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Challenge Time

Winter 2001


Here is a new challenge for your consideration.



This time it is a Crossover Challenge.  What is new about a crossover story? You may wonder, nothing much.  There have been a number of crossover stories, and each of them has been enjoyable to read.

is time, you get to write a crossover story with regards to using any other Police or Detective shows that you may wish to use.  The major catch to this challenge is you cannot use any shows that have been used before as a major component of this story.  If it is a secondary part of the story, it is acceptable but a New Show Source needs to be used as the primary source of the crossover.

The shows that CANNOT be used are

Shows Used

The authors that I remember
doing the crossover

Gilligans Island



Peg Keeley

Island Son

Gina Martin

Magnum PI

Gina Martin, Cindy Kimura

Man from UNCLE

Gina Martin


Gina Martin and Linda Maclaren

One West Waikiki

Gina Martin and Linda Maclaren


Gina Martin

Remington Steele

I’m the Guilty Party – along with Nancy Eddy

Six Million Dollar Man

Gina Martin

Star Trek


The Brady Bunch

Cindy Kimura

The Muppets

Cindy Kimura

The Sentinel

Linda Maclaren and Gina Martin

Tour of Duty

Gina Martin



 What is open for possible use is

A Team

Lois and Clark aka Superman

Andy Griffith


Adam 12


Arrest & Trail

McMIllian & Wife

Barnaby Jones

Miami Vice

Barney Miller

Mod Squad


Murder, She Wrote

Burke’s Law

Perry Mason


Police Woman

Charle’s Angels



Quantum Leap


Rockford Files

Diagnosis Murder

Scarecrow and Mrs. King


Starsky and Hutch

Ellery Queen

Streets of San Francisco

Hill Street Blues


In The Heat of the Night

The Rookies




What a list?  And it could be longer but I think you get the idea.  If you have another show in mind to crossover with, that is fine too.  Like I said, the catch is, if you use a crossover that was used before, it must be a secondary crossover to the new crossover show source.

You well notice some of the shows that are listed currently on television or were on after Hawaii Five-O went off the aire.  Consider this point. 

In Diagnosis Murder, Dr. Solan is an doctor close to his retirement age.  In the 1970’s Dr. Solan would have been a younger version of himself with young children.  Thus, he would be able to crossover as that younger doctor visiting Hawaii.

Another show that could crossover into Hawaii Five-O is a show that was on before Five-O aired.  Were the main character of the “Burke’s Law” could easily have continued his career.  Thus Captain Burke could have gone to Hawaii for his honeymoon.  When Burke’s Law came back onto the aire a few years ago, he had a grown son and he was a top official officer in the LA Department.  Resulting in continuing his career while Five-O was on the aire. 

This crossover can be a full story, which would be great.  The other alternative is a confrontation between one of the many characters of Five-O and the other Police Show, such as, Detective Joe Friday having a conversation with Steve McGarrett.  If you go with this idea, we will need some kind of lead into the confrontation, so we know what the basic situation is about.  Just picture Jack Vs Jack (LMAO). 

Enjoy your writing and I can’t wait to get the results.

 I will permit some sexual content in the story but it CAN’T be a graphic sexual act.  I think we all know how the act goes, plus there are minor’s that read the Five-O stories.  I would like to keep the stories fun and enjoyable.

 I will post the result after St. Patrick’s Day.

 Please email the stories to me at  Yes this is another one of my email address.  I’m this one here because it will help to sort out the challenges from the rest of my email.


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