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Diane Maher




A week after the theft of the dagger, when she and Hogan arrived at MI-6 headquarters for work on a rainy, February day, they were immediately called to the office of the man who was the second in command of MI-6. They were admitted upon their arrival.


"I just spoke with Jonathan Kaye of the CIA. There has been an accident at this meeting of the heads of all the western world's intelligence services in Honolulu. A bomb exploded and one man was killed and the boss was severely injured and is recovering from his injuries at a local hospital. There is too much going on all over the world right now and I am sending the two of you there in my place as I need to coordinate the actions of our agents worldwide right now," the second in command of MI-6 said.


"Here is a picture of Jonathan Kaye and a list of people who are attending this meeting. Here are your plane tickets. You'll be leaving on the noon flight to New York, then you will have a connecting flight to San Francisco. From there, you'll go to Honolulu and arrive at approximately 11 p.m. I would suggest that you leave immediately and get packed for the trip."


"All right," Hogan replied after they looked at the list and the picture of the CIA man, who he recognized and then returned it to him.


She called their friend James Roberts from her office before they left to return home. He was a retired RAF officer. He and his wife Susan had been friends of hers since she had arrived in London from Germany in 1943 and friends of Hogan's since before the war. They had two children whose names were James and Sharon. Each were a year younger than their first two children.


"Robbie, do you mind if the children come and stay with you for a while? We're both being sent to a meeting in Hawaii and we're to leave at noon today."


"No, I don't mind. Susan is off visiting her sister in Scotland with our daughter Sharon and James and I would enjoy the company." He liked the Hogan children and his son always liked it when they were around.


"Thanks. I know it's awful short notice," Karla said with a grin.


"You're welcome," Robbie replied, happy to have the kids again.


They left the building and drove home where their children were just waking up for the day.


"I thought you were at work?" their son Robert asked as they entered the house.


"Yes, we were. But your father and I have to go to Hawaii for a meeting," she replied.


"Must be some meeting! Imagine going back to Hawaii!"


"It's not a vacation this time," Hogan commented as he pulled their luggage out of the hall closet.


"Take care of yourself and your siblings while you're at Uncle Robbie's house." She took the empty luggage up to their room so they could pack.


Shortly, young Karla and Andreas noticed that their parents were home and packing. "Where are you going?" her daughter asked with a yawn as they walked into their parents' room. Andreas gave his mom a hug.


"Hawaii," Hogan replied as he swept his daughter off her feet as though they were dancing. She threw her arms around his neck and planted a big kiss on his cheek.


Karla saw this, crossed her arms over her chest as she leaned against the door frame and remarked with a smile, "If you're trying to take him from me, you're out of luck, he already surrendered his heart to me a long time ago.”  She said with pride, “Robert, I still can't believe we've been married for thirteen years."


"Neither can I. It feels like it was only yesterday to me," Hogan replied after putting young Karla down. Both children started to help him pack.


"You know, it does to me too." She walked over to him, slid her arms around his neck and kissed him passionately.


It was Friday morning and the children's tutor hadn't arrived yet. In their line of work, they found it easier to educate their children in this manner due to their crazy schedules and having to travel as much as they had over the years. However, it was rare that both of them were called out of the country simultaneously. Hogan slowly came down the steps about forty-five minutes later with their luggage.


She was in the study, writing one note for the tutor and another note for their friend, James "Robbie" Roberts to pick up the children later today after the tutor had finished and what time that would be. She also included some money to cover for any expenses they incurred during their absence. He and his wife had done this in the past for them and all the kids always enjoyed themselves. She was amazed at how the time had flown by and that two of their children were almost teenagers. They were fairly self-sufficient -- unusual for their age, but she was glad.


On the way to the airport after the tutor arrived later, they stopped by Roberts' house and gave the envelope to his son, who answered the door.


"Give this to your father, will you, James?" she asked as she handed the envelope to the young boy.


"Yes, ma'am. I will."


Karla turned and walked back to the car where Hogan was waiting. She looked back and waved to the boy, who returned her wave, then closed the door. She got back into the car and they headed for Heathrow Airport.



