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Betty Kouba





The long sleek highly polished golden colored Lincoln Towncar stretch limo arrived in plenty of time at the airport.  It’s driver, Officer Charming, stood patiently and silently at the car’s side as he watched the four people walk towards him.  He had driven Chief Williams to the airport to pick up Lady Caterina and her old friend Amos Burke and his son, Peter.


This was not the first time Officer Charming had driven for the Williams.  He knew that Chief and Lady Williams often used this car for formal or very special occasions.  The Burke’s were very special friends of the Williams and rated special treatment upon their arrival to Honolulu.


Standing a bit straighter and giving a quick salute, he opened the back door to the limo for the Williams and their guests as they approached the car.  As the Williams’ and their guests got in the back, he placed the luggage in the already open trunk.  Quickly he moved back to the passenger side of the limo, closed the passenger door then walked over to the driver’s door.  After he settled behind the steering wheel, he started the powerful engine and drove out of the airport parking lot towards the freeway.


As they rode down exit to the busy H-1 Freeway, Caterina couldn’t keep her eyes off her friend seated next to her.  She noticed how silvery his hair had become and how handsome he had become with age.  Without turning back to her husband, she wondered if his hair, which was slowly turning sliver, would become this attractive with the passage of time.  * I hope Dannya's blonde hair turns to this wonderful shade of silver white? * she silently wished to herself.


"What's wrong Caterina," Amos asked when he realized she had been looking at him for so long.


A light blush came to her cheeks as she smiled coyly.  "I was just noticing how handsome you’ve become over the years, Amos.  No wonder the ladies are still chasing after you," Caterina said teasingly.


Impishly the older man smiled as he leaned closer to Caterina.  "Should you be saying such things about another man with your husband present," Amos replied with a twinkle in his eyes giving her hand a gentle and affectionate squeeze.


Caterina quickly looked from Dan then back to Amos, her face expressing the deep radiant love and contentment she felt towards the only man in her life.  "It’s better if it is said in front of my husband than behind his back," she replied as she took Dan’s hand, which immediately started a round of laughter.  "Dannya knows how much I love him and he knows, for me, that there is no other man handsomer nor is there any another man who could hold my heart the way he does."


Content and assured that Dan fully understood her love, Caterina leaned over and placed a kiss on Amos’s cheek as she finished her affirmation.  “Just the way your wife stills holds your heart," she finished off as she leaned back into Dan's arm, which he had lovingly and protectively placed around her shoulders.


"Have you always been that honest, Caterina?" Peter inquired.  His only memory of her as a younger Caterina from years ago, very full of life, playfulness and not so openly blunt.  He remembered the long visit she and Dan paid to his father’s house when he was a rookie for Los Angeles Police Department.


"Yes Peter, my wife has always been that honest about a great deal of things unless there is a reason for her to bend that truth," Dan replied with pride as he answered Peter's question.


Caterina snuggled contentedly closer to Dan.  She was very proud at the moment to be Dan's wife and the wife of Hawaii Five-0's Chief.


"Tell me Danny, are you like my old man?  Going to crime scenes in high style by using this stretch limo to get there?" Peter asked with a kind of laugh to his question.


Both Caterina and Dan broke into laughter at his question.  "No," Dan replied, "I only use the family limo when the boss lady here says I have no choice.  Otherwise, I use my business car or the normal family van when I’m with the kids."


"Oh sure, blame me for that, what with all those high level affairs that we have to attend, Dannya," Caterina teased him.


"Then you just use the car issued to you by the State of Hawaii?" Peter stated, his mind full of questions as he began to compare this man with his father, who rode around in style just because he had the means too.  He also knew of officers who tried to put his father down for it.  It was a well known fact that the legendary Amos Burke had worked his way to top through hard work in the Los Angeles Police Department.


"The only time I have a problem with him is when he manages to sneak out of the office without someone at his side.  That’s one of my biggest issues I have with him and it’s a disagreement we have both as a husband vs. wife, or as Chief vs. Deputy Chief," Caterina said in a wifely tone.


