's voice crying out in pain, then silence.


"Steve?" Danny was alarmed.


"Williams, whose life is more important to you? If it's McGarrett's then you had better do what I tell you or you'll find him dead." Marla told him with a snarl.


"What do you want?" he asked.


"You!" she ordered.


"All right," he agreed.  "You'll release McGarrett then?" Danny asked.


"Sure.  Be at Koko Head Marina in two hours," she said smugly.


"All right," he reluctantly agreed.  Danny was white and shaken.


"Worst Fears Realized." Duke said with a worried voice.


"What was that, Duke?" he asked shakily.


"Something Steve said after he called you in LA," Duke replied.


Danny thought about it for a moment.  "Yea.  It fits."


The phone rang again, and Lani answered it this time.  Lani handed the phone to Danny.  It was an HPD officer who was reporting seeing Steve's car down by the Pier entering a warehouse, several hours earlier.


"Why didn't you report it sooner?" he asked irritatingly.


"We hadn't heard the APB.  We've been at Queens with a prisoner for the past five hours and our radio has been out of order," the officer explained.


Danny wrote down the location, hung up the phone and then briefed Duke.  He gave Danny his gun, badge, and ID case that he had left behind when he went to the mainland.  Quickly they left the office and drove to the warehouse, Danny radioed Central Dispatch and asked for HPD backup and asked for an ambulance sent to that location.


When they arrived, Marla was just getting into Steve's car.  Danny quickly jumped out of the car as he pulled out his gun.  "Freeze Marla," he yelled at her.  "You're under arrest," he told her as he aimed his gun at her.


Marla didn't answer him but had fired at him.  Her shot was accurate and Danny was hit in the chest.  Duke watched as another one of the officers fired on Marla.  Slowly he watched as she fell to the ground.  When the officer checked her, he turned and shook his head at Duke.


Duke ordered one of the officers to call for the coroner.  Then he supported Danny as the two of them headed for the warehouse.  They found McGarrett's lifeless body, lying in a large pool of blood with his head crushed.


"Steve.." Danny sank broken hearted to his knees beside Steve's body, unable to comprehend the fact that his friend was actually gone.  Grief over came him as he started to cry shamelessly.


When the paramedics tried to move Danny, to put him on a stretcher, he fought them until the pain overwhelmed him and darkness claimed him.  Duke approached the paramedics where they were working on Danny, "What hospital will you be taking him to?"


"Queens Hospital," one of them replied.


When the county coroner arrived, Duke walked over to Iolani, the M.E., and explained what had happened.  "Iolani, I want Doctor Bergman in to perform the autopsy on Steve." Duke waited for her reaction.


"I have no objections Duke.  I know how close you guys are.  I don't mind."  Duke gave a great sigh of relief as he got into his car and followed her back to her office.


When they reached her office, he put the call through to the Big Island.  He had no trouble getting a hold of Doc.  "Doc, this is Duke Lukela.  Doc, Steve McGarrett is dead.  He's been murdered."


Doctor Bergman was stunned into silence before he could find the words to reply.  "Oh my God," was all he could manage to say.  He was stunned.  "Doc, I'd like to have you do the autopsy.  Would you be willing?" Duke asked him a sadden and still shaken voice.


"Alright Duke.  I'll be there as soon as I can get the next flight out."  Doc hesitated, "Duke, what about Danny?"


"Danny was with me when we found the body.  Danny has also been wounded.  He was shot in the chest by the shooter," he explained to Bergman.


Doc was silent for several seconds, "I'll be there as soon as I can, Duke," he said sullenly before he hung up.


Duke made another call to the Big Island, to Kono.  This was one call he really hated to make.  He dreaded these calls.  Kono was going to take his very hard.  "Kono? This is Duke Lukela."


"Hi, Duke.  What can I do for you?" replied the cheery voice of the big Hawaiian.


"Kono.  I have some bad news for you.  Steve is dead.  Murdered.  And Danny has been shot and critically injured." Duke told him in a choked filled voice.


Kono was silent for several moments before he could reply.  "My God.  What happened Duke?"


"I'll explain when you get here Kono.  Duke told him barely keeping his voice steady as he fought to keep back his tears.


"I'll be on the next flight I can get." Kono said.


"Call Five-O with the flight information and I'll have someone meet your plane." Duke told his old friend.


"Okay Duke," answered a disheartened Kono.


With the two dreaded but needed calls made, Duke told Iolani 'Goodbye' and left for the Governor's office.  Duke entered the Governor's office and was glad to see Manicote there too.