About half a block behind them, Wo Fat's black car followed slowly. He was contemplating recent events in Hawaii and these agents' sudden departure, when his car stopped. As the Hogan car pulled away, his driver accelerated to follow. He made a note of the address where they stopped. They made no further stops prior to arriving at Heathrow Airport. These two agents were the ones most likely to be sent to the meeting according to his sources as they were two of the organization's most experienced agents. Everything is proceeding according to my design, he thought as he smiled.


To the man in the front seat, he said, "Find out where they are going." To the man next to him, he said, "And you get on that plane and stay with them. Call me when you arrive at their final destination," he said and handed him enough money to purchase tickets around the world if he had to and a phone number where he could be reached. Due to the recent events he had so carefully arranged in Hawaii, he suspected that was their final destination. "Welcome to my parlor, the spider said to the flies." He would contact his man at the meeting and have him continue with his mission at tonight's meeting, which was to begin in approximately 12 hours.


The two men entered the airport and followed the Hogans. They found that they were on the noon flight to New York and the one man purchased a ticket for the flight. Upon arriving in New York, he followed them to their next flight, San Francisco. He purchased another ticket and followed them there. Upon their arrival in San Francisco, he purchased a ticket to Honolulu. He hoped this was their final destination.


About 11 hours after they left London, they arrived at Honolulu International Airport. As they left the plane and entered the terminal, two men walked up to them. The Chinese man backed off as he saw they had obviously reached their final destination. He would continue to observe them at a distance until he knew where they were staying.



"Well, well, well, if it isn't Robert and Karla Hogan," Napoleon commented as the two British agents came off the plane. "They only told us that we were to meet two MI-6 agents."


"Napoleon Solo and Illya Kuryakin, what a welcoming party," Hogan replied with a smile as he shook hands with the two UNCLE agents.


"We're here to take you to where the meeting is being held. There are some people you need to meet. We'll have just enough time to stop at your hotel, allow you to check in and drop off your luggage."


"All right."


A short while later, they retrieved their luggage and were on their way first to the Ilikai Hotel to check in and drop off their luggage. Then, they went to the base where the meeting was being held. On the way there, Illya spoke to Karla to get to know her better as he hadn't really had time to talk to her in England in 1955.


"Are you married, Illya?" Karla asked, not remembering about the marriage restrictions of UNCLE.


"No. As field agents, we're not allowed to marry."


"What a shame, I'll bet there's a lot of broken hearts out there."


Napoleon smiled as she said this. "He wouldn't notice it if there were. Mister Business-before pleasure here is a workaholic."


Illya ignored his partner's chiding and asked, "Do you have any pictures of your children?"


"Yes," Karla replied and pulled out a picture and a flashlight and showed it to him. "Our sons, Robert and Andreas will be thirteen and eight, respectively and our daughter, Karla will be eleven. All of their birthdays are later this year."


"They're nice-looking children."


"Thank you. We think so, too, but we're prejudiced."


"You've every right to be."


When they arrived at the base, they saw several ambulances and police cars lit in the beams of the car's headlights.



Meanwhile, the Chinese man checked into the Ilikai, went to his room, pulled the piece of paper from his pocket and called Wo Fat.


"Sir, their final destination was Honolulu, Hawaii. They are staying at the Ilikai. Shall I continue surveillance until you arrive?"


"Yes. I will make arrangements to come as quickly as I can," Wo Fat replied, then hung up.


He then called Freiberger to inform him of the latest movements of his targets.


"Guten Morgen, Herr Freiberger," Wo Fat began.


"Wo Fat, I hope you have some news for me."


"Yes, I do. The couple have arrived at their final destination, Honolulu and are staying at the Ilikai."


"You will follow them, of course?"


"Yes. I will make the arrangements momentarily. Before they left, they stopped at someone's house in London," he said and gave him the address.


"Good. I have to deal with something before I join you there." His agents had found that they did have children, although his people were still looking for current pictures of them. He decided not to risk another break-in at the Hogan residence as that could raise the suspicions of the police.


He thought it was odd that the German was planning to go to Honolulu, but said nothing of it to him.



"I wonder what happened now?" Napoleon asked as they pulled up to the base's entrance.


"Good question," Hogan commented as they walked into the base shortly after Napoleon parked the car.


On their entrance to the base, they were met by Alexander Waverly who immediately escorted all of them to a room where they could rest briefly after their long journey.