"Oh yeah, it’s a lovely little agreement that never seems to end.  It started the day I said 'I do' and took this woman for my wife," Dan replied in a teasing tone at the same moment reaching down with his hand to tickle her side playfully.


The window between the driver seat and the back opened up, "Excuse me, Lady Williams where are we heading?" Officer Charming asked now that they final cleared the airport traffic.


"My husband's office, Charming.  Thanks," Caterina replied.


“Yes Ma’am,” Charming replied as he closed the window behind him.  He knew when the Williams would want their privacy and this was one of those times.  He enjoyed this assignment when it came around because the Chief was easy to drive for.


"Why Catie?" Dan asked questioningly raising his eyebrow at her instructions.


"For one thing, I have a very demanding boss who wants everything done yesterday.  In addition, I need to check on a few things, such as finding out if all the Chiefs have checked in and check on the status of some testing that has been requested.  Plus I have an interview with a cadet this afternoon about a problem he’s having," Caterina replied in a matter-of-factual tone but one also filled with immense pride.


"All right.  All right, I get the picture," Dan quickly responded because he knew his wife would list additional items if given the chance.


"Besides Dannya, this will give you the opportunity to show off your office and staff to Amos and Peter," Caterina told him.  "I shouldn't be more then a hour or so.  Then we can drop of the Burke's off at their hotel.”


Dan knew how much Caterina wanted to show off the Five-0 office suite to her old friend and the pride she felt in designing it for him.  He remembered her stating before the convention had started that ‘there would be no private tours of the Five-0 office area.’  Moreover, he knew Amos was her only exception to this rule, even when she made the statement.


Dan couldn’t really blame her for this exception because he knew how much his wife has admired Amos for years.  This man had been one of the few men that Caterina had a relationship with and from this relationship a deep friendship had developed, which was still there to this day.  At no time did he feel any need for concern or any jealously towards this man from his wife’s past.  He could feel jealous when it came to other men from his wife past, but Amos was not one of them.



Some recruits were running along the side of the parking area doing a five-mile run as the limo pulled up in front of the Five-0 office complex located within the Academy grounds.  Neither of the Williams’ paid very little heed to runners, which were made up of several women recruits but they did notice that the sex of several of the runners did spark the interest of their youngest guest, Peter.


"Caterina had mentioned to me that the new Five-0 offices were attached to the Police and Fire Academy," Amos commented as he watched the growing interest his son was showing in the female recruits.  He saw the need to redirect his son’s attention elsewhere, so he put his hands on his shoulders and gave him a light push towards the front door of the Five-0 offices.  "Shall we go in," he said as he gave the officer holding the door open for them a polite nod of thanks.


Dan hung back with Amos and Peter whose attentions were kept busily looking about the interior of the lobby area, while Caterina continued on a short distance to the reception desk.


HPD Desk Sergeant Joseph had seen them enter the lobby and snapped to attention, "Afternoon, Chief Williams, Lady Caterina."


"Afternoon Joseph.  I need a couple of visitor passes to the Five-0 office please," Caterina requested as she acknowledge him.


"Sure thing Lady Caterina," Sergeant Joseph said as he pulled out the passes.  "Would your guest please sign the register book?" he said as he turned the book towards them and handed the senior member of the team the pen first.


Amos smiled at the unspoken recognition of seniority as he took the pen and then Peter signed in as requested.


Dan stayed back to give his wife a chance to reap in the honor of the moment.  While he waited for formalities to be taken care of, he noticed that Carl Wise, his newest detective, had signaled him.   Taking that moment to make his get away he headed down the hall toward his office, quickly and quietly.


After proudly clipping on the ID badge on Amos’ jacket lapel, Caterina turned around to notice that her husband had disappeared.   "Leave it to that my husband of mine to pull one of his disappearing act," she commented with an obviously false sense of frustration as she escorted their guest around the offices.  She knew he was aware that she really wanted to do it and that he wouldn’t have left unless it was necessary.