"Governor, John, I don't know how to tell you this." Duke took a deep breath and then continued.  "Steve is dead." Duke waited for the initial shock to pass.


Both men's face mirrored the horror of the bad news.  Neither ever imagined that such a thing would happen to such a man like Steve McGarrett.  Finally, the Governor found his voice.  "What happened Duke?"


"Marla Kahauna killed Steve, Governor.  We don't know the exact cause of his death yet.  We won't know that until after the autopsy," he sadly informed him.


"What about Danny? Where is he?" Manicote asked Duke.


"When we got to the warehouse where she had taken Steve, Marla was just leaving when Danny ordered her to freeze.  Before he could react, she fired and shot Danny," Duke explained.


"Does Danny know that Steve is dead?" the Governor asked, brokenly.


"He was with me when we found Steve.  He fell apart," barely able to control his own grief.


They were all silent digesting this piece of news.  They all knew how close Danny and Steve had always been.  The Governor cleared his throat.  "What is Danny's condition?"


"I don't know sir.  I can call the hospital and found out.  I went with Steve's body to the ME's." The Governor nodded at him.  Duke picked up the phone and called the hospital to get information on Danny.


"This is Officer Lukela of Five-O.  I'd like to know how Dan Williams is doing."


"He's in surgery right now.  That's all the information I can give you at this time," the nurse replied.


"Can I speak to one of the officers waiting there?" he asked in an emotion filled voice.


Duke waited impatiently for the nurse to return to the phone.  "Duke? This is Suzy Kelly."


"Suzy.  How is Danny?" he asked.


"Danny's is surgery.  Doctor Kulani is with him.  He told me that his condition is extremely critical," Suzy told him, her voice quivered almost to the breaking point.


"Thanks Suzy.  I'll be there at the hospital shortly.  Right now I'm here with the Governor." Duke told her as he tried to remain calm before he hung up the phone.


He then turned back to the others as he informed them of what he was told.  "Danny is currently in surgery but Doctor Kulani has told Suzy Kelly that his condition was extremely critical."


The Governor got to his feet and extended his hand to Duke, ending the conversation.  "I know that you have a lot of work to do, so we won't keep you anymore.  If there's anything you need, Duke, call us."


"Thank you, sir.  I'll let you know about the funeral when we finally make the arrangements.  Right now it depends on Danny.  I'll keep you both posted."


Duke left the office and headed back to Five-O.  He had suddenly realized that Lani didn't know about Steve's death, or about Danny's being critically injured.  Lani took one look at Duke's face when he walked into the office and knew that it was bad news.  He held her in his arms comforted her as he informed her of what had happened in the last few hours.


Shaken to the core, Lani broke into tears.  Duke's own reserve finally broke as he cried with her.


"What will happen to Five-O now Duke?" Lani asked after she fought back some tears.


"That will be up to Danny.  He'll have to make that decision after he recovers from his injuries.  Steve had left a letter which had asked Danny to run Five-O, that's when the Governor put him in temporarily in charge," Duke informed her.  "Now we'll just have to wait and see what happens," he concluded in a heart broken voice.


Duke realized that there was another phone call he needed to make.  'Jenny needs to be informed,' he reminded himself as he remembered how close she had been to Steve and the others.


The shock of the last few hours still gripped his heart as Duke entered Steve's office.  He walked over to the big desk and walked behind it before he sat down to finish making the necessary phone calls.  Duke's next call was to Jonathan Kaye in Washington, DC and give him the news of what had happened here in Hawaii.  He couldn't believe it.  He'd always thought Steve indestructible.  He would try to come but wasn't sure.


He sat there for a couple of minutes stealing himself to make the next call.  "Jenny.  This is Duke Lukela.  I'm sorry to be calling you so late, but I have some bad news for you.  I wish there was an easier way to do this, but...Steve was killed earlier today and Danny has been critically injured


The news floored Jenny and it took several minutes before she was finally recovered enough to speak again.  "I'll be on the next flight out I can get."'


"I'll personally meet your plane.  Call Five-O and give Lani, our secretary the flight information as soon as you know it," he told her gently.  Duke turned to the secretary.  "Lani, I'm going to the hospital.  You can reach me there if it's necessary."


Just then the phone rang.  It was Kono calling with his flight information.  Duke wrote it down and prepared to leave for the hospital to meet Suzy.  Once he was there, he walked down the too familiar hall of he emergency area.  Suzy saw him and ran to meet him.  Both friends hugged each other as they attempted to control their emotions and console the other.  Finally, Duke got control of himself enough to address the younger woman.  "Suzy, I'd like for you to go to the airport and meet Kono's plane." He then handed her the paper with the flight information on it.