"Mr. Waverly, this is Robert and Karla Hogan of MI-6. What is going on here?" Napoleon began.


"We've had another murder here while you were gone. This time, someone was stabbed using a rather unusual knife," Waverly responded and extended his hand in greeting. "Nice to see you again. It's a shame it isn't under more pleasant circumstances. This is Mr. Jonathan Kaye of the CIA," he said as another man entered the room.


"We've met. Hello, Jonathan."


"Hello, Robert," Kaye replied. "It's been a while."


Karla recognized the CIA man from his photo. Just then, another man walked into the room. Kaye introduced Steve McGarrett, head of the special police unit known as Hawaii Five-O to the newcomers. McGarrett is a tall man with a lean, athletic body.  He looked like he was thirty-five, with short, dark hair and blue eyes and was dressed in a black suit and white shirt.


"We're in the process of completing the investigation. We have the murder weapon and have pulled a set of fingerprints that we're having checked now."


Chin Ho Kelly entered the room and McGarrett introduced him to the newcomers. Kelly, an oriental, was stout and shorter than McGarrett, with short, dark hair, brown eyes, dressed in a tan suit and a white shirt. "Steve, there's been another killing. A man was just found shot in another part of the base. The weapon was left next to him. I caught Che Fong and the lab boys just as they were about to leave. They're on their way to check out that area as well. This time, it was the head of the FBI that bought it. Che will check the gun for fingerprints and the slug from the body to determine whether it was the murder weapon."


At this point, McGarrett sat in one of the chairs and asked, "Who wants to kill these intelligence leaders?"


"Who knows? Maybe it's personal," Hogan commented as he sipped from a cup of fresh coffee, "but I doubt it. Sounds like someone from a rival intelligence agency."


"You don't sound like a Brit," McGarrett observed.


"I'm from Connecticut originally. I was stationed in London just before the war. When the war ended, I decided to stay in England."


McGarrett suspected that there was a lot more to this man than met the eye, but it wasn't important at the moment, so he didn't worry about it.


Jonathan Kaye informed them that the meeting was canceled tonight and tomorrow night as a result of the two murders. The UNCLE agents took them back to the Ilikai, where they could get some sleep after their long trip that day.



When they returned to their suite, they unpacked their belongings and Hogan went to get some ice for the glasses. Karla, meanwhile, called Roberts' home as it was almost 12 p.m. London time.


In London, the phone rang at Robbie's house. In her note, she had said that one of them would call upon their arrival at their hotel.


"Hello?" Robbie answered the phone.


"Hi Robbie. It's Karla."


"The two of you obviously made it there in one piece."


"Yeah, I thought I'd call and give you the number of the embassy here in case of an emergency. We left so quickly, that I didn't get a chance to look it up."


Karla gave him the number of the British embassy in Honolulu, the information of what hotel and room they were in and before hanging up, said, "Please give a copy of this information to Robert, will you? Just in case something happens to you so he knows how to get a hold of us?"


"All right. Anything else?"


"Tell the kids we said hello."


Robbie asked, "Will you be calling again?"


"We'll try. I don't know how long this meeting is supposed to last."


"All right. Don't get too much sun while you're there. Good-bye, Karla."


She laughed at that comment, "'Bye, Robbie," then hung up.


Hogan had returned by then and handed her a glass of ice water and they relaxed for a few minutes before retiring for the night.


"We'd better go to the hospital and see how the boss is doing," Hogan commented as he crawled between the sheets clad in his white cotton pajama pants.


"Yes, we'll have plenty of time to visit him today," she commented as she sat on her side of the bed. It had a dark blue blanket and white sheets on it. He turned off the light and slid his arm around her waist. She had changed into a black silk negligée.


"Karla, will you give me a back rub? I could really use one."


"All right. Roll onto your stomach." She turned around and found he already had. She straddled him and began to knead and massage his shoulders and back.


He relaxed, then exclaimed, "AAAAHHHH!!!!"


"Did I hurt you? Or is that just one of those really sore spots?"


"No, it's just one of those really sore spots." When she finished a few minutes later, she lie next to him and he pulled her close and kissed her passionately, then continued in a deep, sensual voice, "Thanks. I needed that."


