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Betty Kouba





Three days later, Caterina was in her office with the leaders of the six welcoming committees for the arriving Chiefs.  The Chiefs would start to land in the next couple hours and Caterina wanted to go over the details one more time.  The only difference at this meeting compared to the last couple was Chief Williams was present to give his final approvals and blessing.  He wanted to see and hear all of the final details, plus ask whatever additional questions he still had no answers for.


After the meeting broke up, the entire group of officers headed to collect their committee members and proceed to the airport.


Several Chiefs had come in a day or so earlier to take advantage of a trip to Hawaii with their spouses and/or children.  Even these Chiefs were meet either at the airport upon their arrival or in their hotel rooms to verify their arrival.


Caterina went to Honolulu International Airport to oversee the inbound flights and over see that the welcoming committees did their jobs the way she instructed them to handle them.


She carried her walkie-talkie with her so she might go to any area that may need her personal attention.  So far, there had been no need, which she was grateful about.


After being at the airport for several hours and experiencing the growing discomfort of standing on her feet, the Burkes were finally about to land according the announcement just made.  She planned to take care of the Burkes personally as a tribute to a dear old friend.  Caterina moved over and positioned herself at the correct gate in time to see the first of the passengers leaving the plane.


It had been years seen she had seen Amos Burke but she had been in communication with him from time to time over the years.  She thought about all the lovely gifts Amos had sent over the years to the family on different occasions, wedding, birthdays, births of the twins, etc.  Unfortunately, their schedules never matched well enough so that they could have a nice visit with each other, either in Hawaii or California.


Caterina started to remember the first time she met this man.  She was in her last few months of being a rookie when Amos Burke came to Honolulu.  He was tall, handsome, and very attractive.  Amos’ had lost his wife without warning in a shoot out meant for him.  He was shell-shocked at his loss and needed to get out of California for a while.  Amos had decided to bring his son with him to Honolulu for six-months while he helped out in the training of new officers and detectives.  Amos wanted to do anything but deal with homicides for a while.


Amos had told Caterina that “I never imagined myself as an instructor.  He made Captain very quickly and then became a government secret agent just before his marriage.


Soon the six months had past and the Burke family headed home.  The time he had spent in Hawaii had helped him get his head on straight again and he was ready to get back to business.  While in Honolulu, he spent a good deal of time with Caterina, Steve and Peter enjoying all the Island pleasures.


Caterina remembered him telling her “If it was not for you, Lady Caterina, I would never had made it through this time.  Thanks for being there.”  Then he kissed her on the cheek and gave her a bear hug before getting in the car with Steve to head for the airport.  Caterina cried as he left, she would miss him and his gentle ways.  It took time to get over Amos’ leaving because he had become a good friend.  They chatted almost daily at first on the phone but with time the calls went to weekly to monthly to every once in a while.


The day that Amos left, there were a number of other officers there to see this good-bye scene and overhear her being called “Lady Caterina” for the first time.  For weeks after that she was teased about being called ‘Lady Caterina’ until it got to the point it stayed with her and became a part of name and rank.



On the plane trip over the ocean, Amos and Peter Burke sat in first class where they discussed a few different subjects of interest and what that they were about to get involved in.  As they chatted of these things, their conversation included their friend, Officer Caterina.


“Dad, you never did tell me how you met Caterina,” Peter told him.


“The first time I saw Caterina, was when she was about a year old.”  Amos told the story with delight in his voice.  “She had the biggest blue eyes and the wildest blonde hair.  She cried when Teresa combed it because it was so fine it knotted so easily.  We played on her private beach and in the ocean.  She was such a delightful child.”  Amos had such a huge smile on his face.


“She was that delightful?  I have not seen you smile like that in so long.”  Peter said at the silence from his father.  “In fact, the only time I see you smile like that, these days is when you are looking at a picture of Mom.”


