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Diane Maher



Meanwhile, the two officers returned to their car. As they drove back to the Five-O office, Steve said, "I want their phone tapped and I want someone to follow them if they leave that hotel and go anywhere."


"Okay, Steve, I'll set it up.”  Chin shook his head, “It's hard to believe that she was a member of the SS. I always thought that they were all men, and nasty ones at that. She seemed nice enough when we met the other night."


"Yes, she did, but we can't be taken in by a pretty face on this one. It's far too important to find out who is after these intelligence leaders."


"Yeah. Did you see that look he gave you?"


"I saw it. If I were in his position and she was my wife, I suppose I would be angry as well." He couldn't help thinking that the SS had been monsters who had been capable of every atrocity known to man during the war, but said nothing to Chin. *It didn't matter what the package looked like, she had been in the SS. Then, he suddenly realized how prejudiced his thoughts had become. Since when is that enough to convict a person of murder?* His sense of justice was asking him.


"You know, I suddenly feel like I'm not being objective," he commented as they waited for a red light.


"What? It's not like you to make a comment like that, especially about yourself."  Chin was surprised at this comment.


"Yes, I know. You know what else is bothering me?"


"No, what?" Chin replied. "What do you think I am, a mind-reader??"


He chuckled. "No. It's just these two murders. How convenient that the weapons left at the scene of each crime had a perfect set of fingerprints on them!"


"Like someone wants us to investigate those prints, find the information that we did and jump to the conclusion that this woman is the killer just because her prints are on the weapon and that she is an ex-SS officer, right?"


"Right."  Chin agreed. "Yeah, I can see where that would bug you, but what are we going to do about it?"


"We are going to check out their story thoroughly. They supposedly just arrived here the other night. I want you to check with the airlines from here to London on the path they took. Did the stewardesses remember seeing these people? Do we have his picture?"


"No, but I think we can get a copy of one with both of them from the Diamond Head base surveillance cameras. I'll check with Jonathan on that when we get back to the office. The stewardesses are a long shot, Steve."


"I know, but I won't let my prejudices get the better of me in this case. Besides, it's our job to investigate every angle of the case and do it objectively.  No matter what our personal feelings may be."



Shortly, they arrived at the Iolani Palace, headquarters of Hawaii Five-O. He made the arrangements to have the two MI-6 agents watched.


He then called Jonathan Kaye at his hotel. "Jonathan? Chin Ho Kelly."


"Hello, Chin. What can I do for you?"


"I need to get a photo of two people off the surveillance camera tapes at the base. Is it possible to get it done today?"


"Yes. Whose pictures do you need?"


"The two agents from MI-6."


"Oh." He was curious. "All right, I'll see that it's done as soon as possible.”  He made a note to himself.  “Will you be in your office later?


“Should be,” Chin replied.


“I'll call you there when they're ready and you can come to the base and get them."


"Okay, thanks." They hung up.



Later, as he briefed Duke Lukela, another member of the Five-O unit, about the agents he was to conduct the surveillance on, his phone rang.  “Kelly here.”


“Chin? Jonathan.  I’ve got the photo you wanted.  I’m coming into town and I’ll drop it by your office.  Okay?”


“Fine.”  They hung up.


Shortly, an officer brought an envelope addressed to him.  When he opened it, he found two copies of a picture of the couple.  “Duke, here’s a picture of them.”




The phone tapping order was arranged and it was set up in his office. A call was placed shortly after that. A British man answered at the other end.


"Robbie?" Hogan asked.




"We're going to be here for at least another three days.”


“Why is that Hogan?”  Robbie sounded worried but tried to keep it from his friend.


“Robbie, is there a problem with the kids? Do you need us to send some more money to cover their expenses?" Hogan’s fatherly instincts told him something was going on.


"No. I'll let you know what you owe us when you get back. I dropped by your house to make sure all was well. There haven't been any more break-ins."


"That's good to hear." He noticed that his friend seemed nervous. "Are you sure everything is all right? You sound nervous."


"Yes, I'm sure."


"All right, 'bye," Hogan replied and hung up.



Chin was surprised to hear that there had been a break-in at the agents' home in Britain. He made a note of that on his notepad. “I wonder if anything was taken from there?”


He left to go to the airport to trace the path the Hogans took from London to Honolulu.



Meanwhile, the couple left the hotel. They drove a rented car and as they pulled out of the hotel's garage, the brown, unmarked car of Duke Lukela slowly pulled out and followed them. Shortly, they arrived at a hospital, parked and went in. Duke parked and followed them in. He wondered what they were doing here.