"It'll be good to see Kono again, though I wish it were under happier circumstances." Suzy said as she wiped away her tears.


Duke didn't reply.  He could only nod his agreement with her.


Suzy met Kono at the airport and warmly greeted him, tears flowing down her cheeks as they hugged tightly.  "Kono."


"Hi, Honey.  How's Danny?" he asked anxiously.


"Doctor Kulani is working on him.  When I left the hospital Danny was still in surgery and would probably be there for a while yet," Suzy said with a sad voice.


"What happened?" Kono asked.


"Duke said to tell you that he would explain it to you when you got to the hospital.  I think he wanted to tell you himself." She replied as they drove to the hospital.


She took him to meet with Duke at the hospital.  After warmly greeting each other, Duke gave Kono a more detailed explanation of what had happened than he had given him on the phone.


"We received a call from a young woman looking for Danny.  We refused to give her the information and then I recognized the voice."


Duke looked at Kono, "You know about the dragon lady? And what she did to Danny?"


Kono could only nod his head, as he stood there with a shocked expression on his face.


"Steve called Danny and warned him that she had escaped from prison and was looking for him.  Danny persuaded Steve to get protection for himself and Steve arranged protection for Danny," Duke said as he began to explain what had happened.


Duke got his breath while that sunk in before he continued, "The protection for Steve did no good.  Marla intercepted them outside of the Governor's office.  She killed the officer and took Steve prisoner.  She forced Steve to call Five-O and she insisted that unless Danny was here within 12 hours, she would kill Steve.  I called Danny, and he returned to Honolulu."


When we finally found Steve and Marla, she opened fire and Danny was hit.  When we entered the warehouse, Danny sank to his knees beside Steve.  He started to cry when he realized they were to late and Steve was dead.


Kono was horrified at what Duke just told him.  Duke had not soft-pedaled any of it, not that he would have expected his friend to do so.  The description of the scene at the warehouse chilled him to the bones and the tears filled his eyes, coursing down his cheeks.  Duke's eyes filled with sympathy for Kono, knowing how hard it was for him to hear this, but knowing that Kono had to.


Kono pulled himself together, as they were joined by Dr. Kulani, who introduced himself to Kono.  He knew about the Doctor from Danny.  Danny had told him all about his brother and some of their childhood exploits.


"Danny is out of surgery and in recovery.  He'll be in recovery for the next several hours and then will be moved into intensive care." Kana took a deep breath.  "It was touch and go.  We almost lost him when his heart stopped beating halfway through surgery."


"What are his chances, Doctor? Kono asked.


Kana sighed and his eyes filled with tears, "Seventy-thirty."


"For or against?" Duke asked with the hope that luck would be on the side of his friend.


"Against, Duke."


They both looked at him with shock and Kulani said that he had to return to his patient.



When Danny Williams regained consciousness and was finally allowed visitors, he told Duke and Kono about his out-of-body experience that he had while on the operating table.  He had gone to Kaena Point to jump.  Upon arrival, his aumakua, Madame Pele, was waiting for him.  She told him to go back, that it was not his time.  Pele was not alone--Steve McGarrett was there with her.  Pele left them, and Danny was alone with Steve.  Steve repeated what Pele had told him and added, "You've got a lot of people depending on you.  Five-O needs you, Danno, and so does Hawaii."


"I can't go on without you, Steve," Danny told him broken-heartedly.


"You have to Danno.  I'll always be with you.  In spirit," Steve said.


"It won't be the same."


"No.  But you always knew this was a possibility," Steve softly but firmly reminded him.


"Yes.  I know.  I need you Steve.  I can't do this without you.  Without your friendship, your strength, and loyalty.  Knowing that you were always there for me -- no matter what.  But most of all --- the unspoken love we have for each other," Danny implored to his friend.


Steve told Danny, "You'll have others to give you plenty of support and you might be surprised by it."  Steve then hugged him.  After he released him, he stepped back.  "It's time to leave, Danno."


“Then I returned to my body,” Danny finished.


Danny was exhausted after telling his two friends what had occurred.  They were both stunned by what they had just heard.  But both of them being pure Hawaiians, Danny knew that they would understand and believe him, where others wouldn't/couldn't.



A week later, Dr. Kulani (Kana) released Danny long enough for him to attend Steve McGarrett's funeral with the agreement that he would return to the hospital.  Kana escorted Danny to the funeral pushing him in the wheelchair.


