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Reminder Time



By Betty Kouba



Everyone has been made aware that there is something going on with Dan Williams.  The Five-O team is not sure what it is or how it got started, but the word on the street was that Authors of the stories are being nice to Dan Williams.  The results of this begin nice are having its effects and outburst of problems with the rest of the team and HPD, who now have to deal with.



The Five-O office was quiet for the moment, everyone but Duke and Chin were out doing various tasks.  Jenny had gone out to lunch with her latest boyfriend.  There was a rumor around the office that her latest was the one she was thinking of leaving the department for to get married, but the team could not get a straight answer out of her.


Dan had been hungry and asked several people in the office to have lunch with him but they all declined.  They all gave him reasonable excuses but the truth was due to the past couple of weeks of injuries occurring to anyone that went out with or was just around Danny.  No one wanted to take a chance of getting hurt during their lunch hour.  Under normal working conditions, they would have to put up with it but not on their lunch hour.


Steve was the brave one that decided to go out to lunch with his second-in-command about an hour ago.  Steve didn’t believe any of the authors were out to get him, so he believed he would be safe to go out with Danno.  Little did he know there was an author out there looking to take him on.


Chin looked at Duke saying, “You know this being nice to Danny by the various authors is something else.  Anyone going out with Danny has been a in position of getting hurt lately from the Authors needs to do harm to Danny.”


“Yeah I know, but the question is how nice are they going to be to Danny?”


Chin just puffed on his pipe because he just didn’t have an answer for him.


“Any way, does everyone else need to get hurt in place of Danny?  It’s just not fair.”  Duke was a little wary about doing out with Danny until this writing event was over.


“I heard that Dan is still going to get hurt but just not physically and what some of those authors are going to be doing with him you would not believe.”  Chin relit his pipe looking around wondering who was getting hurt in place of Danny today if it was not him.


Duke was a little edgier then normal too because of the unusual good luck that Danny was having.


*Cars blowing up and if someone is in the car with him, they were hurt to the point of ending up in ICU or taken away in the meat wagon.  Going on a simple interview with Danny someone got shot and there were other incidences but Danny always walked away in perfect health without even a scratch or bruise.  Danny cloths have been destroyed but there was not even a cut on him anywhere.  He was caught in a fire and there wasn't even a burn mark on his muscular body.  Even his curly blonde hair was perfectly in place after getting into a hand-to-hand combat situation.*


“You know Chin, I’ve been wondering if I was going to get hurt instead of him but so far I’m still in good shape.  There was that near miss the other day, the car tire was destroyed but we both didn’t hurt from the car hitting that tree.  Personally, I hate to say this,” Duke could see Chin thinking about it, “until this run of super good luck has passed, I plan to stay as far away from Danny as possible.  The next time I could get killed.”


“I agree, until those authors get back to their normal treatment of Danny none of us are safe.  But how do we tell Steve this?”  Chin knew that they couldn’t tell Steve because that is what team members don’t do.  They will have to manage to deal with this problem for just a few more weeks then things would get back to normal around here.


They both heard footsteps approaching the office door.  Normally this would not bother either of them but this being nice to Danny was playing on their nerves.  They watched as the door started to open and they both jump in anticipation of who would enter and in what condition.  They heard a noise other then footfalls outside the door as it opened to admit Steve, all in one piece with and what looked like blood right between the eyes. Danny was no where in sight.  They both wondered if it was over.  Is it time for the authors to get back to their normal use of torture for each team equally again.  There was a smile on their faces until Danny walked into the office all in one piece with a smirk on his face.  “Damn,” both Chin and Duke said under their breaths.


“Steve, it wasn't my fault,” there a laughter to Danno voice saying for the twelfth time since coming into the building.  “You still have some lipstick on your forehead.”


“Yeah Danno, I know.”  Steve shook his head taking his handkerchief out of his pocket again.  “It’s not your fault that author Terri, what’s her last name again, came over to me as we were getting out of the car downstairs and planted a kiss” Steve wipes the blood red lipstick off his forehead, “right between my eyes.”