Both of the Berkes followed Caterina around the various parts of Five-0 suite where she proudly showed off the unit and the work she had done to create the new office complex for her husband, the Five-0 Chief. She showed them the interrogation and conference rooms, the various work areas were and the tour ended at the Chief’s office, where they found Dan deeply engrossed with in an intense discussion with someone on the phone.


Dan had seen them enter and held up a finger indicating he would be a few minutes longer before he returned his full attention back to the caller.


Caterina understood the signal and knew this would be her chance to get her needed items done she referred to earlier.  With a smile of appreciation, she winked at him and patted the back of one of the chairs.  "Why don't you two have a seat here while I go to my office to check out a few things," she suggested as she walked over to the connecting closed door to her office that led to the various sections of the Academy complex.


After she opened the door, she looked around her office area and found everything in order.  On her desk was a large pile of folders and some additional paperwork.  There was also a note taped to her computer screen from Deputy Chief Ground requesting she call him.  Since the note didn’t indicate any urgency, she set it aside as she checked in with the various officers who were part of greeting committee for the incoming guests for the convention.  She was relieved to fine that only four of the visiting chiefs and their families hadn’t arrived yet she found out, so she assigned an officer to find out what their ETA would be.


Finished with her various items that needed to be checked out, Caterina reached for the phone just as it started to ring.  The unexpected ring made her jump in her seat before she answered the phone.  “Deputy Chief Lady Caterina, Hawaii Five-0.  May I help you?” she said in her normal business tone, but slightly annoyed that she couldn’t complete her task.


“Deputy Chief Lady Caterina, this is Deputy Chief Ground from the Montana State Troopers,” he announced officially.


"Hello Deputy Chief Ground, how are you on this fine afternoon?  I was just about to return your call," Caterina said in her normal friendly manner when Ground cut her off.


“Lady Caterina, I’m sorry to inform you that Chief Ted Olsen was killed in the line of duty,” Ground said with a quiet pain in his voice.


"WHAT?  When, how, WHY?" Caterina demanded to know, her voice becoming louder and more demanding with each question before Ground could continue.


“Last evening, the Chief stopped by a small deli for a couple of sandwiches for dinner for himself and his sons, when he walked in on a armed robbery in progress.  The Chief managed to shoot one of the perks but unfortunately he didn’t see the other one in time.  As result, he was shoot by the second robber.  His partner Louisa was with him and saw the second perk and shoot and mortally wounded the one that murdered the Chief.  The perk that Louisa shoot died on the operating table.


“The perk that the Chief shoot is under rest and prison section of the hospital.” Ground gave the general details and took a deep breath before continuing, “Chief Olsen had left instruction should anything happen to him.  He asked me to inform you personally of the hows and the whys.  If I couldn’t get you this time, I would have spoken to your husband Chief Williams and given him the information to relay to you.  That was also part of my instructions.”


"Thank you for calling Ground.  There is one more thing before you go.  Have you called his parents yet?” Caterina inquired in a quieter tone.


“Yes.  His sister-in-law is coming here to get the boys and go back to Hawaii with the body.  She said his mother is to ill to make the trip to Montana and his father wouldn’t leave her alone,” Ground replied with a voice that was starting to crack at his effort to maintain a business like manner.


“Ground, it’s all right.  We will all miss him.  He has spoken highly of you of the last year or so.  Let the tears flow . . . they will help.  If you need to talk to someone, you are welcome to call me at my home.  Ted would most likely have the number in his telephone listing, if not, I will give it to you,” Caterina tried to comfort this man she only heard about, but it didn’t matter, he was a brother of the line.


“Thanks for the offer, Lady Caterina.  Ted spoke highly of you as well.  I do have you home number alone with a lot of other numbers that I have spent have the day calling in Hawaii.  This job is hard enough to do in person for a fellow officer but it’s hard on the phone, plus it feels so cold to do this way,” Ground could barely about speak now.


“When you have the details of when Ted will be coming, let me know,” she requested, the anguish and pain from the news could be clearly heard in her voice


“Your welcome.  We are unsure of what happens in the next couple of days, but . . . I will let you know when I get the details,” Ground said.


