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Diane Maher




Later, after having dropped everyone off at the Ilikai, Chin returned to the Five-O office. There was a note on Steve's desk from the Governor. He wanted to speak to him as soon as possible. Despite the hour, when Chin called the Governor's residence, he was still awake. He gave him a report of the events of the last week. It had been a crazy week thus far, he noted when he had finished his brief oral report to the Governor.


"Please keep me informed during the investigation, Chin."


"Yes, sir."



Over the next few days, Napoleon, Steve and Hogan were released from the hospital. Rudolf Freiberger had been released to their custody and was being held over at HPD, pending his questioning. Steve had a feeling that since he had been betrayed by Wo Fat, that he would be more than happy to give him full details about the Chinese agent's activities with regards to this incident.


During their investigation over the next several days, they found that Freiberger had a son currently living in West Germany. McGarrett obtained help from Interpol to have a search made of this man's residence there. They found a letter that Freiberger had sent to his son which explained his actions. He read one copy of the letter, which had been translated from German to English. It gave the details of all that had been done to try and ruin both Robert and Karla Hogan and the reasons why. When Steve showed a copy of the original letter written in German to Karla several days later in his office, she realized just how much Freiberger truly hated her and blamed her for the death of his wife and brother.


She looked at Steve and said, "What's done is done. He will blame me for it as long as he lives, I have no doubt about that."


"But, he will be in prison for the rest of his life for the deeds that he ordered done here and did himself in England and in Europe. I spoke with Interpol and one of their men is here in the outer office now."


Hogan looked at Karla with a worried expression on his face, then at the door as it opened. Now, he had to deal with the fact that Interpol wanted him.


The man, who entered, asked, "Steve McGarrett?"


"I'm Steve McGarrett."


"Due to your investigation, the arrest of Rudolf Freiberger, along with the evidence uncovered in West Germany, plus the additional information provided by the head of MI-6, Robert Edward Hogan is no longer a fugitive wanted by Interpol," he said as he noticed the presence of Hogan in the chair in front of McGarrett's desk. "You are free to return to England at any time you wish."


"Thank you." A relieved look came over his face as the Interpol man tore up his wanted poster, then left.


"What about me?" Karla asked as she turned back to face McGarrett. "Am I free to go or am I under arrest for the murders committed here?"


"We found out about the two weapons stolen from you while your family vacationed on Kauai in 1955 and suspect that the gun used in the murder here is one of those same weapons. Also, the gun used in the murders in Europe and England is suspected to be one of them as well. We checked out the exact time your plane arrived and compared it with the estimated time of the murders at the base."




"Napoleon and Illya met you as you came off the plane, corroborated the time of your arrival and from there to the base, you were with them all the time. We also checked with the London police who informed us that you had reported a dagger matching the one found in the other victim was stolen from your residence a week prior to your arrival here. There's no possible way that you could have killed these two people. You are free to go as well."


Karla was so relieved at hearing that, she replied in her native German, "Danke, Herr McGarrett."


"If there's nothing else, we would like to go home. It's been an exhausting week," Hogan said as he and Karla stood to leave the office.


"I'll bet. I'll have Chin take you back to your hotel. Do you need anything else?"


"No, Napoleon and Illya will be accompanying us as far as New York, but thanks." Hogan held out his right hand. "Thanks for everything."


Steve shook Hogan's hand, "You're welcome. Aloha."




The couple then turned and went to the outer office, where their daughter was talking to May, Steve's secretary, at her desk.


"Is she bothering you?" Karla asked.


"No. She's simply adorable. Is she your child?"


"Yes, she is. Come, Karla, it's time to go," Karla replied. As she held out her hand, her daughter walked over to her and the three of them left the Five-O office.


Chin noticed May's wistful look after the family left the room. She had never been married and had no children of her own. "She's beautiful, isn't she?"


"Yes, Chin. She is," May replied sadly. It was times like this that she regretted not having children, then, the phone rang and she was back to business as usual. He followed and took the Hogans back to their hotel.