They were just getting on an elevator when he called, "Hold the elevator!" and rushed in. "Thanks."


"You're welcome," the man he recognized from the photo as Robert Hogan replied.


Soon, the elevator stopped and they got off. He followed, just before the doors of the elevator closed. He hoped he wouldn't be noticed. The couple hadn't been introduced to anyone at Five-O except Steve and Chin, so he didn't think they would suspect him of being a tail, unless he did something stupid.


They entered a room with two police guards on it, he noticed. He signaled the closer of the two officers to come speak with him briefly. The officer recognized Duke as one of the members of Five-O.


"Who's in that room?" Duke asked.


"The head of MI-6. Those people are two of their agents," the officer replied.


"I know. All right, thanks." Duke left and stood by the stairwell, yet he could still see the door of the room from here.



In the room, Hogan said, "I just spoke with Robbie before we came here and I think there's something wrong at home."


"You never said anything about that before!" Karla exclaimed quietly.


"No. Neither did I say anything about us being followed here," he replied just as quietly.


"What's been going on?" Alastair Covington asked. He is in his late fifties, tall, with gray eyes and dark hair that was now mostly gray.


He calmly explained what had happened since their arrival and of the police showing up at their hotel suite with Karla's SS personnel file. "I think someone may be trying to frame Karla for murder."


"Why?" Alastair asked.


"I don't know. The only thing we've got going for us right now, is that these killings at the base where the meeting is being held took place before we arrived here. However, I'm beginning to have my doubts about whether the police are even considering that." He made the last remark bitterly.


"It sounds like they are jumping to conclusions. Whatever happened to a person being innocent until proven guilty in this country?" Alastair asked.


"Good question. I had the same thought when the two officers showed up at our hotel room. They practically convicted Karla on the spot, which really made me angry. They asked for our weapons and we gave them our guns, which I'm beginning to regret. I'm sure they're checking us out thoroughly now."


Alastair nodded. "You're right about that. However, we know you're innocent and can account for your whereabouts on at least the day of these murders. If something happens, we'll see to it that you get out of this country, one way or another."


"Thanks," the Hogans replied together.


"The doctor said I was going to be released tomorrow and that I should return to England immediately. If someone is trying to frame Karla, perhaps that would be best, I can look into things there and check on Roberts' family and your children. You can continue to attend the meeting here in my place, providing they're still allowing you to go and besides, if you are under suspicion by the local police, then I doubt you would be allowed to leave anyway, at least by any normal means of transportation."


"I wasn't going to say that, but you took the words right out of my mouth," Hogan said.



Steve went into his office and called Che Fong, "Che? I have two weapons here at my office. Will you take the fingerprints from them and run them through the system?"


"Sure, Steve. I'll be right over."


Shortly, the forensic expert arrived to take the weapons to the lab. "Will you send a copy of those to England and West Germany, along with this information?" He handed him a piece of paper with two names and an address in London on it.


"Okay, Steve. I'll also send the prints to Interpol to see whether they flag anything in their files."


"All right."


Meanwhile, his men had been investigating the background of everyone attending this meeting. So far, zip on any of them. He convinced Jonathan that he needed to know about the recent activities of the two men who were murdered. He discovered that each had recently been to England. That was the only connection they had between the victims and anyone attending the meeting. It was starting to look bad for Karla Hogan. All the evidence or theories they had up to now, pointed to her. Of course, there is their claim that they arrived just after the murders happened. Any intelligence agent would be able to fake that easily enough, he thought. As he left his office for the night, he was beginning to wonder if she might not be guilty after all.



The next day, the phone rang in his office and Steve picked it up. "McGarrett."


"Jonathan Kaye, Steve. Can you come to my office immediately?"


"Sure." They hung up.


Steve was just leaving the office when Chin arrived. "Chin, I'm going to Diamond Head for a meeting with Jonathan. I'll be back later."


"Okay, Steve. By the way, nothing came of checking the stewardesses. They see so many faces that it really was a million to one shot," Kelly replied, then went to his desk where he began his day by checking the log for any calls to or from the suite at the Ilikai. He had an officer monitoring this recorder all night. The officer would have made a note in the log had there been any calls made, but there had been none. *Do they suspect that they are being observed and tailed? * he wondered.



When he arrived at Diamond Head crater, he was escorted to Jonathan Kaye's office immediately.


"Good morning, Steve. Please have a seat," Kaye began.


He sat in the chair Kaye indicated. "What's going on, Jonathan?"