Danny had readied himself for this ordeal, but knew that he owed his friend this chance to say 'Goodbye' to him.  Everyone would think it strange if he didn't attend the funeral, though he had already told Steve goodbye.  It would always be in his heart.


Danny was touched by the turnout at the cemetery.  So many people there to pay their respects to the former head of Five-O and to say their Good-bye's.  He would be so greatly missed.  Steve had touched the lives of so many people.


Several people paid homage to Steve with eulogies, including Governor Jameson.  He stepped forward at the gravesite to speak.


"We're here today to pay our respects to a great man, Steve McGarrett.  We will greatly miss him.  He's done a lot for the people and this State.  His love of the people and the aina showed in the way he dealt with the daily details of Five-O." He took a deep, shuddering breath and wiped the tears from his eyes.  He looked around at the mourners before he continued.


"But I am told that Five-O will live on in Steve's memory.  Dan Williams has returned and will take over as head of Five-O as he had promised Steve that he would." He was silent for a couple of seconds as he glanced over at a silent grieving Danny.  "Aloha, Steve.  I'll miss you, my friend."


The Governor stepped back from the gravesite and moved to stand close to Danny.  He laid his hand on Williams' shoulder for a couple of seconds.


Suzy Kelly stepped forward to say goodbye.  "I once told Steve that I had always thought of him as one of our family.  I meant that.  He's been there for me since my father died.  He wasn't pleased with my choice of a career, but then I really didn't expect him to be.  He's been more like an Uncle to me, someone I could turn to for advice and help.  I love you, Uncle Steve.  Aloha." Suzy laid her lei on the coffin and walked back to join her family.


Others paid homage to McGarrett.  Then Kono Kalakaua stepped forward to speak.  "Today, we say 'Goodbye' to a very special man.  A very old and dear friend.  Even though I left Five-O back in the early seventies, Steve and I remained good friends.  I've loved and respected him.  He's the best cop I've ever known." Kono's voice broke then.  He stopped to wipe away the tears and to take a couple of deep breaths before he could continue.


"We'll miss you, Steve.  Aloha bruddah." Kono removed his lei and laid it on Steve's coffin.  He bent his head for a few seconds then walked over to stand by Danny.


When everyone had left except for their friends, Jenny came to say goodbye to Danny.  She bent down and gently hugged him close.  She tried to speak and found she couldn't cause she was so choked up and the tears were falling.  Other friends spoke to him and then left.  Kana pushed Danny's wheelchair the gravesite and left him alone.


Danny removed his lei and laid it on Steve's coffin.  He took a deep breath before he could speak.  "I already miss you, more then I can say.  We've always been there for each other, and now you've gone and left me alone.  I don't know if I can go on without you, Steve, but I'll try.  I'll make you proud of me.  Aloha aikane.  I love you, Steve."


Kana returned to Danny's side and took a silent Danny back to the hospital.



The next day at the hospital, Danny met with Duke and Kono and the three of them discussed Five-O's future.  He told them about his discussion with Steve in Los Angeles, when Steve had come to make peace between the two of them.  Steve and Danny had discussed personnel then; Suzy Kelly, Kimo Kalakaua, Nephi Hilton, and Mack Wolfe.


Danny looked at both of his friends.  "I always hoped that Kimo would join Five-O.  What do you think Kono? Would he be interested in coming to work here?" Kono looked thoughtful for a few seconds.  "How do you feel about it, Kono?"


"I'm all for it.  Maybe this is just what Kimo needs right now,” Kono replied.


"What do you mean?" Danny asked.


"Last year Kimo lost his partner in a gunfight.  He hasn't been the same since.  Maybe a change of scenery will do him good," Kono explained.


Danny nodded.  "I was surprised to learn that Steve was considering Suzy for Five-O, Duke."


"Steve's been calling Suzy in to help us out more and more this past year."  Duke went on to explain that Suzy was turning out to be a damned good cop.  "Really living up to her dad's standards." Duke added with pride and a smile.


Doctor Kulani came in just then.  "It's time for you two to leave.  Danny needs to rest.  You can come back later to visit him." After his friends left, Danny felt for the first time since Steve's being murdered, that maybe he could go on without him.


Then as Danny started to fall asleep, he felt a familiar strong grip on his shoulder.  The feeling only lasted for a couple of seconds, but nonetheless it gave him a warm feeling of security through him as he fell asleep.



             Deadly Courier

­              Long Walk On A Short Pier (written by Gina Martin)



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