Later, on the flight from Los Angeles to New York, as most of the passengers, including Napoleon and Illya, were asleep, Hogan asked Karla in German, "Why don't we surprise Napoleon and Illya by dropping by their office before we leave for home the day after tomorrow?"


"I think that would be a nice surprise. Speaking of surprises, I hope your parents aren't too surprised by our sudden appearance," she replied, also in German.


"I hope so, too." But he knew that his parents always enjoyed seeing any of their grandchildren under any circumstances.


He looked over at Karla a minute later and saw that both she and their daughter were sound asleep. As he looked at her, he remembered her initial fear of visiting his family. At the time, the war had only been over for just under a year and there was a lot of anti-German sentiment, in England, Europe and America. A month prior to their wedding, he had returned home to tell them about his upcoming marriage. They asked about her and he told them that she was a refugee. Only his sister Abby knew the truth. At first, they were stunned at the thought of him marrying a German, but one who had been a refugee, had really surprised them. He assured them that he truly loved this woman and this had eased their fears slightly.


The real test had been the first face-to-face meeting which didn't occur until several months after they were married and she was expecting their first child. After all, they were still his parents and would be this child's only living grandparents. Talking to them on the phone had been easy enough for both her and them, as the Atlantic Ocean separated them. They got to know Karla during the week they came to visit and realized that she wasn't a horrendous person because she was German and they accepted her. She had been immensely relieved when he had told her this the second night they were there because she had been nervous as well.


Upon their arrival at the New York airport the next morning, Hogan contacted his parents, informed them of where they were and how long they would be there. An hour later, they arrived at the train station in Bridgeport, Connecticut, where they were waiting for them. They spent the day with them and early the next morning, Hogan and his family left once again for New York, this time, to visit Napoleon and Illya at UNCLE headquarters before leaving for England later that morning.


When they entered Del Floria's tailor shop, young Karla asked, "Where's Illya?"


Hogan asked the man behind the pressing machine, "Excuse me, we're looking for either Napoleon Solo or Illya Kuryakin."


As they looked around, the receptionist noticed the visitors waiting in the shop on her monitor. She called Mr. Waverly to look at the monitor in his office. He recognized the MI-6 agents and told her to contact Del Floria to allow them to enter. Shortly, they arrived at her desk. She gave the three of them visitor badges and indicated for them to walk down the hall to the elevator. When the elevator stopped, they walked down the hall until they arrived at Lisa Rogers' desk.


She asked, "May I ask whom you are here to visit?"


"We're looking for Napoleon Solo or Illya Kuryakin," Hogan replied.


At that instant, Mr. Waverly came out of his office. "Well, to what do we owe the honor of your visit?" he asked with a hint of a smile as he escorted them into his office.


"We wanted to surprise Napoleon and Illya before we return home," Karla replied.


"You'll certainly do that! I'll have my secretary Lisa inform them to report to my office on their arrival. You can wait for them here and have some coffee and donuts if you like."


"Thank you," Hogan replied. There was coffee, milk and donuts on the tray on the table. Hogan poured two cups of coffee and one cup of milk, before sitting between his wife and daughter at the large conference table in the office.



Mr. Waverly briefly left the office and said, "Lisa, don't say anything about our visitors. They wish to surprise them."


"Yes, sir," she replied with a hint of a mischievous smile. "I'll inform them now. They just arrived."


Lisa went to the office that Napoleon and Illya shared and entered.


"Good morning, Lisa," Illya said good-naturedly.


"Good morning, Illya." She looked at Napoleon, who had a glum look on his face, "What's eating him?" she asked.


Illya chuckled, then replied, "He's upset that I'm 'Uncle' Illya and he's not 'Uncle' Napoleon."


"I am not!" Napoleon exclaimed indignantly, then changed his mind, "Yes, I guess I am."


"Oh." She assumed it was a private joke between them. "Well, Mr. Waverly wants both of you in his office right away."


They followed her to his office. As they entered and saw who was there, each had shocked looks on their faces.