Caterina didn’t wait for the click at the other end before she smashed the receiver down on it cradle.  In her despair and anger still unsatisfied, she grabbed the teacup on her desk and hurled it towards the open door way between her and Dan’s office.  She watched as the cup disintegrated into pieces upon impact with the metal doorframe.


What she really wanted to do was smash the bastard who murdered her friend.  She wanted to see him strung up by his balls until he begged for mercy.  Then throw him into solitary and throw away the key for a few months before they fried him in the electric chair.



"Amos, Peter, welcome to my office.  I'm sorry about the call when you walked in, but you know how it goes.  The second you walk into your office it starts to ring off the hook,” Dan said as he finished the note on a report he had in front of him.


Amos didn’t respond but only nodded his head in agreement.  He didn’t want to say anything at the moment so that Dan would have a chance to finish up his notes without an interruption in mid-thought.  He liked to give the same respect he asked for in his own office.


Finally finished with his notes, Dan set the information aside as he got up and walked around from behind his desk to sit on the edge in front of his visitors.  "How was your tour of the Five-0 suite, Amos?" he inquired with a smile as he clasped his hands together and rested them on his right thigh.


"You disappeared Danny before the tour started," Peter commented before his father could reply.


"I gather Peter you have not met the right woman yet.  I believe your father can explain why I disappeared the way I did," Dan said with a friendly smile.


"Yes, Lady Caterina Williams had written to me earlier on how proud she was about this complex she had put together.  She had said it was ‘just right.’  Room enough for everyone and with enough room for future growth in any of the departments.  Peter, the key factor here is that she did it all herself and now proudly showed off as a Chief’s wife,” Amos told his son as he smiled warmly towards Dan before turning back to his son.


"In many ways Lady Williams is a lot like your mother was when it came to showing off things she did for me, you or the Burke family in general.  Danny knows his wife well enough to know she wanted to do it more then he did.  And it’s a sign of a good husband who allows his wife to show off her pride and joy and her husband’s accomplishments.  It’s much in the same way that I that allowed your mother to do it when she was alive," Amos said feeling the love he still had for his one true love of his life.


All three men were totally caught off guard and jumped to their feet when the cup smashed against the doorframe.  Dan quickly ran for the doorway when he heard Caterina's outrage.  He knew something was terribly wrong and from his wife’s expression and the tears running down her cheeks, he knew the news had to be bad.


"What happened sweetheart?" Dan asked sitting on the edge of Caterina’s desk as he gently lifted up her chin so he could look into her tearful eyes.


"Ted Olsen was murdered last night in a senseless shoot out in a local grocery store.  He stopped by to get a couple of things for dinner and walked in on a hold up.  There were shots fired.  He managed to shoot one of the two hold up men before he was shot.  Thankfully, his partner managed to get a off a shot on the second man just as he had a chance to shoot.  The bastard who shot Ted died an hour ago from complications from surgery, while the other one is being held without bail, in the prison ward of the hospital," Caterina told her husband with tears running down her cheeks and lump forming in her throat.   She stood up in front of him, “This is why I don’t like you going out on those streets alone.  You’re not Steve who disregarded the rules every time it was convent for him.  You have more at stake then Steve ever did,” as the tears started to flow heavier.


Dan silently rose to his feet and pulled Caterina into his arms to console her.  Lovingly he embraced her with his strong arms as she continued to fill him in on some more of the details of Ted’s death.  He thought to himself, * The old agreement now has more validity behind it then it before. *


Tears continued to roll down Caterina’s cheeks when she felt the warmth and comfort of his embrace.  She buried her face into the nap of his neck and his shoulder as she wept.  In halting words filled with a great loss, she uttered, “Now there is only two of us left.  Only two.”


"I know sweetheart, I know," Dan softly told her, not minding that his shirt was becoming damp from her tears.  In a swirl of gentle caresses, he moved his hand up and down her back as he softly whispered his sympathies and love into her ear in the attempt to comfort her.


Sensing that the Williams’ needed their privacy, Amos took hold of his son’s arm and guided him out of the office.  He pulled the shade down as they left and quietly closed the door behind them.