“No Peter, not at the memory of Caterina, on the contrary, it’s because of what happened because of her.”  Amos got all his thoughts together before continuing.  “I was on the beach with Caterina one day, and this most beautiful brunette came by and told me what a beautiful child I had.  Before I could respond Teresa told the woman that I was only babysitting her little girl.  That beautiful woman’s smile got larger and her brown eyes sparkled causing my heart to beat faster.”


“That sounds like the story Mom told about meeting you,” Peter commented.


“It should, Son, because that beautiful woman was your mother.  That is one of the reasons why after your mother died, I went back to Honolulu and spent some time with Caterina.  Somehow, being with Caterina made me feel better about what happened and helped me to get pass a lot of the pain the loss of your mother caused me.”  Amos had sadness in his voice and a few tears in his eyes.  Amos loved his wife with all his heart and never really got over it.  He had moved on in his life but the loss was still there.  Peter made his life worth living for because so much of his mother was in him, Amos always believed.


“Those six months in Honolulu was a blast for me but I think I understood why we were there.  I missed Mom and still do.  But I was glad we went to Honolulu in order for you move on with our lives, Dad.”  Peter told his father as he took hold of his hand for a moment.


Amos returned the hold by squeezing his son hand and smiling at him.  “The next time I saw Caterina she was a rookie on the force, and now she is the Second-in-Command of Hawaii Five-O, Deputy Chief Captain Caterina.  That was something I never expected from her but somehow was not surprising given her family history in the business.”  Amos took a snip of his drink.  “I can’t wait to get in and see Her Ladyship again.”


“I’m sorry, but did I hear you correctly.  Are you talking about Lady Caterina of the Honolulu Police Academy?”  Steele asked.


“That all depends upon who you are,” Chief Burke replied with authority, plus being a little upset at having his conversation overheard.


“Sorry, Chief Burke, I’m Remington Steele and this is my wife Laura.”  Remington poured on his charm towards Chief Burke.  “We are heading to Honolulu for a visit and will be stopping in to see the Lady in question.”


“Yes, we were.”  Burke saw through this false charm, he had met men like Steele through the years and there was something funny about this man.  He had always thought so through the years but their paths had never crossed before.  “This is my son, Peter.”


They all exchanged greetings and continued to chat for the remainder of the trip.  They were the only four in first class but the coach class was full.  Steele had noticed the coach section was full and a little nosier then usual. He wondered if most of the men in that section were cops, and why would there be a plane full of cops headed for Hawaii?


In his younger days, Steele would not have felt too comfortable about that fact, but now a plane full of cops was just that, a plane full of cops.  He was a respectable man in an honest trade.  Not always an honorable trade because of what some private detectives did in their businesses, but Steele Investigations was a top of the line detective agency, with first-rate clients.


These days, Remington would not put his life or his family in jeopardy because of a wrong career move.  Now that he had a family that he had always longed for in his youth and would do anything not to cause his children the rotten childhood he went through.


A short time later, Steele found out why he thought these people looked the way they did.  Every once in awhile a gentleman would go by to use the bathroom and stop by on his way back, they would stop to greet Burke with an open arms attitude.  He then overheard a comment that told him everything.


“Can you believe the extra precautions that bitch Deputy Chief Caterina is going to put everyone through to get off the plane in Honolulu?” one of the other Chiefs said.


“I would not call Lady Caterina a bitch to her face, at least when her husband was around.  Danny does not approve of her being referred to that way,” Amos told that Chief.  “And yes, I can believe it.  I think the extra steps she has taken to secure the areas and hotel where we all will be staying is worth it after the bombing at the Commissioner’s Annual Convention three weeks ago.”


“Yeah, but there is a limit to security and what she is doing and she is going just a little far.  And just who is her husband anyway, some political figure?”  This Chief was pissed off at Burke’s protectiveness of Caterina.


“No more a political figure then you or me.  Chief Dan Williams of Hawaii Five-O is her husband.  Plus the lady in question is Lady Caterina of the Honolulu State Police Academy.  The same Lady Caterina that every Chief’s Convention for the past ten years has tried to get her to attend and discuss what she has done at the academy to get it into the number one academy in the country for the past six years.”  Amos loved the reaction of this chief to the information he was just handed.