"What are you doing here?" Napoleon asked Hogan.


"We were visiting with my family in Bridgeport and we decided to visit you here before we left to return to England later this morning," Hogan replied with a smile.


Suddenly, Illya had a young girl charging towards him. "Uncle Illya! It's good to see you again!" young Karla exclaimed as Illya squatted down and she hugged him.


"I should be jealous," Hogan commented with a smile. "She seems to have taken a liking to you, Illya."


"Um, yes. I see that." Illya felt immensely uncomfortable and Napoleon had that look on his face again. He would never live this down if it got out of this office. Mr. Waverly smiled.


Karla whispered in Illya's ear, "Let go of me so I can go give Uncle Napoleon a hug."


Illya suddenly had the biggest smile on his face, "Okay," he replied, then let her go. She went over to Napoleon and motioned for him to come close to her. When he did, she gave him a hug. The look on Napoleon's face made Illya wish he had a camera. Come to think of it, I do! One of those really small ones, he thought devilishly. He quickly pulled it out of his pocket and snapped off several shots without his partner noticing.


"Thank you for saving me from that mean man in Hawaii, Uncle Napoleon."


"You're welcome, Karla. You're a brave girl, did you know that?" Napoleon said, suddenly embarrassed, then released her.


She blushed at that comment, but nodded her head anyway. She went over to where Hogan was sitting and gave him a big hug to show that she wasn't playing favorites. "I figured that if I didn't hug you too, dad, you might get jealous."


Hogan and everyone else laughed at that. He hugged her and said, "No, Karla, I won't get jealous."



They left to return to the airport shortly after this and later that night, they were back at their home in London. When the mail arrived the next day, there was a letter for Hogan from New York and a box for Karla from Honolulu. When she opened it later that night, she found the stolen dagger along with a note. It read:


We cleaned this up after doing all of the required tests and photographing of it for our records. When we spoke to the London police, it was found to have been stolen from your residence and matched all the records you provided to them. I thought that since we were finished with it, it should be returned to its rightful owner.


Steve McGarrett, Hawaii Five-O


"What is it, love?" Hogan asked.


"McGarrett returned the dagger that was stolen from here. There's a p.s. at the end of the note," she replied.


"What does it say?"


"It says that Freiberger has been extradited by the British authorities to be tried for the murders of the six MI-6 agents he confessed to. Plus, the boss made arrangements for my file to be sent to him."


"I suppose that now it's his turn to pay for his crimes," he commented as they went downstairs to replace the dagger back to its place in the case, which they had had repaired before they left for Hawaii.


She nodded. "I'm just glad our family is safe."


"Thanks to the work of many people, our lives and those of our children are safe," Hogan said quietly as he took her in his arms and kissed her passionately.


"Yes, I'm very grateful to them as well," she responded when they separated. "What's in the envelope you got from New York?"


"I don't know." He opened it and there were several pictures of their daughter hugging Napoleon. There was also a note from Illya:


I thought you might like a memento of your trip to UNCLE headquarters. Besides, it's blackmail for me to use on Napoleon in the future. If he thinks he can get rid of all of the copies of this picture I had made, he's sadly mistaken, especially if you have several over there.


Illya Kuryakin


He laughed at the note and the expression on Napoleon's face in the picture and showed it to her. Napoleon was certainly embarrassed. Illya would never let him live it down. They could almost hear Illya laughing with that thought as they finished reading the note.


That night, they checked that everything in their house was secure, all the doors and windows especially as they prepared to go upstairs. They then checked their children's rooms as they went down the hall to their room. Everyone was safe and secure. As they entered their room, Karla sighed in relief.


"What is it?" he asked.


"Nothing, it's just good to be home again. I'm ready for a good night's sleep in our own bed."


"Yeah, me too."






Authorís note:  The characters from Hawaii Five-O, The Man from U.N.C.L.E. and Hoganís Heroes belong to others.  I wrote this story for fun and no copyright infringement is intended.  All other characters are my creations.  Please do not use them without my permission.







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