"What's does she mean, ‘there is only two left now?’" Peter inquired not sure of what had just happened in the other office.


The younger Burke had barely voiced his question when Arms walked into the office.  Unsure of who these two men were and protective of the normal occupants of this office, he asked them in a very authoritative voice, "Please identify yourselves, and explain why you two are in Chief Williams' office?"


Totally understanding this officer’s concern, Amos reached carefully inside his inter-coat pocket and withdrew his badge ID case.  "I'm Chief Amos Burke of LAPD Homicide Division.  This is my son Peter, a lieutenant in my department," he explained as he handed over his ID case.


Arms checked the badge and the accompanying identification card, which confirmed the man, was who he claimed to be.  Nevertheless, he was still unsure of why they were in Dan’s office alone.  “Would you kindly tell me where Chief Williams is?” he inquired as he handed the case back.


Amos was thankful to see that his friends had such a protective person watching out for them.  Nodding towards the closed door, he replied, "The Williams’ are in a very private conference in there at the moment.  And I believe they should be left alone for a few more minutes,” he added as he saw the raised eyebrows of suspicion on Arms’ face.


Arms was going to ask why, but when he saw the closed door and drawn shade he knew Caterina had received the call from Ground.  "Then I can assume from this smashed cup," he started to ask as he walked over to the mess on the floor and then bent down to pick up a several pieces of the shattered cup, "that Caterina has been informed about Ted Olsen."


"Yes, she was telling her husband about it when we left the office to give them some privacy," Amos said, his tone of voice clearly indicated that he also felt the loss of a comrade, an extended member of the law enforcement family.


Arms studied this man who stood over him as he picked up more pieces of the cup.  A look of recognition finally came across his face when he realized just who this person was and his relationship with his good friends.  “I do remember you now from few years ago.  You were the one who christened Caterina with the name of ‘Lady Caterina.’  I know she has high regards for you as a friend and I see you have the same high regard for her,” he commented with one hand full of cup pieces.


Amos accepted the pro-offered hand and gave it a good firm shake.  He smiled when Arms offered his hand to his son, who had a smile on his face at being recognized.  "Yes, Commissioner Arms, I remember you as well," he replied as he took a quick look back to Caterina’s office.


"To answer your question Lieutenant Burke, in 1975 the Academy had its smallest graduating class ever.  Caterina was one of the twelve to graduate that year.  Now out of that twelve, there are only two members of that class who are still in law enforcement,” Arms told them.  He paused only slightly and let out an audible sigh of sadness.  “Ted Olsen was the Chief of Police for the State of Montana.  He was to attend this convention,” he said with obvious sorrow and pain in his heart.  “I'm sure, after this five day convention Lady Caterina will hold a small service for Ted since he was a former HPD officer who serviced ten years here in Honolulu," he said as he finished his explanation of what had just happened and what the phone call had been about.


“Lady Caterina had told me about you and your family over the years.  I know this may not be the greatest time for this, but may I congratulate you on your newest promotion,” Amos said.


"Thank you Chief, but I agree, now is not really the time," Arms said as the door to Caterina's office opened.


"Is everything all right, Danny?" Amos asked when he saw his friend entered his office.


"Catie's pulling herself together now,” Dan said with a lump in his throat.  “Can I ask you to do a favor for us Arms?" he inquired knowing full will what the answer would be.


"Just ask away?" Arms replied.


"Would you make sure that both the Honolulu and Maui Departments are notified of Chief Olsen death?  We’ll also want to hold a small service for him here at the Academy for those who would like to attend?  Can you make the needed arrangements for that also?"  Dan inquired in his sad tone.


"Sure Danny.  No problem.  I'll schedule it for the day after the convention is over," Arms replied.


"NO Commissioner,” Amos said with more authority then he meant to.  “Would you try to arrange something while all the Chiefs are still here.  As a fellow Chief’s we should show our respect for him as well."