The Chief almost fell off the arm of the seat he was sitting on.  “She is Lady Caterina, the Lady Caterina.”  He swallowed and left feeling about two inches tall.


“Did you see the reaction of that Chief at the mention of who Caterina is.  Wow, I didn’t realize Caterina reputation was that well known and had that much political power behind her.”  Peter was surprised.


“She holds more political power then any cop that I have met, but she puts it all behind her husband and boss, Danny.”  Amos was happy for Caterina and her status in the police community.  She was highly respected by every Chief he met over the past few years.  Everyone wish they could get her to join their department.



* That’s it, the Annual Chief’s Convention. *  Steele thought to himself.  * Caterina was finally getting to attend her first Chief’s convention as the wife of the new Hawaii Five-O Chief.  No wonder I got all those phone calls three weeks ago about extra security measures to be taken in a highly insecure situation.  At the time I thought it was for one of her classes, the way she always called to discuss a possible teaching method from the other side of the street, as she called it. *  Steele should have known Caterina was up to something more then some information for her classes, much more.



Laura was surprised at that Chief’s reactions to Caterina’s status in Honolulu because she never knew that Caterina was powerful in her own right.  Laura had a little more respect for this woman now with what she did with her life because they were both the same when it came to the care of their husbands.  As a result, their husbands stood behind them in time a need and crisis, always taking the heat and praise for the work that they did.


Laura remembered Caterina teasing her once about the benefits that only they could get out of their bosses because of the extra special relationships they had.  Now she considered those extra benefits and knew they were worth the hell their spouses and protectors went through for them.



When the flight from Los Angeles finally landed, Caterina was at the head of this committee, because she wanted to personally welcome the Burkes to Honolulu.  Plus, she knew the Steeles would be on this flight, which was something Dannya was not aware of, at least not yet.



As the plane made its final approach, the flight attendant announced to the passengers,  “We are now on our final approach for Honolulu.  Aloha and welcome.  For those of you who are not part of the convention taking place at this time in Honolulu, we ask that you disembark first.  Those attending the convention are asked to remain in their seats.  A Welcoming Committee will be coming aboard to greet you personally and to make the necessary identification checks.  Thank you and Aloha.”



“Is everyone off but the Chief’s and their families off the plane?”  Dan questioned Caterina standing behind her.


To Caterina’s surprise, Chief Williams showed up to greet this plane.  “Almost, I’m waiting for a signal from one the flight attendants.”  Caterina was just a touch nervous now that Dannya was there plus she cursed herself for not realizing he would show up for this flight.  “Besides, what are you doing here?  You are supposed to be kept safe and sound, away from any possible problems that could happen to the Chiefs here at the airport.”


“This is one plane I wanted to greet personally and finally meet, the famous Amos Burke.”  Dan teased and he noticed Caterina was a trace nervous but not because of Amos Burke but because of something else.  Quickly he realized that there was someone else on that plane that Caterina did not tell him about, and it would not be Aunt Claire.


Just then a flight attendant came off the plane with the list of all the passengers and showed Caterina a check off list of those who had disembarked.  Dan read the list over her shoulder and saw the names of Steele, Remington and Laura there.  In addition, they were part of the passengers who remained on the plane.  Anger bristled under his skin, but he decided instead to have a private chat with his wife when he got her into the car, a very heated chat.


Caterina knew he had read the list over her shoulder and it was time to face the music.  Or at least she would face it later when they were alone.


After the last of the non-convention goers had left, the Welcoming Committee boarded the plane.


“Aloha, I’m Chief Dan Williams, I trust you will give all these officers your full cooperation.  I wish you all a pleasant time in Honolulu.  Aloha.”  Dan handed the microphone to Caterina.