Danny started to laugh again at the image of the Terri grabbing Steve and kissing him for no reason at all.  “I told you to look watch out for her and her last name is Whitman.”


“Yeah Danno, I know, I know, all those authors are being nice to you but this Whitman wants to comfort me because you are getting all the attention this month.”  Steve notices the looks of relief on both Chin and Dukes faces, “Are you gentlemen on vacation?”


Both of them went their separate ways saying, “NO, no we getting back to work.”


Steve and Danno headed for their own offices and back to the deadly game of getting through all the paper work on their desk today without another paper cut.


Chin turns to Duke, “At least Steve’s luck is holding up better then a lot of other peoples.”


“Yeah it is, only one Steve’s fan broke through to get to him this time.  You know Chin it would have been funny to see Terri grabbing Steve for that kiss.”  Duke laughed at the image of it knowing how many times she has tried to get through without success.


“I heard that gentlemen.  Can we now get back to work.”  Steve slams the door shut and the three-team members started to laugh at what happened to Steve down in the parking lot.


Chin and Duke were sitting at their desk wondering, “Is It Over Yet?” when they heard a unusually sound coming from Steve’s office.


Then the door opened with Steve on the run, there were three ladies chasing him and his jacket was in pieces, first there was Annette, followed by . . . .

End of the First Reminder

“Yeah it is, only one Steve’s fan broke through to get to him this time.  You know Chin it would have been funny to see Terri grabbing Steve for that kiss.”  Duke laughed at the image of it knowing how many times she has tried to get through without success.


“I heard that gentlemen.  Can we now get back to work.”  Steve slams the door shut and the three-team members started to laugh at what happened to Steve down in the parking lot.


Chin and Duke were sitting at their desk wondering, “Is It Over Yet?” when they heard a unusually sound coming from Steve’s office.


Then the door opened with Steve on the run. There were three ladies chasing him and his jacket was in pieces.  First there was Annette, followed by Kathy with Daisy standing in the door way.  Daisy stood there for a moment before closing it and returned to the couch to wait for Steve’s return.


Steve made a dash for the door only to be blocked by John Manicote, who was coming into the Five-O suite on crutches with a busted foot.  “Hello Steve, is Danny around?”


Steve had no time to talk to John because the ladies were hot on his trail.  Steve got around John by spinning him around making him lose his balance and landing hard on his butt.  Steve headed for the one place he knew he would be safe at least for a few minutes, the men’s room.  “So much for my remaining safe in this time of ‘Being Nice To Danno.’  There must be an author out there somewhere that has it in for me.” 


Gets into the men’s room, Steve locks the door, then leans against it to caught his breath.  In rush to get to a safe haven he did not notice which doorway he went through when he discovered, Bonnie just washing her hands.  I’ve had it now.  Damn it, I’m in the ladies room.



Back in the office John Manicote was getting up off the floor with the aid of Kono who was coming back to the office.  “What happened to you John?”


“Danny happened.”  John stated as he headed towards Dan’s desk.


“Where do you think you are going Mr. Manicote?”  Deana inquired in a sour mood.


“I’m going to speak with Danny if you don’t mind.”


“Will I do,” Deana puts up a hard front, “I heard what you told Kono.” Deana raised her finger to point towards Kono going to his own desk.  “Why are you blaming Danny for what happened to you?  It is not fair, he wasn’t even there when you fell down the stairs at the DA’s office.”


“For your information, Danny was there just before I fell down those stairs.  Who ever pushed me was after him.” John tried to get passed Deana but she only moved in his way again.  “Who are you any way?”  John demanded to know.


“I’m a friend of Danny’s and you can’t blame him for your accident.  How do you know the person was not after you for putting one of their relatives in jail?  Will?”  Deana was mad that everyone wanted to blame Dan Williams for all their accidents during this ‘Be Nice To Danno’ month.