All eyes turned towards the door as it opened.  Caterina walked out and stepped over to the men.  She still had a slightly puffy face and red eyes, but they could tell she was more composed now.  She had heard Amos’s suggestion and was nodding her head in agreement as she stepped over to her husband’s side.  "That would be a very nice idea Amos, and it should be held in the morning in two days time.  That way we can use the athletic field.  It will be large enough to hold everyone who wishes to attend."


"That sounds reasonable to me.  I'll see to it Catie and I'll keep you informed as to what's going on and the type of security arrangement’s I'll use," Arms replied dropping the busted cup into the trashcan as he walked over to her and gave her a hug.  "We will all miss him.  Ted was a great guy and lots of fun to have around.  I was looking forward to having a little funny with him this week,” he said softly to her.


Arms hesitated at the door a moment.  "Danny, I'll need to borrow one of your officers to help me with these arrangements.  He should be someone who has a working knowledge of the security measures for the convention," he requested.


"Okay Arms.  I'll send one over to your office when they have all returned to the office and I figure out which one I can spare at this time," Dan informed Arms.


"That will be fine, Danny.  See you later," Arms said as he exited Dan's office.


"By the way Dannya, I’ve found out why the other three Chiefs haven’t arrived yet.  They had some normal business problems in their home areas, and will be arriving within the next ten hours,” Caterina informed her husband, her voice still quivered a bit from the emotional upheaval.


Dan slipped his arm around her to comfort her.  Deep inside he knew that even though she was a McGarrett she wasn’t as hard shelled has her Cousin Steve.  Emotions, though hidden to the world, could and did still rock her at times.  As he turned to her, he tired to be more of a boss than a husband who was sharing the pain at this sad time.  “Okay, Catie, that accounts for everyone.  I’m sure you’ll have someone at airport to greet them,” he replied confidently.


"Yes Dan, as a matter of fact, I have arranged for that.  But now I . . . I would like you to take me home early so I can have some time to get ready for this evening," Caterina requested, but her eyes and facial expression clearly showed that her mind was actually somewhere else.


Dan was concerned and worried on how bad she was taking this bit of news, as he gently guided his wife back to her office.  "All right Sweetheart.  Let me finish a few things up then I'll take you home,” he told her when they had reached the door.  “Why don't you go get some of the odds and ends that we will need tonight from your office,”' he suggested as he 0watched her walk zombie like over to her desk and sit down, fully aware that she still needed some time alone to pull herself together for the coming events.


Peter started to follow Caterina into her office when Dan's arm reached for the door and closed it quietly behind his wife.  "Sorry Peter, she needs time.  She takes it very hard every time a former classmate dies.  Out of the class of twelve there are now only two active officers left.  Several of her classmates have moved on to other careers due to injuries they’d sustained in the line of duty, or choose to change their careers and unfortunately there is one who is now in prison because of events that turned her to the other side of the line,” he told Peter as he walked away from the door. “However, because Catie and Ted were such good friends, this death is proving to be particularly hard one for her to deal.”


Peter’s raised eyebrows indicated to Dan that he was still confused as to the special significance of this death, so he continued to explain it a bit further to the young lieutenant.  Peter had not experience a great lose of friends on the force in his short career and his graduation class was a lot larger than twelve individuals that would have become that close.


“You see, my Deputy Chief was the one who recommended to him to go for his present position over three years ago.  Her referral was highly welcome by the Montana State Police and as a result, she is taking this death very hard.  Even though he could have died here in Hawaii in the line of duty . . . because he was on his way here for the Chiefs convention cuts even deeper into her soul,” he finished up, not caring if Peter finally understood.  He lightly patted him on the shoulder.


Then Dan continued softly to himself, “There were only two visiting Chief’s that Catie had looked forward to seeing this eek.  One made it without a problem and the other is gone for keeps now.”  He wanted to hit something but he was alone.


Whenever an officer was lost, Dan felt it too.  In the past it was because they were fellow officers and friends, but now it was for the officers who had either died or were wounded under his command and deep in his heart, he knew his wife was taking this particular death even harder then normal.  From past experience he knew that she needed some time alone to work things out by herself and that he would be there for her if she reached out for his help.  After he stepped behind the desk, he sat down heavily and reached over to the phone to place a call to his secretary.