“Aloha.  I’m Lady Caterina, Deputy Chief of Hawaii Five-O.  We are here to greet you and to double-check your identifications to make sure that you are indeed who you claim to be.  Please be cooperative in this matter and you will be soon be on your way to four full days of fun and games.  Since this is more of a family convention then in past years, we have arranged for activities for all.”  Caterina was about to hang up the microphone when the eagerness to make a bad joke came over her again.


“Please remain in your seats until we have finished checking on everyone.  This is a full flight compared to others that we have been meeting all day, so it will take a little longer then the other flights as you can tell from the lack of empty seats around you.  Of course, you get to be first one off the plane if you are real Indian Chief here.”


There was a very low moan of disapproval at the joke because none of the other chiefs realized there was a real full-blooded American Indian on the flight.


“I’m right here, Lady Caterina.  Chief Eagle Feather from Arizona.”


There was moment of total silence as everyone looked around for this Chief, and then there was a round of applause.


Caterina went over to Chief Eagle Feature in the first row of second class section.


“Aloha, Chief Eagle Feather and family.  Welcome to Honolulu.”  Dan Williams offered his hand in greeting.  “I’m Chief Dan Williams.”


“Glad to me you, Chief,” Eagle Feather said as he shook Dan hand.  Then he turned and shook Caterina’s hand as well.  “It is a pleasure to finally meet you as well, Lady Caterina.”


“It is a pleasure to meet you as well, Chief,” Caterina smiled at him.  “May I have your gun and badge please?”  After receiving the badge and ID card, Caterina checked it off the list and had the gun placed in the bag to be sealed until it was checked out.  “Chief Eagle Feather, if you and your family will follow this officer, you will be taken to get your luggage and a car which will take you to your hotel.”


“Thank you.”  Eagle Feather said, then gathered his family and left the plane.


After Eagle Feather left the plane, Dan walked over to where Steeles were seated.  “Hello Steele, I gather that Caterina has invited you here to double check on the security system at the academy since the construction is now finished?”


“Yes, she has.”  Steele could tell from the demanding tone from Danny that he had not been told of his coming.  “I’m also here for a relaxation with my Laura.”  Steele had gotten good at reacting to Dan’s frontal attacks with each meeting.


Laura did not understand why this exchange was always needed between these two men but would never find out why either.  What is it that Danny doesn’t trust about Remington?  She could understand a little of it when they were all single but not now that they were all married and had families, there was still a distrust in Williams towards Remington.


Burke saw this exchange and realized that someone else did not trust this man either.  “There most be some history there that no one was aware of,” he thought.


“Daniel, back off.  Steele is here to do a job with your authorization.  I just didn’t tell you when he was coming in,” Caterina told him.


Dan remembered that conversation now and should have known that he would come with the others.  She had asked for an outside consultant to come in and to look into the underside of the business that happens at conventions like this one.  He should have known that she would ask a thief that she could trust to help in this respect but Steele was way past that, or least he hoped so.  Then again, after what happened in October with need to change style of locks in his home, he knew Steele was some how still in touch with the underworld of crime.e


“Hello, Laura, I trust you had a good trip over,” Caterina greeted her.


“Yes very.”  Laura replied.


“Tell me, are you carrying a gun with you on this trip?”  Caterina said as she addressed Laura and not Remington.


“No, I still don’t believe in carrying one unless a case calls for one.”


“Can I assume you have your Steele?”  Caterina asked Remington but the watched Laura for her reaction. 


“Yes, I’m carrying.”  Steele replied.


“I’ll take the gun Steele, that is, I’m assuming you did not pack in your suitcases.”  Caterina smiled slyly at him.  “The gun will be returned after the ballistics is checked on it against the ballistics in Los Angeles Police Department.”


“Why does the gun have to be checked for ballistic?”  Laura demanded.


Remington reached into his jacket with care and pulled the weapon out and started to hand it to Caterina.


“Because of what has happened at another police convention three weeks ago.”  Caterina turned to call to someone, “Pearlson, a bag please.”  Then she continued to tell Laura the rest of the answer.  “At this Annual Chief Convention there is going to be very little chance of what happened in New York and in Paris six months ago.”