"Mmmm..., hmmm... You're welcome," she replied as he pulled her to him and rolled onto his back. His arms were wrapped around her and he slid one hand up through her hair, gently pushed her head towards his and kissed her softly. The other one drifted slowly down her back to rest on her butt.



When they woke the next morning, as he watched her dress, he thought, *She's still in good shape after thirteen years and having three children.*


She looked over at him and smiled. She put on a blue aloha dress.


He then crawled out of bed and put on some white shorts and a blue aloha shirt.


"Are you ready to go to the hospital?"




They left after consuming a light breakfast in the hotel restaurant. As they drove to the hospital, they discussed what had happened and the possible reasons why. On their arrival at the hospital, they were informed that no visitors would be allowed to see the boss for several days yet as he was still in critical condition. They returned to the hotel and relaxed by lying out next to the pool for a while to get some sun.



Meanwhile, the night before, Chin Ho Kelly was with the investigating team on the other side of the base. Che Fong had found a nice set of prints on this weapon as well. The body was removed by the coroner and the forensics team left the scene with their evidence and Kelly's orders to find out who the fingerprints on each weapon belonged to. *Maybe they would luck out this time. Yeah, right,* Chin thought as he went to find Steve. It had been an unusually long night for the men of Five-O.



Che Fong took the weapons to the lab and performed the usual battery of tests on them the next morning after taking samples of all the fingerprints present on the weapons. Perhaps they had lucked out this time. He was able to pull a complete set of four fingers and a thumb off of each weapon. That's strange, he thought. It was a million to one shot that that would happen, especially on two different weapons taken from two bodies in the same vicinity on the same day.


He took the fingerprints and sent them to the police labs to see if they could find a match as well as sending a copy to the Feds in Washington. He also sent a copy to the West German police since the knife had a German phrase engraved into the blade. Along with a photo of the knife, he requested any information they could supply about it or the prints.  Asked for the information to be sent to Steve McGarrett's office and gave his office's address and telex number.



Steve McGarrett received a telex from West Berlin the next day. He read the letter, but only glanced at the picture and didn't recognize the person in it. At the time, they were busy investigating the people attending this meeting trying to determine whether there were any connections between them and the victims that would suggest a motive for their murders. Upon arriving at his office the next morning, he found a package on his desk and began to open it. Chin Ho Kelly arrived while he was opening the package.


"What's that?" Kelly asked.


"I don't know. It's from West Berlin," McGarrett replied as he pulled the contents out of the package. It contained a copy of a file. "The telex, I received yesterday was a letter accompanied by this picture and name." He handed it to Chin who read the letter, which was from the head of the West German police. The knife they had in their possession was described in the letter, the picture was the person whose fingerprints matched those they had sent and the letter also informed them of the file they had sent.




"It's a copy of an SS personnel file. They sent it in regards to our request for a fingerprint identification," Steve said as he opened the file.


The letter described the file as belonging to an SS officer. The woman in the file's picture was nice looking, he noticed, but then read that she had been a colonel in the SS. Her name was Karla Hoffman. The letter didn't list any outstanding warrants for her arrest, he noted.


"It looks like we've got ourselves an ex-SS officer to deal with, Chin. The knife we found in the man the other day is an SS dagger," Steve said, then handed the folder to his colleague.


Chin Ho looked at the file briefly then studied the picture. "Doesn't she look familiar?"


"You know, I was just thinking that myself. I can't say where just this instant, but I would swear that I've seen that face recently. It says in the letter that she vanished from somewhere in the southern part of Germany in 1943 and hasn't been seen since."


"Hmm.... Strange, how this should happen now, with all these intelligence leaders here. By the way, is that meeting still going on?" Chin asked.


"Yes, from what Jonathan told me, it would be extended for several days due to the murders." Suddenly, he realized where he had seen this woman. "That's it!" he snapped his fingers.


"What's it?"


"I know where I've seen her! We just met her the other day. She's one of the MI-6 agents! Do you know where they are staying?"


"No,” Chin replied, “but I believe our friends at UNCLE would since they took them there the other night. Will you call Napoleon at his hotel?"


"Yes," as Steve picks up the phone.


Shortly, the two officers were on their way to the Ilikai. Steve brought the file from West Berlin with him. He wasn't looking forward to this, but it had to be done. *What if Hogan doesn't know about her past? * he thought grimly. Soon, they arrived at the hotel and went to the desk in the lobby.