"Shannon, as soon as everyone is back, let me know.  I need to have a meeting with them all in my office.  Also would you bring me in the duty log so I can review it,” Dan asked his secretary.  After he hung up, he sat there silently; the others in the room were temporarily forgotten as he meditated on the bad news of the day.


Amos could see that Dan’s mind was elsewhere and that this would be a good time to depart for their hotel.  "Danny,” he called trying to get his attention.  With second time louder to get his attention, “Danny.  Peter and I will take our leave now, if you don't mind."


"Sure.  Okay, Amos,” Dan said as his mind was brought back to those in the room with him.  “Let me walk you out to the limo so I can give Officer Charming some instructions for this evening.  Then you can go on your way so you’ll have a chance to get settled in, get some rest before this evenings activities,” he told them as they walked out of the building and over to the limo.


The gold limo had barely pulled out of the parking spot when Dan saw several Five-0 sedans turn into the parking lot.  He saw that Carl Wise was the driver of the lead car.  *Here is the perfect person to work with Arms on this new assignment * he silently decided to himself as he thought to himself.  Patiently he waited for Wise to get out of his car, nodding silent hellos to his other detectives as they walked up to the building.


Wise had to get some evidence out of his car when he realized that his boss was apparently waiting for him for some reason, so he quickened his pace as he walked towards the building. "Good Afternoon Chief," he said as he greeted his boss at the curb.  He was like a younger version Dan in the performance of his duties.  He found Chief Williams to be firm and hard driven but honest and honorable boss to work along side of.


“Afternoon Carl,” Dan replied.  “I’ve got a special assignment for you.  Commissioner Arms needs some help and will explain the details of the assignment in more detail when you meet with him,” he told Wise as they started back into the building.


“Okay, Chief.  When do you want me to report to Commissioner Arms’ office?” Wise inquired as he tried to get a better grip on the box while his boss held the door open for him. 


“Report to Arms within the next couple of hours after you first finish up what you are working on,” Dan instructed him as he looked into the box.


“It’s the evidence for the Title case.  Need to review again before the trail next week,” Wise said as they walked back into the office.  “I’ll finish on this and lock it up, but what about my duties to Lady Caterina over the next couple of days, Sir?”


“This assignment will work in perfectly with what is presently going on with Lady Caterina,” Dan informed him as he walked up to Shannon’s desk who handed him several messages.


Wise stopped by his desk to put the box down and saw a sign from Shannon to follow the boss.


“Everyone is in your office waiting for you, Chief,” Shannon told him as she stood up and picked up her steno pad to take notes during the meeting.  With Dan in the lead, she and Wise followed him into his office.


Dan pulled on his more serious professional decorum as he stepped behind his desk, and took a deep breath before he told his staff the bad news.  “As many of you knew Ted Olsen has served as the Chief of the Montana State Troopers for the past several years.  I’m sorry to have to inform all of you, that Chief Olsen was fatally shot last night during a hold up.”


Staff members heads turned towards the closed door to the Deputy Chief’s office as Dan continued to fill them in on what information was known at present.  Each team member wondered basically the same thing, * How is Lady Caterina taking the lost of her friend? *


Dan noticed all of their eyes were asking the same unspoken question.  “Yes, Lady Caterina knows about it and is dealing with it.  A memorial service will be given on the Academy’s athletic field in two days.  Commissioner Arms and Carl will be setting it up.  Murphy, you will be taking over some of Carl’s workload for now,” he stated with a heavy sigh as he briefly looked down at the desk and then up at Caterina’s door.  His emotional spirit began to sag as he gathered himself back together so he could continue,  “Lady Caterina and I will be going home shortly to prepare for this evening’s event, so we will be out of the office for the rest of the day.  Dismissed for now,” he told his staff before they could start to ask a lot of questions he just didn’t want to answer at the moment.  He sat down heavily into his chair because his shoulders felt like they were carrying the weight of the world at that exact moment.