Pearlson came over to them and held open the bag.  “Please deposit your gun and its license in the bag, Mr. Steele.”  She waited until the gun and its license were in the bag, then Pearlson marked it and it place in the collection bin.


“I’m sorry,” Caterina addressed both the Steeles, “but I will have to have your PI licenses as well, for security reasons.”


Laura started to say something but Remington stopped her when reached into his pocket and produced both licenses and their drive’s licenses as well.  They were placed in a second bag and placed in a second bin.  Pearlson then directed them to leave the plane and as she did, she asked for their luggage tickets so someone could get their luggage.


Next, Caterina checked to make sure the rest of the plane was being handled the way it was supposed to be.  Then she took a deep breath and turned to see that the Steeles were off the plane before she turned to look at her husband.


Dan had watched this whole exchange had taken place and was glad that Caterina kept her cool through it.  Things could have been a lot worse if it was not for Steele stopping Laura from protesting the treatment they just went through.  Dan smiled at Caterina as her eyes met his.  Then he saw her take a breath and pull herself together to go on with her duties.


They both turned to face the Burkes to see Amos smiling broadly at Caterina with total approval of her actions.


Amos stood up and started to give her hug but looked towards her husband first, “I hope you don’t mind if I give your beautiful wife a hug?”


“Hello Amos, it is good to see you again.”  Caterina greeted her dear friend and returned the hug as she stood next to her husband.


“Not at all.”  Dan smiled.  This man had the manners, Dan thought as he watched them hug.


“Amos, I would like you to formally meet my husband, Chief Dan Williams.”


“Hello Danno, it is a pleasure to finally meet you after all these years of talking to you.”  Amos said as he shook Danny’s hand.


“It is a pleasure to finally meet you as well, Amos,” the introduction he came to get.  “I’m surprise we never met the last time you were here in Hawaii,” Dan said surprised at being called Danno by Burke.  Since Steve retired, he had not been called that very often.


“That is surprising since I was here for so long.”  Amos turned towards his son to introduce him.


“Hello Danny, it has been a long time.  Do you still surf or does your wife keep you off the board?”  Peter shook his old friend’s hand.


“I don’t really have the time to surf the way I did when you were here but I get on the board every once in a while.”  Dan informed him.  “Kind of had to give it up for the job.”


“Dannya is usually only on the board now days with when the kids want a lesson in how to surf.  Or the can we beat Daddy at surfing yet?  It’s a game that they like to play.”  Caterina finished for Dannya.


“You never told me you knew Danny?”  Amos questioned his son.


“Yes, I did Dad.  I told you about the guys I hung out with when I went surfing during the time we lived here.”  Peter looked at Danny, “You know FATHERS just forget the big things in your life and remember all the little things that would get you into trouble years later.”  Peter laughed and so did the rest.


“Now,” Caterina says to get everyone’s attention.  “Shall we get down to business, so you both can get off this plane and enjoy are beautiful weather.  Himson, the bags please.”


Himson came over with the bags marked for both the Burkes.  Before another word could be spoken, Peter brought out his gun to drop it into the bag.  But before he could droup his badge and ID into a separate one, Himson took the case and handed to Lady Caterina.


Caterina took the badge and checked it against the list of information on the Burke’s, then returned it to Peter with a warning.  “In the future,” in her more authoritative voice, “Lt. Burke, senior ranking officers are checked over first.”


Then Caterina took Amos’ badge case and looked at.  It was a little worn from age but looked in great shape, the way Dannya’s and Steve’s badge cases looked.  She looked at the inside and saw Amos’ shield.  It was bright and shiny, just as impressive now as it was when she first saw one of his LA badges years earlier.  The only different between this one and one from before was the rank on it.  She smiled as she compared the information on her sheet.  Satisfied, she handed the clipboard to her husband and started to exam the case further.


Peter started to stop her when his father stopped him.  He knew what Caterina was looking for.  “It’s still there My Lady.  I’ve only removed it twice since the day you put it there, and those were the days, I got my new badges,” Amos told her with smile.