"I was just going to ask you the same thing. What's going on in this investigation of yours? And why did I just get this from a friend of mine in Army Intelligence in the Pentagon?!? He said that some fingerprints you sent pulled this up."


"What is this?" Steve asked as Kaye handed a manila folder to him. He looked at it and saw the words top secret in bold letters on the tab, along with a name. It read, "Brigadier General Robert Hogan, USAAF, Retired." Steve looked at Kaye, his eyebrows raised. "May I?"


"Yes, my friend.  He was surprised when this crossed his desk. And not at all pleased with your request for a copy of any information that either set of prints you sent to Washington might pull up. I convinced him that if you had asked for it, there was a damn good reason for it. There had better be. You owe me one, Steve. A big one. I had to call in a couple of big favors to get a copy of this sent here."


He opened the folder and read the contents. He was surprised, but didn't let it show on his face. There was indeed more to this man than what met the eye. Hogan had been interned in a German POW camp during World War II and had led a sabotage and espionage operation from within that camp, right under the Germans' noses deep within Germany?? He certainly had guts as well as nerve. You would have to in order to do something of that magnitude in that situation, he imagined. "Amazing."


"Yes, I thought so, too, when I read it. On top of this, the man had quite a distinguished military record." Shortly, the phone on the desk rang. Kaye picked it up. "Okay, let him in and see to it that he's escorted here," he replied, then hung up. "Chin Ho Kelly is on his way in. He said that he's got something that just couldn't wait for you to return to your office."


Shortly, Chin entered the office with a folder. "Steve, this just came over the telex from Interpol. A report on those fingerprints you had Che send to them."


"Uh, oh, I guess somebody did have something on Karla Hogan after all." Steve commented as Danny handed him the paper. When he finished reading the information, he looked at his friend with an amazed look on his face. "Are you sure this is right?"


"Yeah. I'm sure. That's why I thought you should see it immediately."


"What is it?" Kaye asked.


"It's a fingerprint match for some prints Che took off the MI-6 agents' weapons. There was a murdered man in England with a weapon of the same type used by MI-6 with the prints of one Robert Edward Hogan on it found next to the body. The investigation of the dead man showed that he was also a member of MI-6 as well, although he had recently retired. I wasn't expecting a development like this. So much for a distinguished military record," Steve commented.



What Hogan couldn't see at the other end of the line, was the gun pointed at his best friend's head or the man who wielded it. The man who had the gun against Roberts' head was satisfied when he received a call informing him that the appropriate information had been forwarded to their agents in Interpol the previous day. Then, he had a thought and asked Roberts, "How many children do the Hogans have?"


Roberts was surprised by this question. Before he considered answering it, he looked at the three children across the room and knew that he couldn't admit anything to this man about Hogan's children. His wife was visiting her sister who lived in Scotland and wouldn't be back for several weeks and couldn't refute anything he said. He wondered how much this man knew about Hogan's family. "I don't know. It's been a while since I've seen them," he lied. He hoped the children kept quiet. He suspected their survival depended on their ignorance.


"You're lying!! My source informed me that they stopped here on their way to the airport the other day!" the man snarled.


Robbie thought, Oh, no! Have I just killed all of us? I'll never forgive myself if something happens to the children!


"Never mind. I'll have someone find out for me -- and whether there are any recent photos of them." He looked over at the three children on the other side of the room, then at the picture on the wall above them. He noticed that only one of the children was in the picture.


"So, who do we have here?" the man asked young Karla.


"My name is Abigail," she said, giving him her middle name and shyly backing away from him. Her parents had always told her to tell the truth, but she knew this man was bad and figured that that didn't apply to anything she told him. She was terribly afraid of this man, but tried to stay calm.


"Don't be afraid of me, little Abigail. I won't hurt you or your friends here," he said in a soft, cajoling voice.


He watched the performance that Karla was putting on for this man and hoped that Robert had managed to get help from the police and soon. It was clear that this man, whoever he was, was after Hogan and if Robert hadn't left to notify the police the instant the man had forced his way into the house, the man may have seen his resemblance to his father and just taken him and tried to blackmail Hogan using his son as a hostage. As it was now, their daughter and younger son were in peril. He was afraid for them all at this point, but the man seemed to be satisfied with her answers. Soon, he heard several cars pull up outside. The man stood and looked out the window. A strong light hit him in the face and a man bellowed over a bull horn, "You, in the house, you are surrounded, leave your weapons behind and come out with your hands up!"