"I'm Steve McGarrett of Hawaii Five-O," he began as he showed his badge to the man at the desk. "What room is Robert Hogan in?"


"He is in suite 1777," the man replied after he checked his records.


"Thank you. Come on, Chin."


McGarrett and Kelly went to the elevator, up to the seventeenth floor, then down the hall to their suite. Steve knocked on the door. He heard footsteps then Hogan opened the door. He was surprised to see the two police officers standing there.


"Gentlemen, please come in," Hogan said. He was dressed in white shorts and a blue, short-sleeved aloha shirt.


They entered and found Karla sitting on the couch in the living room. She was dressed in a blue aloha dress. Hogan sat next to her and McGarrett and Kelly sat in the chairs on the opposite side of the coffee table. Steve casually placed the folder on the table in front of Hogan and stated, "We have some new information about the murders yesterday. This folder contains the identity of the person whose prints were found on both weapons used in those murders. Please look at it."


Slowly, Hogan picked up the folder, opened it, scanned it, closed it and asked, "What about it?"


"We believe this person is in Hawaii now and attending this meeting. This file came from West Berlin." Hogan and Karla glanced at each other. McGarrett saw this, but said nothing. He then turned to Karla and said, "Please look at the contents of the folder."


Hogan handed it to her, she hesitated for a moment and thought, Oh, no! She then slowly opened the folder and saw her picture there.


"Is this you?" Steve asked.


She couldn't deny the evidence of her SS personnel file in front of her. "Yes, this is me," Karla admitted softly as she closed her eyes, then the folder and McGarrett took it back from her. She put her face into her hands in shame of what she had once been.


Hogan put his arm around her, "She isn't wanted for anything, is she?" he asked as he held her. She was trembling. Between themselves, his family, their friends and the people at MI-6, she had reconciled her past. However, to the rest of the world, the members of the SS were still considered to be evil monsters, not to be trusted for any reason.


Steve thought by her reaction that perhaps she had never gotten over what she had been all those years ago and pitied her. *What a terrible burden to carry with you the rest of your life,* he thought. McGarrett looked at Hogan sympathetically. "No, but like I said, her prints were found on the gun and the knife used in the two murders yesterday. We can't allow you to leave the islands," he replied softly as he looked at Karla, who had now put her hands back into her lap and was looking at them.


He couldn't condemn her, no matter what she had once been, the law didn't permit it. She would be treated the same as any citizen while she was here in America. Steve couldn't hide his facial expressions, which belied his emotions regarding what she once had been. They had heard the horror stories about what the SS did in Europe during World War II. Steve had served in the Navy's Pacific fleet during the war. Chin Ho Kelly’s face was little different. He had helped out in Honolulu during the war as a civilian volunteer.  Karla briefly looked at Steve and Chin's faces before she turned back to Hogan.


Hogan held his wife and the expression on her face told him that she feared for her life. He could see she was terribly afraid of what they would do to her now that they knew about her past and saw the revulsion in the officers' eyes despite their attempts to hide their feelings. He was gently stroking her hair when he asked, "Is she under arrest?" He felt her body become tense in his arms when he asked that question and pulled her close to himself to try and reassure her that no matter what happened, he would be there for her.


McGarrett considered his question carefully, "No, but I would like it if you both surrendered your weapons to me now."


"All right," he replied as he surrendered his gun and indicated that she should do the same. Karla slowly pulled hers from her purse. He reasoned that it would be better if they complied with the officer's demands for the moment.


McGarrett pulled out two plastic bags, labeled them with their names and used his pen to slide them into the bag. Watching him do this, Hogan realized that they were both under suspicion and now had the feeling that someone was trying to frame them like something hanging in the Louvre. *Whatever happened to a person being innocent until proven guilty?* he thought angrily as he glared at McGarrett.


"How much longer will this meeting you two are attending last?"


"It has another three days to go, with everyone being interviewed for your investigation."


"All right, we'll be in touch," Steve replied curtly as he and Chin stood, then left the suite, closing the door behind them.


After they left, she put her head into his shoulder and cried. "What do you suppose will happen? What will they do to me?"


"Shhh... I don't know, my love," he replied as he held her and gently rubbed her back.








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