Caterina was surprised and yet pleased to find that her gift was still in his badge case.  She had had a girlhood crush on the man years before when she had given him a 1976 bi-centennial quarter for good luck.  “You’ve kept it all these years.  Why?” she asked as she gently fingered the shiny quarter.


In a very sweet tone of voice, Amos replied, “Because a beautiful young lady gave it to me for luck.  I fell in love with her that year, and never stopped caring for her.”  He then leaned forwarded and kissed her on the cheek.


Caterina blushed at this praise.  Her love for him changed over the years from a schoolgirl crush to the love of a good friend and mentor.  Then Caterina returned the kiss on his warm cheek.


“I hope your husband doesn’t get jealous?” he said as he smiled and looked towards Dan.


“Not at all Amos, the woman is mine, all mine,” Dan told him with pride.  He walked over to his wife and took the badge case from Caterina after the quarter was replaced into its hiding place. “I happen to know that there are only a few people that carry a coin in their cases.  For these coins were given in love from a good and caring friend,” he told Burke as he handed the badge case back to him.


“Really’ he smiled “only a few well chosen friends.”


With the check off list finished, the Burke’s and Williams’ left the plane.  They walked together over to the luggage area.  The luggage had already been separated into groups for their owners to come and claim them.  Caterina noticed several sets of luggage around the area.  Each set had an officer next to each them with a sign in his or her hand as they patiently waited for the owner to claim their luggage.



The Steeles walked quietly out of the luggage area.  After the retreived their luggage, Pearlson informed them that the Private Investigative ID’s and the gun would be returned to them at their hotel once they were doubled checked.


They then got into the car rental and headed for the hotel.


Once in the car Laura decided to question Remington.  “Would care to tell me why after all these years Danny still distrust you?”


“Because Laura, I was in the wrong place at the wrong time as far as Daniel is concerned.”  That is all Remington would say about it.  He knew that Daniel would never trust him after being caught alone with Caterina in her beach house.  It didn’t matter then or now that Caterina and him were having problems in their relationship.  * Daniel, I care about her but not the way you do.  Never have and never would.  Why wouldn’t you believe that after all these years, * Remington thought to himself.v


“And the fact, that Danny knows the truth about you and me doesn’t help the situation does it?”  Laura wondered aloud.  “I can still remember the first time we met Danny, he distrusted you then.”j


“That is because, Laura, Daniel and I had met before that coin exhibition years ago.  If you recall, I didn’t want to take the job because it was in Honolulu, it was only after that phone call that I agreed to the job.  That phone call gave me permission to return to Honolulu at the time.  When it comes to Daniel, I have to watch my every step because he just does not trust me.”  Remington was telling Laura general facts about his relationship with the Caterina and Dan Williams but as always, there was a lot of missing facts as usual.  This time to protect Caterina from both Laura and Daniel finding out about the way they met at the academy one night.


“I also remember the first time I got a letter from Caterina to come over and check the security system at the academy.”l  Laura continued the conservation.


“Laura, sweetheart,” Remington wanted off this subject.  “You the basics of how I met Caterina, there are things that happened at that meeting that could still get her in more trouble then they are worth today and could be harmful to Daniel’s career.  Please understand, I can’t go into the full details of our first meeting.”


“Okay, Remington.  I’ve always suspected there was something between you and Caterina that could never be discussed.  All I ask, is that you tell me about it someday when we are old and gray.”  Laura told her loving husband as she touched he cheek.


“I promise Laura, when we old and gray together.”  Remington leaned over and kissed his wife on the lips since the light was red.  The kiss took longer then the light because there were horns beckoning with them to move on.



e         To find out what happened to these locks, check out my challenge story “Dracula Williams – I want to drink your blood”

v            Another clue to Caterina past relationship with Remington. 

j            Laura and Remington did a security job with the Five-O team in “Shipp Caper” that will be posted shortly. 

l            A Steele Secret Learned was a challenge to see Laura’s reaction to being informed about a secret from Remington past. 








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