He had been looking forward to this year’s convention and a couple of fun activities he had in mind for his wife and lover.  He was also looking forward to several of the family events so he could enjoy the pleasure of spending time with his entire family.  This was to be his chance to show off his pride and joy, The Dan Williams Family.


Now the joy of it disappeared.  He just wanted the whole event over with.  Between this bad news and having the Steele’s here his mood had soured.  When he saw Steele’s name on passenger list he was going to use that as a bargaining chip with his wife to pick their second honeymoon vacation.  Now he didn’t give a damn if that MAN was here or not.


“Sir, would you like me to drive you and Lady Caterina home?” Carl asked after everyone else left the office.


“What?  OH!!  Thanks Carl, but no thanks,” Dan replied appreciatively but as Carl turned to leave his office, he thought of a better idea.  “Carl, you can do me a small favor if you would.”


“Sure, name it,” Wise replied.


“Would you move my car over to the Academy door entrance?  I’ll be driving my wife home myself,” Dan asked.


“Yes Sir,” Carl said and caught the keys Dan tossed him for his car. “Chief?”


“Yes Carl?” Dan said looking up from his desk.


“Is Lady Caterina . . . is she all right, Sir?” Carl asked, the concern and worry evident in his tone.


“Caterina has always taken death of any friend very hard, but this time it’s especially hard for her because she feels that she’s failed him some how.  But she will be okay,” Dan said as he rubbed his eyes before running his hands through his hair.  “You can get the car now, Carl.  And thanks.”


“Yes Sir.  It will be there in a minute or two,” Carl said as he exited the office being sure the door closed behind him.


A short time later, Dan got up from his desk to put on his jacket before heading to the doorway.  “Shannon, I’m leaving for the day through the Academy entrance with Catie.  For the next few hours, we will be at home.  You have our schedules for Chief Convention for the next five days,” he said affirmatively as he stopped briefly at his secretary’s desk.


“Yes Sir.  I have both of your schedules,” Shannon replied as she opened the scheduling book, which held the times and locations for the convention.  “I’ll have Murphy deal with any issues that arises during the convention unless it fails under the guidelines of an emergency to call you,” she told him and then hesitated a moment.  “I’m so sorry about Chief Olsen.  Is there anything you need me to do regarding him?”


“Not at this point Shannon.  I have assigned Wise to help Commissioner Arms set up the arrangements for the services.  You could let them know you are willing to help,” Dan suggested just before he went through his office to get his briefcase and then opened Caterina’s office door before he stepped inside.



Caterina was standing in front of her window looking out at the athletic field.  The slight click of the door being opened and then closed, followed by the sound of some footsteps alerted her that someone was there.  This intrusion agitated her a little that someone would dare to invade her privacy.  She had closed all the doors, which were a signal to everyone that they need permission to enter her office.  She wanted to tear this person into tiny little pieces, until the reflection in the window revealed who that person was.  With her emotions so on edge, it was a relief to see him, for right now only Dannya, would be welcomed.  Plus he was the only one who could get into her office without permission.


Silently Dan closed the door behind him before he walked over to his wife.  Patiently he stood behind her, giving her time to draw upon her inter-strength to face the world and what lay ahead of them later that evening.


“Catie,” Dan said softly to her, “It’s time to go.  We both need to get some rest.”  He waited again to see if she would move voluntarily but when she didn’t, he placed his hands gently on her upper arms and guided her away from the window.


A heavy sigh escaped from Caterina as Dannya helped to put on her suit jacket.  She started to pick up her various briefcases, but he took them from her as he followed her out of the office.  Neither of them said anything as they walked down the hallway to the parking lot.


As Dan guided her down the hallway, he noticed all the officers and cadets cleared the way for them.  When they reached the car, he opened the car door for Caterina.  Once she sat in the passenger seat, he placed the briefcases in the trunk and went around to the other side.  As he was about to get in, he saw several people from the building join a small crowd outside that had gather by the doorway.  From their expressions, he knew they felt the sorrow of the lost of fellow officer from HPD roots.  It pleased him to think that the others thought enough of Lady Caterina to give her, them some privacy at a time like this.






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