Freiberger grabbed the girl and stood her on the chair as he pointed his gun at her head, in clear view of the police outside, then opened the window, shouted, "Leave here now, or the girl dies!" and quickly closed it again. He knew that there was still a way out via the roof. He had a helicopter standing by and that it would arrive in fifteen minutes.



The boy saw his sister in the window. "Sir, that's my sister."


"Is there any other way into the house?" the police lieutenant asked him as they appeared to be contemplating the demands of the man holding the hostages in the house.


"Yes, there is. It's an old tunnel that leads into the basement. We discovered it by accident one day while we were playing in the basement several years ago."


"Can you show us the entrance to this tunnel?"


"Yes. It's out of sight of the house, behind some bushes. In fact, Mister Roberts covered it with a board soon after we found it until he could fill it in. However, he never got around to filling it in. He put bushes and that fence all around it so the children wouldn't accidentally fall into the hole." He started over there and several of the police officers followed him.


"Here it is," he indicated as he lifted the board slightly. Two of the officers cut the wire fence surrounding the bushes and moved the board aside so they could enter the house unseen.



Freiberger saw the officers outside holding their ground so he pulled Karla back from the window, put a gag in her mouth and began to tie her up. The man and the two boys were already bound and gagged. He pulled a weapon from his pocket that fired sleep darts. He borrowed it from a recently deceased Thrush agent who had tried to enter his home in West Berlin. After he finished tying up the girl, he took this weapon and fired it at Roberts and the two boys. The girl screamed, but the scream was muffled by the gag.


"Be quiet!"


The girl stared at him wide-eyed. She then looked at the others in the room. Shortly, he heard whimpering. He reached over and turned her to face him. She was crying. He then shot her with a sleep dart and carried her to the roof where the helicopter had just arrived.


Nearly fifteen minutes had passed since the police arrived on the scene. He handed the girl's limp form to the man in the rear passenger section of the helicopter, got on board himself, closed the door and the helicopter left the area. One of his men, already on board, gave him a newspaper photo of the girl from a photographic competition she had recently won. It showed her name was Karla Hogan. Next to her in the picture was her mother, Karla Hogan, but he recognized her as being Karla Hoffman, the object of his vengeance. He looked at the sleeping child next to him on the seat. I've got my pawn now! This child will be my bait to get Karla Hoffman out into the open where she is vulnerable! Their next stop was the airport, where he arranged a little trip for them.


That night, as they were on the plane for the last leg of their trip to Honolulu, he was looking at some pictures of his late wife, Andrea. She was beautiful, the best thing that had ever happened to him before the war.


As he was looking through the pictures, he came across several that were quite painful for him to look at. Mostly, this pain was derived from the pure hatred he held for one person in them. Karla Hoffman had been Andrea's best friend from childhood. She and Karla had been in the same SS unit commanded by his brother before and during the war. She had been the maid of honor in their wedding and his brother, Friedrich, had been his best man. Their wedding picture showed the four of them together.


After the war, however, Andrea and Friedrich had decided to make money by dealing in military secrets. They had done quite well -- or else he couldn't have financed this venture now -- but they had been caught by eight MI-6 agents in a sting operation in West Berlin. They were subsequently tried for espionage. He had attended their trials and due largely to the testimony of her so-called friend Karla Hoffman, they had both been convicted. Shortly thereafter, they were executed. His heart became heavy once again as it did when he found this picture as both his brother and his beloved wife were now dead. And all because of her!! he thought angrily.


When he had photographed her leaving the prison where the executions had taken place, he had vowed to destroy the life of Karla Hoffman any way he could. He could taste the vengeance in his soul. At that time, he had been stationed in Hamburg, West Germany, as an agent for the East German KGB and hadn't been allowed to attend his wife's execution, by order of his superiors. Nor had he truly wanted to. But, he had waited outside with a camera and taken pictures of everyone who left the prison shortly after the executions. Of the MI-6 agents attending the executions, only two still survived. He would see to either their deaths or to making their lives a living hell. What Wo Fat didn't know, was that he had taken care of the six MI-6 agents himself and had seen to it that the weapon was left at the scene of the sixth and final murder. This is too important to me to be left to some hired gun to screw up!


His son was going on twenty-four. Before he had embarked on this personal vendetta, he wrote his son a letter, explaining why he was doing these things. He had concluded it by saying:


Your mother's and uncle's souls will finally be able to rest in peace when I have completed the task I have outlined to you above. Do not hate me for it, I truly loved them both and was enraged that they were taken from us so callously.


Your father, Rudolf.








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