With that question, John had to rethink the possibilities of the fall. It was possible it was not Danny’s fault, but with what the amount of injuries going on around Danny, it was a possibility the person was really after him.  “You may be right about that.”  John turned and left the offices heading back to his own office to finish putting the finishing touches on the case he was working on.


Dan came out of his office to come face to face with Deana.  “Thanks Deana, I really appreciate that.  Everyone has been blaming me for whatever happening to them.  I like this injury free month, but it’s playing major havoc on my nerves.”  Danny puts out his hand to shake hers.


Deana see the hand, knowing she wants something a little more in the way of appreciation.  She takes his strong hand and puts it around her waist.  Then she puts her arms around Danny’s neck to pull his lips down to met hers.  She finally gets that long awaited kiss that she has been wanting. 


Danny returns the kiss and puts his other arm around her body to take her into a tighter embrace.  As the kiss ends, Deana melts away back to her own little reality trying to figure out how to get Danno off the mountain in which every state there is a mountain for him to get lost on.


Kono came over to Danny after Deana disappeared, “Bruddah, how do you do that?”


“It’s like this Kono, after giving the fan what she wants, they disappear back to their own little worlds.”  Danny smiles, “It is kinda nice to have women come after you for a kiss and hug but sometimes it's a bummer, especially if Catie finds out another fan got through the lines again.”


Kono headed back to his desk, “Bruddah, my lips are sealed.”  Lucky guy, I wish a few of those fans would come through for me.


Danny heads into Steve office to find a case file that they were working on earlier only to find two ladies sitting on the couch talking.  “What are you two doing in here?”


“Waiting for Steve to return.”  Meg and Daisy replied in unison.


Danny walks over to the ladies, “Sorry ladies, but Steve is out of the office and if you want to wait for him you will have to wait in the proper waiting area of the office.”  Danny goes to help both ladies off the couch and then shows them the way out of Steve’s office.  “Chin?”


“Yeah Danny.”


“Would you keep an eye on these ladies for a little while, they managed to get into Steve’s office without anyone knowing about it.”


Chin gives both Daisy and Meg a hard look then shows them where to sit.  “I suggest you ladies wait here until Steve returns.”  Chin thinks to himself between Danny’s and Steve’s female fans showing up, how are we supposed to get any work done.


Danny goes back into Steve office to find that case file and get a little peace and quiet.  The phone rings, “Williams.”


“Williams, Where is Steve?”


“Governor he’s out of the office at the moment and I’m not sure where.”  Danny thought to himself, will it is the truth, he is out of the office and I have no idea where he is hiding.


“Find him and get over to my office immediately, there is an emergency that needs the two of you to take care off.”


“I’ll find him Governor and we will be over shortly.”  Danny hangs up the phone, “Where am I supposed to start looking for him when his fans are after him again?”


Before Danny heads out of Steve’s office he closed and locked all the windows, then left the office locking Steve’s door as will.  Danny sees Jenny coming back into the office, “Jenny, those ladies over in the waiting area are waiting to see Steve.  I have locked up his office to make sure no else gets in there without his knowing about it.”


“Okay Danny.”


“The Governor just called looking for both of us to see him, now I have to go find Steve and then get over to the Governor’s office.  I have no idea where to look for Steve.”


“Try the ladies room,” was Jenny’s reply.


“The Ladies Room?” was the echo through the office.  “What is he doing in there?”


“I think he headed for the men’s room and went into the wrong door, because there are couple of ladies outside the ladies room trying to get in, plus I heard Steve trying to keep another woman off him in the ladies room.”


“Now what do we do Danny, to get him out of there?”


“I don’t know Duke, but we need to think of something.”  Danny, Duke and Kono head out of the office and down towards the ladies room to rescue their boss.


End of the First Reminder


To be continued…… 



I plan to finish this story, but it may be a little while.  I will let you all know when I continue.  If you have any suggestions how the story should continue, I would very welling to hear those suggestions.








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